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  1. Very poor summer for thunderstorms, one of the worst of recent times around here. Not one decent storm during the meteorological summer thus far and time is running out fast. Last two years were poor overall for thunder but there was at least one decent storm.
  2. Time-lapse of Earth shadow as it retreats on the dawn of 26th August 2016.
  3. A decent day, a far cry from yesterday
  4. Bewitched I Dream of Jeannie
  5. Ghost Story: some veteran actors were in this one including Fred Astaire. Popeye with Robin Williams in the title role. Howard the Duck A Summer Place, I have never seen that at all on TV but the theme tune to it famous and has been used in TV adverts.
  6. Twilight Zone the Movie, seen that a few times Horrific what happened to Vic Morrow and those two kids in that film. Amazed there was no "in memoriam" to them in the credits.
  7. Grey, dank day. Dark at times
  8. Baffling to me. Sferics over the North Sea, sferics from a trough in supposedly fresher air over Ireland/Northern Ireland and yet nothing in between. Shows the complexity in storm formation. Not a just simple case of heat, cloud erupts and bang.
  9. Interesting you give it that because Manchester Summer Index is not brilliant. Sunshine levels during June and July were not brilliant.
  10. How many remember the TV series version of Logan's Run? Also the TV version of the Planet of the Apes? That was on Channel 4 in the early 1990s. Hawk, the Slayer, another fantasy film The Black Hole, a poor film for Disney. Saw that at the cinema when I was young years ago.
  11. The depressing thing about that list is that it goes back to at least 1958 but look how many have occurred within the last 10 years.
  12. Cujo, Benji, Orca, Blood Beach, Creepshow,
  13. It looked promising earlier this year for thunder but since early June, it has gone quiet around here and it has been yet another poor summer for storms again.
  14. Lol, Supergirl. That was crap, IMO. Who remembers Krull? When was that last time that was on terrestrial TV? There was a Tom Cruise film called Legend not seen that for a long time. Seem to be a fantasy link here. Battle beyond the stars, Weird Science, Silent Running.