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  1. This is somewhat incorrect in my view. Perhaps best to take some peoples posts with a pinch of salt. I see certain peoples names now and quickly scroll down to the next before one of my fuses blows due to over ramping, but it saddens me that as soon as anyone has recently posted views similar to what I've also been seeing, that they are immediately set upon and are subjected to the kind of treatment seen in the closing scenes of The Wicker Man. A lot of us want snow, but we've been here so many times over the years people have a right to be cautious. I haven't the time to scroll though all of
  2. Hehe or a CFS +1074 chart.....still, gives us a little excitement in the run up to Christmas, doesn't it?
  3. Wow. My overnight visit to this forum for updates from the pro's (and more than useful semi pro's) has revealed the place has turned a little crazy tonight. What's happened? Aaaah well, never mind, I have a rare gut feeling that the earlier references in this forum to a possible front loaded winter should really have referred to January being a month we'll talk about for years to come, and not for the amount of rainfall like the past few years! The models don't seem to be going that way as yet but let's see eh? Thanks Fergie for your continued information. Much appreciated.
  4. Not looking brilliant this morning folks, but don't despair. Remember the date everyone. 26th February 2015. Coldies heaven, courtesy of the ever reliable CFS.
  5. Dear oh dear. It really is looking grim isn't it? This mornings runs giving me that feeling I had back in December with low after low spawning off the Atlantic. Is there any end in sight? My feelings go out to those poor folk in already badly flooded areas as it just seems there will be more rain to add to the misery.
  6. That really is quite a block on the 00z 240 of the GEM......and the chances of it are.......?????
  7. But most importantly, should you ever been in the position of thinking a cold snap might be coming to an end because that's how you might interpret the models, make sure you put on your suit of armour before posting anything! My experience of lurking over the years is that the 'snow junkies' who would sell their kids X-Box 360 for a flake of snow, tend to leap on anyone who dares to mention that dreaded weather related word 'r**n' or types anything about the possibilities of temperatures raising above 4 degrees celcius between the months of October and April. Still, it's often worth watching t
  8. Thank you for the time and effort put into this Recretos. A most informative post and very much appreciated.
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