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  1. Any news on Jaywick? My sisters mother in law was collected earlier today and bought back to chelmsford but her bungalow is about 500 yards from the sea wall
  2. Completely stopped here and the light covering we did amass has melted
  3. Just starting here in Eakring (between Newark and Mansfield)
  4. Blimey a looks like I could get something out of this one! I'm just between Notts and Sheffield!
  5. Nothing north of Notts - had a light rain shower around 5pm but not a sausage since!
  6. Just seen this for Southend! LATEST: A Red Flood Warning has just been issued for all of Southend seafront - immediate action is required. The Environment Agency have put the flood warning in place from Shoeburyness seafront through to Leigh-on-Sea seafront, due to a predicted tidal surge. Seafront properties are at risk - flooding is expected tomorrow at 1.30pm when the unusually high tide is forecast. Properties are particularly at risk in the Gunners Park area, Shoebury Common, the Southchurch Park area, on Western Esplanade and Chalkwell Esplanade. People liv
  7. It is - she's partially sighted too so even worse! Keeping my fingers crossed for everyone in Jaywick. My sisters husband is going up now to move some of her possessions upstairs in case the worst does happen
  8. Thanks, it doesn't sound good - flooding expected tomorrow for high tide. Army and police up and down her street banging on doors
  9. Recently relocated from south Essex to Nottingham - bad move! Argh!! My sisters mother in law is being evacuated. She lives in Jaywick right by the sea wall
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