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  1. It was bananas around Kingsclere, North Hampshire on Friday. Around 2pm, it just hammered down with snow and didn’t let up at all. We’ve still got around 10 - 12cm lying on all surfaces.
  2. It’s started here too!! 15 minutes in and the cars and patio are covered already. Bring on snowmaggon!!!
  3. Still absolutely nothing here between Newbury and Basingstoke. One of the most benign evenings for a ping time ?
  4. It was -6.5c in Ecchinswell, near Kingsclere, in North Hampshire this morning. We look to be in a good spot for a bit this evening. My Panda 4x4 is desperate to be used in anger!
  5. Don't be so ridiculous. The charts have consistently failed to be accurate beyond 4 days and can't even give clarity on what next weekend looks like, let alone the remaining 9 weeks of winter...
  6. Which has been the most accurate model thus far this winter?
  7. Might it be possible to have a little less willy waving from some posters in the next thread?
  8. I spoke to my Father in Sandbanks and he said it is a tad breezy down there at the moment!
  9. I'm about 4 miles south east of Newbury and its breezy, but isn't THAT bad! Reading some of the posts on here would have you think it's blowing a sustained 60 / 70kts up here. It really isn't. Maybe a sustained 35 / 40 with puffs up to 55 or so.
  10. I would like to see Tamara's input. Of all the opinons posted on here over the past few weeks, she has been the most consistent in calling cold for end Jan / early Feb.
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