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  1. Woh! Caught a night prowler on my night timelapse around 3.30am. 


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    2. Weather-history


      Didn't have to call the police, the police were there, that was the one with the torch. They must have been looking for them as you can see two shadowy figures enter the garden of the bungalow, very shortly before. I think they were trying to break into the shed in the bottom left corner. Been reports of garden sheds been broken into in the local area.


    3. Katrine Basso

      Katrine Basso

      Thanks for the explanation. I had something similar happen to me, three or four years ago. It happened during the day time when I heard someone breaking into my back garden through the side gate but he did not get very far.  It was very scary when it happened.  I live in a council maisonette flat and because of the winds there is a huge gap in the neighbour's bottom fence, big enough for two people to get through.  It is a private house which is being sublet to tenants who live their for up to 6 months or longer.  The council garden fence around the top and right side of my garden is low enough for a nimble person to climb over. I reported it to the police but nothing happened.

    4. Spikecollie


      So glad. That would haved scared the "merde" out of us although we get little of that here in our village with the "Gendarmerie" (Police Station) just down the road. I'm here by myself quite a lot so something like that would have me banging at Luc's door - my local bobby. There was a local emergency with an elderly woman last week - she saw a person in the garden in the middle of the night - they arrested a local little bugger, harmless but wanting to scare people. Little crime here because we all look out for each other but always little zh1tz...

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