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  1. After a perusal of all the current Covid travel rules a couple of weeks back we've also decided to hold off for now on any plans for a trip with the motorhome to the Alps this coming season. It just looked all too complicated, especially with a currently un-vacinated 14yr old. Our holidays dont really coincide very well at Xmas though so it will be an Easter trip this season if it happens, so we have plenty of time to see how things progress in the next few months. As long as we can find space on a campsite somewhere relatively high (Soelden again?) we'll always get a ferry or tunnel crossing.
  2. Are we starting the 'hunt' then? I haven't looked at any of the other forum sections for weeks now, can I avoid the hysteria of the MAD thread this year? Anyway, it's been relatively wet at times (welcome) here the last few days, but still warm. Damp and certainly mild feeling outside right now.
  3. Weather station up the road from me recorded a high of 26.6C around 3pm, which matches fairly well with my car showing 26C in Westhill around 4pm and 27C driving through Alford 30mins later. It was certainly a sweaty classroom day today, even with all the windows fully open.
  4. Hit a high of 24C here today and still 16C at 21:30. A bit of flash bang would be nice but I doubt it.
  5. Irrespective of winter what with Brexit, Covid, and now a shortage of lorry drivers I think panic buying bread and milk has pretty much become normality. The local Co-op in Alford was out of all but the most expensive organic milk the other day due to delivery issues, a couple of weeks back the soft drinks aisle was utterly bare. Weather has been, well, unremarkable, and @Quinachusually covers it well enough for this area. Roll on a good old autumn storm, but maybe not quite yet.
  6. Aye, as that's when most of the school holidays finish. To be fair though, it's been pretty decent for the bulk of the holidays
  7. Decent day here with a high of 20.2 according to the weather station up the road but the car was showing 22C late morning in Alford. Clouding over now but it's been largely sunny most of the day and a good day for an afternoon jaunt with the mountain bikes around Bennachie with my brother-in-law and my two boys. The later trashed us oldies on the climbs but I smoked them on the downhills. Highlight of the day being my 14yr old, after making fun of how slowly I was doing the climbs, then saying "how do you go so fast?" at the bottom of the first real downhill section. Partly its experience, but secretly it may be more to do with the effect of gravity acting on my somewhat overweight body.
  8. A high of 11.4C here so far today with winds from a northerly direction. We certainly felt the difference when out walking the dog this morning, especially with the occasional bout of light rain.
  9. First rain here since 10th July, 22mm of it according to the weather station just up the road, hitting with a big spike around 6am and tailing of to nothing by 10am, but a little top up from a couple of showers late afternoon. I think the front stalled a bit as it went past us as I hear it was a lot heavier in Inverurie. We took a fun fron Alford to Aberdeen and back late morning and there was no real evidence of any flooding on the roads. A high of 16.5C wasn't too bad under cloudy skies, and we might struggle to reach even that in the coming days. A little sun to keep the triffids, I mean tomato plants, in my greenhouse ticking along would be welcome. My cabbage and runner bean won't probably mind a cooler spell though.
  10. It certainly was, and a good day for our preplanned visit to friends in Kemnay for a BBQ. Very nice to be able to comfortably sit outside from mid afternoon into early evening, but it became a little too chilly once the sun disappeared behind the house. Looks like we will see cooler temps this coming week, and finally some rain for the garden?
  11. Not een checking in as we were away for a few days in the motorhome, 3 nights near Lochaline and 9 nights at Dornoch. Weather overall was more than acceptable, warm enough for a swim in the North Sea on Tuesday. Got back home in Wed and it's certainly been what you would call warm, with temps in mid 20s the last 3 days. Just about cool enough to sleep at night as long as the windows are open. Not the best weather though for tiling and decorating our main bathroom and ensuite, which we're completly stripped while we were away, and are still in various forms of disarray.
  12. Some nice rain to wet the garden today, especially a heavy burst around lunchtime, after we'd hung out some washing to dry (eventually brought back in, design and hung up inside).
  13. Well the pair of oyster catchers that have been nesting in top of a tree stump between our house and the one next door have definitely managed to pledge a chick this year. As we were watching a swarm of bees (we've had 4 so far that we know about) disappear across one of the fields on Sunday my wife spotted the chick running around the field, closely watched by both parents. The weather has been generally good, but the annoyingly constant wind has been noticeable and has taken the edge off the temperature.
