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  1. Ok, I think we are seeing signs of a cold April with general E to NE flow (blinking typical) but also very dry. So 6.6 and 25mm BFTP
  2. I think HP nudging in yet again will be dominant. Will check RJS’ post before doing temp and rainfall....but we seem to have a semi permanent AZH BFTP
  3. This is getting more unusual as we go deeper into a very deep minimum. The whole of Feb was sunspot blank....and still we are blank. North America experienced insane cold again. Our time to be wrong side/right side of very disturbed jetstream? Some extreme March weather showing and is the record breaking cold assisting the super deep lows projected attacking, let’s see how this pans out. BFTP
  4. Wasn’t meant to be a representation post but that very warm or very cold here doesn’t prove/disprove enough. Interested in the Siberian sector as they have also experienced well below recorded average temps so that warm blob seems odd but may be part of the extreme swings of the jetstream. Also the Antarctica temp anomaly...they have recently discovered that they have underestimated cold temps.....so I’m sceptical re the polar regions be it warm or cold. also NW America doesn’t produce its own deep cold pool....it has to come from somewhere just like other parts of NA.....it’s insane cold there this year. BFTP
  5. What about last summer, perfect Synoptics but we couldn’t break warmth records which surprised me, so I wouldn’t worry too much for our small island. I’d worry far more for large swathes of Canada and US with the amount of record snow and cold gone/going on. BFTP
  6. Although having said that the flip is also the prolonged summer set up last year rarely looked like challenging date heat records. I agree also re the accuracy on past readings BFTP
  7. Winter has gone, a flunk for me although I wish I updated my LRF on 3/12/18 as per my signature . So I have 2 more to go to have a major winter in the 3 year period. Got to say as winter goes this has been bad for cold and snow......fortunately many other places have had record snow amounts.....pure greed BFTP
  8. Particularly NW England . The Middle East...even the Sahara has more snow than the U.K.!!! I think this cold blob in the Atlantic is a problem for us. I agree that Ian has called it well BFTP
  9. 7.8c and 55mm. Stormy cold first few days then dry mild continental S/SE’lies to dominate for 3 weeks( ‘drought’ ) then a cool wet ending BFTP
  10. Well it’s perfect golf weather and beautiful it is, and I have a feeling this is going to go on and on....we are in a rut yet again and is an extreme in itself. But we are far from unprecedented warmth. BFTP
  11. Cold nights down here, sub zero for a few nights now...but Spring perfect by day. Got an inkling that this HP will dominate for a long while yet....an extreme in itself BFTP
  12. So where from here. HLB won’t take hold, it hasn’t this winter and won’t......nice cold blast coming Sunday, transitory but still cold. I’m looking now for the Atlantic to play the ball, and hopefully a jetstream shifted south. Maybe some deep LPs crossing southern half U.K. moving into Benelux to look out for last week of Feb, maybe a sub lows like UKMO shows t120.....could be a nice whip in the tail. Now wouldn’t it be something if March was very cold again with the main HLB taking hold? BFTP
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