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  1. This is developing incredibly so far with the unusual Synoptics around too, cold records getting well broken from US to Scandinavia, unexpected early snowfall in lowland locations, the very rapid snow expanse last week of Oct. The refreeze has been nothing less than startling.....very least sit up and look! For me it’s linked to the solar cycle and the deep minima we continue to enter (and not just this Schwabe minima of cycle 24 we are in) but the projected and anticipated deepening Grand Minima we have entered. Keep up the reports guys.....fascinating watch this
  2. here's my thoughts...... mild/normal value blip IS coming...but look at the profile......cold is soon to follow. We are entering / entered imo extra ordinary times........ BFTP
  3. Records going galore, MIA posting re bery cold temps being recorded despite the ‘warm anomalies’ on models. Very rapid refreeze last 2 weeks, MIA posted re cooling SSTs in NA.....looking at my sig.....I think the corner is turned. There is no doubt what’s happening now is making folk sit up and look. BFTP
  4. Yes mate, Nov to finish below normal. The mild blip will likely be a norm value blip, but what I’m anticipating is a rapid set up end of month to a PV displacement episode towards Scandi......and a very ‘northerly quadrant’ December. Could be very interesting indeed... BFTP
  5. I believe there is a mild blip coming, maybe after 20th, but it’s coming. Not despondent about that, as I’m not looking East but North for cold. Have had so much to do LRF just way down the list. But wet and continuing cold...mild to come then December. The way Nov is going.....I’m hopeful for front loaded winter BFTP
  6. What is nice to see is that even if Scandi HP doesn’t really develop or take hold there is a set up continually coming through that is rinse repeat with LP systems diving down on a NW/SE axis keeping cold theme....which imo will become more pronounced as we move into winter. A good looking start with Oct not being mild and Nov looking below normal with this cold direction........Dec well below anyone ? BFTP
  7. I believe that we’ll be under very cold polar maritime air even arctic maritime for North and Scotland with a very pronounced northerly. So I’m plumping for heavy snow for some and snow for many BFTP
  8. MIA an excellent post and look forward to the progression. There has been talk of the change in AMO and ‘could’ be linked with the long term solar cycles if the timing for change is now. BFTP
  9. There will definitely be snow for high ground and every chance of snow for favoured lower levels too with the runs going as they are. BFTP
  10. Very good point Steve, yep see where you’re are coming from. RJS or Mr D (old name)? BFTP
  11. And Nov imo will be below, and Dec well below........a very good approach BFTP
  12. For me the set up is looking on much more on the cold side, LPs coming on Southerly and then NW/SE track and the period 7th Nov on GFS looks very interesting, that LP on NW/SE track hitting the cold air above Steve Murr Northerly and disrupting. I’m certainly thinking we’ll be talking of snow over the next 2 weeks....with a marked temp boundary. Looks like a good few weeks ahead.....will that Cold Scandi build? BFTP
  13. Hmmmmm, Ice free by 2007, no 2012, no 2015.....we have 12 years to save the planet. Goal posts Pete. But maybe everyone is learning more in their field as one progresses. And no it’s no Corbyn btw but I am a believer of natural cycles driving the climate. I take it you won’t be voting labour then Anyway this isn’t the CC thread so I shouldn’t have posted my thoughts as it quickly can derail things BFTP
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