  14. 19C at the house when I got home from work, that'll do nicely thanks. Having to water the plants now though, especially ones in pots which are trying out fast.
  15. Took a while for the cloud to break up but in the end it hit a high of 18.9C according to the weather station just up the road. The bees certainly approved as I came home to find a swarm in one of the trees, the first this year. Quite a small one and easy enough to get to, so they are in a small hive now. Would rather not have any more, especially this weekend as we're off to Pitlochry with the motorhome, but I suspect it'll not be the last.
  16. Drove to Westhill in the rain this morning, drove back this afternoon in what can only be described as torrential drizzle. The icing on the cake was my car ice warning beeping as I approached Tillyfourie, meaning it was 3C outside. It did manage to climb back up to 4C through Alford, then dropped back to 3C as I headed up the hill. The rain even turned slightly sleety then too. The last of the wood is currently being used on the stove.
  17. Aye, weekly Thursday evening run to Insch and back just completed and it was 6C and raining, heavily at times. At least it's an improvement from earlier in the month, when it was nearer 3 or 4C and heavy rain/sleet/wet snow. It'll be very interesting to see how May fares for average temperature anomaly this year.
  18. After a decent weekend it's been sunshine and showers this week so far. Raining this morning but something warmer on the far horizon, late next week onwards?
  19. We were just talking about the weather at work yesterday, especially after some biblical downpours earlier in the week, and the less than inspiring forecasts. It's 6 weeks until the end of term, after which we have 7 weeks holiday here as we went back a week early last summer (for all the good that likely did). It was suggested that the good weather was being saved up and we will have wonderful weather for the whole 7 week summer holiday...at which point everyone burst out laughing. Perhaps for once though it might happen, to compensate for all the Covid related crap in the last year?
  20. Luckily for the S1 pupil who burnt his Apple Crumble it was decent weather for the whole school to be stood on the playing fields mid afternoon. It actually felt warm, at least in the side of the body facing the sun. If he'd done it earlier in the week he'd have been rather unpopular. Actually saw the car temp gauge get into double figures, just, on my drive home.
  21. Well last Thursday I reported dropping off and picking up my youngest from training in Insch in just about every type of weather both going and returning. This week I left the house and dashed to the car around 8:30 in heavy sleet and 3C. The week in between had seen some truly remarkable/awful weather for May. I know it's not that unusual in Scotland to see falling, or lying, snow at the start of May, but the extent and frequency of it must be unusual. That coming off a cold April too. I've not really had to cut the grass in the garden yet either, which is quite unusual for it to not need done for so long. Garden is beginning to look a bit greener but it's been very slow process this spring.
  22. Oh I give in, 5.6C, a blustery wind and it's just started raining, the woodburner is getting lit. @Hairy CeltI doubt it, even mentioning the B word these days is probably pushing it, even if it is in relation to moving somewhere warmer .
  23. This is getting ridiculous, a heavy and prolonged shower of hail/graupel early afternoon turned everything temporarily white. It was a accompanied by a 3c drop in air temp too. In contrast I took the dog out for a walk in the morning and had overcompensated with my clothing as it actually felt warmish in the sunny and calm conditions. Really could do with some temps in the mid teens at least, today's max was a mere 7.5C.
  24. According to the wife the high ground between Huntly and Alford had a covering of snow this morning. I can believe that as I'm not long back from picking up the youngest from fitness training in Insch and I saw everything short of snow. Certainly rain and sleet, with hail or grapple rattling off the car at one point. The message we got about the school heating being turned off on 10th May as it's council policy certainly caused a bit of discussion at work today. With the current weather not looking as if it will warm up any time soon, and the requirement to keep at least some windows open in the classrooms, that might have to be reconsidered.
  25. We saw a couple of Swift I think, either that or Martins as tail didn't look long enough for a Swallow. We were sat in the lounge looking out and they didn't hang a round for long. It's been a glorious weekend, felt a little warmer yesterday than it did today, but only really the strength of the sun making it feel so warm as the air temp maxed out at around 14C both days. I've spent most of both days in the garden and we've had lunch sat out both days too, in a sheltered but sunny spot. Not too bothered about the rain forecast for this week, we certainly need it. I'd have been more upset if it had rained the last tow days then turned sunny like it's been when I'm in work. The 3 day weekend next weekend isn't looking anywhere close to as nice at the moment.
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