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  1. Got to be one of the wettest ever years

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    2. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      Aye, not a very exciting year for weather. I'm not against high rainfall totals stemming from heavy convective/thundery type downpours but this year's rain has been mainly from slow-moving fronts and persistent rain belts.

    3. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      @gottolovethisweather very low I would say

    4. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Think i've found this year more interesting than 2011 IMBY (apart from that April! but this April was quite interesting here)

  2. Astonishingly ... if my location is now to see off the month with no snow ... it would be the most snowfree December since 2007.

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    2. SnowObsessor90


      That's the 'even larger teapot' for you. Maybe some of the more recent ones just a tease.

    3. SnowObsessor90


      I meant to say 'm-dern winter' there

    4. SouthPennine88


      I dunno ... in the past 10 years though, we have had notable April snows ... 2005,06,08 and 2012.

  3. Well what a cracking few hours of snooker to watch tonight, 6 frames all ... I can see this finishing after midnight. Comon Shaun!

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    2. SouthPennine88



      Certainly a classic final though.

    3. The watcher

      The watcher

      Rooting for Murphy but just wasn't to be this time. Look forward to the masters.

    4. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      I felt that this year's UK championship got off to a slow start- but some great matches once we got to the quarter-finals!

  4. Still, it's impossible to get PPN just on the East coast for 5 days and NOTHING anywhere else. Think about it. Virtually impossible.
  5. Some astonishing runs all over the board then for next week. Getting rather exciting now! Some of these charts showing up are amazing, virtually no flaws. Odds on!
  6. Thank goodness for that, someone with brains! I can also say this ... I'm 80% certain that, from Monday - Friday next week, on average (for the effected areas of the UK), there will be more dry than PPN. But January Snowstorms though, think about it ... we are potentially under the influence of bitterly cold temperatures next week Monday to Friday (more so Tuesday - Thursday) ... which is equivalent to 5 days ... How ON EARTH are we going to get PPN JUST on the coasts? It's completely impossible!
  7. Well, that did keep him quiet. Anyone new on here and not good with weather forecasting or model reading, I can promise you 99% that IF we get an Easterly/N Easterly next week, it would be virtually impossible to get Precipitation (most likely snow) just on the coasts. It's probably never ever happened before to have PPN just on the coasts.
  8. So you're uncertain about next week but extremely certain about the week after next week? I can guarantee you 99% that snow will fall away from the coast next week. How much are you betting? If I was you, I would just hide and stop commenting since next week we have potentially an Easterly that could bring heavy distruptive snowfall to large parts of the United Kingdom and Ireland. As for next weekend, it is impossible for snow and cold to last for ever, so before you jump on our throats telling us the Atlantic arrives next weekend, I think you should know that absolutely none of us are bot
  9. I also find it rather peculiar how you can be so confident when only 'several' charts are showing this ...
  10. No, I never mentioned a word about PPN or Sunday next week, I mentioned whether you could show me a mild chart or not and you seem to have failed to do that. It would be virtually impossible not to see PPN (snow) next week in over half of the UK.
  11. Yeah I won't delete it though just for the sake of me showing my idiot style personality. ...
  12. Isn't that a bit offensive? And should you be saying that when some of the most memorable charts are currently trending?
  13. Is it possible if you could show me a chart that shows mild weather from Monday-Friday next week?
  14. I understand this is heading slightly off topic, but I believe 68/69 was also the subject of when the Emley Moor TV mast in Yorkshire collapsed due to a mass build up of ice on it.
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