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  1. Snowed pretty much non stop all day in London but it didn't settle on pavements and roads. A decent dusting on cars etc. To be expected given the time of year but still interesting to see
  2. Getting heavier in Bermondsey SE London. None settling though, I suspected this would happen given the recent mild conditions and warming of surfaces
  3. What a great finale to an amazing week! Best day yet for Central London. Regents Park is like Narnia!
  4. Right, I have loads of work to do but as this may be the last snow day for years I've decided to sack it off and go out and enjoy it
  5. Drizzle here too. The barrage of photos of 50cm snow from family in Ireland isn't helping my jealousy/impatience
  6. Unprecedented amounts of snow on the south coast of Ireland as we speak! Generally looks like over 50cm and drifts of over a metre! I should have booked a trip home to visit this week. Snow is extremely rare there, can't believe they are doing so well! Hoping for at least something here in London by the end of today.
  7. So BBC say some snow later tonight and a grand finale tomorrow from mid afternoon for SE and London, but uncertainty over heaviness. Here's hoping for a great ending to an amazing week!
  8. Are we sure that it's going to suddenly change direction to NW? To my untrained eye it looks like the current trajectory should bring the area of PPN over Rouen across SE and London? Wishful thinking?
  9. Looks like the good stuff missing me to the west. A few flakes in the air but that's all at the moment. The wind is really vicious though, definitely feels like the coldest day this week
  10. Well it looks like that's it for now on the radar. When is the next band expected from the south?
  11. Heavy areas of ppn don't seem to be making it into greater London from what I can see. Still snowing lightly though. I wonder will it intensify over the coming hours
  12. Is that ppn currently on the south coast on route to central London I wonder? Hope it doesn't lose intensity..
  13. BBC forecast just now was rather unremarkable for tomorrow for London. Friday looks promising though
  14. Coming down quite heavily now again in Bermondsey. Also some nice gusts of wind blowing it around the place
  15. Current showers seem to be missing me just to the south. Not complaining though, it's been a fantastic day of snow here in Central London!
  16. I'm liking the look of BBC weather forecast, less of that NE direction and more E/ESE overnight/tomorrow
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