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  1. 54 days to go to overtake last year's total of 268 days and there are 73 days left in the year.
  2. Looks like it could be the wettest September-October period for England and Wales since 2000
  3. Remember those storms of 1993, they were later in the week, Wednesday/Thursday. Parts of Wales got a lot of rain I remember the 1995 event as well. It was a blowy day but very mild and I can remember the leaves being blown about. I think there were two squall lines with a drier short interval between the two,at least up here there was that evening. There was even thunder
  4. Infact, what is their obsession with gales/windstorms for this neck of the world in their forecasts? For winter 2016-17, they predicted 15-18 named storms for our part of the world for the period October 2016 to April 2017. The actual number of named storms was 5!
  5. Accuweather forecasts are not the greatest This is their autumn forecast. "The greatest risk for these storms will be during the months of September and October." It's mid October and the there hasn't be a named storm as far as I'm aware apart Lorenzo and that ended up being largely a bust! This was last winter, where were the frequent gales?
  6. Wind direction change as front passed through around 9.15am
  7. Around 204mm for the first half of autumn, recent autumns have not been that wet. It only requires about another 60mm and we would have already overtaken the last 5 previous autumns' rainfall totals
  8. Two years since the red sun 

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    2. Weather-history


      Also two years of Summer Sun and his daily observation thread

    3. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      is Summer Sun real or a bot?

    4. Weather-history


      Sometimes wonder, at times they post as though they are a newsfeed. 

  9. With the women's marathon record being broken the other day, did you know that the women's outdoor individual track records from 100m to 800m inclusive (hurdles excluded) are all over 30 years old! They were all set in the 1980s. The men's mile record has not been broken this century. It was set in 1999 by Hicham El Guerrouj who also has the metric mile (1500m) record and that was set in 1998. That was only the second time that the mile record has been broken since 1985. Remember when Ovett and Coe kept exchanging who held the mile record over a short period of time?
  10. Coldest since 2010 wouldn't that be hard to achieve given that it only has to be 4.7C to do it.
  11. October 1869 was a month of two halves. The first half was mild, the second half was chillier with frost and even snow in places CET for first half: 13.2C CET for second half: 6.5C Monthly CET: 9.7C Temperature variations (Max, Min temps.) Camden Town Max: 23.7C on 8th ; -3.0C on 28th Bridgport: 24.2C on 9th; -3.3C on 20th Leicester: 23.9C on 9th and 11th; -3.9C on 27th Manchester: 23.9C on 9th; -1.7C on 20th Llandudno: 24.1C on 9th; 2.2C on 27th Ayr: 21.7C on 10th; -3.3C on 20th Ballater: 23.5C on 10th; -3.1C on 27th Waringstown: 23.3C on 10th; 0.6C on 19th
  12. That is quite a bust given an amber warning was given at short notice.
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