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  1. It's the centenary of the 1916-17 severe winter. That lasted from December 1916 to mid-late April 1917.
  2. I hope not, seeing the Manchester Ship Canal, yes the Ship Canal, burst its bank where I live on Boxing Day was unnerving. A drier winter than the last one for me.
  3. autumn

    Start of a new month
  4. Last September was the coolest for just over two decades and look how the following winter turned out.
  5. When a news item is about obesity and they often show the lower half of obese people on the street usually the backside, I wonder if anyone have spotted themselves?
  6. 5 years ago 


    1. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      wish we had it now, fell on same day as well

  7. The Ribble express was in force this morning
  8. Lovely
  9. Quite a poky cell running along the north of Fylde.
  10. It's Michaelmas today.

  11. Graeme Whipps, time-lapse from the previous night, somewhere in Scotland.
  12. Back to the last time machine thread
  13. Sad news that former Aussie fast-medium pace bowler Max Walker has died aged 68. He was eclipsed somewhat by Lillee and Thomson when they were at their pomp in the mid 70s but he ensured that England would have no respite. Tests: 34 Wickets: 138 Av. 27.47
  14. Sunset from Irlam: 27th September