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  1. Little bit of graupel here in sainsbury car park in Chelmsford!
  2. Very light settling snow in Great Notley.
  3. Woke up an hour ago to sleet, and now have settled snow over a flake deep! Cannot contain the excitement, already planning excuses not to work tomorrow, happy days x
  4. Nothing here either, doesn't look like anything fell from the skys overnight ☹️
  5. Heavy snow settling in Braintree! Can hardly breathe with excitement!
  6. Just light rain here, and I'm in that big blob. Think I missed out by an hour or so.
  7. Light rain here, temp 2.8c, DP 2c
  8. just seen my first flake of this winter, lamp post watching and popping in and out the front door stupidly - yay!
  9. Southeast England and East Anglia - Weather Chat

    Just starting to snow in Notley, happy!
  10. Southeast England and East Anglia - Weather Chat

    Snowing and settling in Notley nr Braintree. Yay!