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  1. Had a couple of hours a snow, now raining in Braintree, Essex, hoping it isn't too icy in the morning commute.
  2. ....not a flake, so jealous......I'm heading to the Orwell Bridge (joking!)
  3. My wee weather station is up, Xmas present from my sons. However, I have access to an elderly lady with arthritis, and she says it's going to snow - she can feel it in her bones. Bizarrely she is usually right. Do you think it would be unethical to stick her on a pole in my back garden, although tempted?
  4. Had a few snow flakes come down for a minute but now stopped in Braintree, was a lovely surprise.
  5. Couple of centimetres of snow in Braintree, so happy! Lamp post is on, coffee made, laptop in the car ( in case I have to work from home!), freezer has supplies, shovel at the ready..........please can I have a snow day, please just another centimetre or two.
  6. Not a random flake here. All this talk of streamers and thundersnow is making me jealous. Can we have your thoughts and prayers for Braintree?
  7. Woke up an hour ago to sleet, and now have settled snow over a flake deep! Cannot contain the excitement, already planning excuses not to work tomorrow, happy days x
  8. Nothing here either, doesn't look like anything fell from the skys overnight
  9. Just light rain here, and I'm in that big blob. Think I missed out by an hour or so.
  10. just seen my first flake of this winter, lamp post watching and popping in and out the front door stupidly - yay!
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