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  1. Colder air is coming. Just 1C at Dublin, 2C at Cork atm
  2. Good convection today
  3. God knows, moan, moan and bloody moan about something they can't control. Get a new hobby if people are just going to come on here and whinge, it's not worth it! Do something useful with your lives!
  4. Update Met Office forecast Regional Forecast for North West England Headline: Cold and windy, with heavy wintry showers. Today: A cold and windy day with sunny spells and frequent showers, these heavy and blustery with the risk of hail and thunder. Showers will be wintry with snow accumulating, particularly over the hills. Feeling bitterly cold with gales. Maximum temperature 4 °C. Tonight: Snow showers will continue overnight, leading to further accumulations as well as some icy stretches. Winds will stay strong with gales over coasts and hills. Minimum temperature -1 °C. Wednesday: Staying cold, with strong winds and wintry showers both easing a little through the day. Turning very windy again through the evening, with heavy rain and snow arriving overnight. Maximum temperature 6 °C. Outlook for Thursday to Saturday: Stormy early on Thursday, with rain, snow and severe gales. Thereafter, a return to sunshine and wintry showers through the rest of the week. Drier and sunnier on Saturday. The notable thing is that snow is now being mentioned with that low pressure system
  5. It's even more notable on the 850pas, todays 12z mean and yesterday's 18z mean
  6. Take a look at the 18z mean of yesterday and compare it to the current 12z. You can see it is further south hence there are more ensembles in the 12z having it tracker further south.
  7. Look at the average pressure of the low
  8. I don't think UKMO 12z is further south, hard to tell. better off looking at the FAX charts for UKMO.
  9. This reminds me a bit of mid December 2011, anyone remember that one? This was GFS 0z and 12z on 11th December 2011 for 5 days time When it came to the 16th December, lol