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  1. The funny thing is, is that 4 of the great winters of the 20th century, (below 2.0C for the CET), were near or around solar maxima
  2. Winter 2008-09 not a cold one? Hmmm well put it this way the cold spells outweighed the mild ones resulting in the coldest winter since 1995-96 and with a CET that was 0.5C below the 1961-90 winter average.
  3. Manchester Winter Indices suggest the above mentioned winters were better than 1979-80 but they were some really barren periods for snow in the 90s. Post Feb 1991 to November 1993, there was very little snow and February 1997 to the end of the 90s, infact to Christmas 2000 as well. The snowiest period in the late 90s (Feb 97 to Christmas 2000) around here was April 1998!
  4. It's computer generated garbage. Garbage in, garbage out.
  5. I am struggling to recall a really windy day this autumn around here, Accuweather's autumn forecast, wind wise, for the British Isles has been a total bust.
  6. The song that reminds me of January 1987 is Reet Petite by Jackie Wilson
  7. I know him so well: February 1985 Sun always shines on TV. The start of the cold spell into Feb 86
  8. Wettest autumns on record for England and Wales (mm) 502.7 2000 455.8 1852 438.6 1960 424.1 1935 402.4 1770 400.6 1772 399.1 1875 398.7 1768 396.9 1799 396.8 1976 394.3 1872 391.1 1903 387.9 1824 384.6 1841 379.1 1880 378.9 1773 378.1 1954 377.9 1974 377.8 1794 377.5 1944 373.2 1885 372.8 1984 369.8 1882 368.2 1835 ~362 2019 (up to 14th)
  9. There we have it, Autumn 2019 is now the wettest Autumn since 2000 for England and Wales.
  10. Oddly this Prince song reminds me of December 1995. I was coming home from visiting my Nan on Christmas Day 1995. The deep blue skies, slight covering of snow enough to make everything white and this was playing on the car radio. It stuck in my head
  11. Werner Gustav Doehner, the last survivor of the Hindenburg disaster in May 1937 has died aged 90
  12. Yes that is the problem with that saying and trying to apply that to any snowy or relatively cold spell during November. It hasn't been that cold this November thus far.
  13. This site advertises Storm Chases in the US. Do you think people that go on these tours hope they don't see any severe storms, tornadoes whilst there etc? Its a weather forum site, it's going to attract people who like severe weather. They want to see blizzards, they want that severe thunderstorm to strike.
  14. Weather affects all wildlife. Do you think the current flooding is not effecting wildlife? Do you think a very mild winter does not effect wildlife? Winter 2013-14 was very mild but look the misery that caused with the flooding . Look at the summer of 2018, do you think the drought and wildfires didn't effect wildlife or the summer of 2012?
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