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  1. Wow Totally coming alive here in Bournemouth
  2. Storm clouds developing in Bournemouth now. Clearly see destabilising accuring.
  3. I take it this is what was foreast for 12 here in Bournemouth and it's come in early?
  4. Amazing in Bournemouth/Poole settled extremey quickly
  5. Now in Bournemouth came out of nowhere was expecting about 9 according to radar it's earlier.
  6. Not seen flakes as big as that for years! Trying to settle on the grass ground temps not cold enough at the moment.
  7. Much bigger flakes in Bournemouth than last time! WOW make that HUGE flakes whiteout!!!
  8. Here's a pic of the car window literally ice glazed everywhere quite something to See!
  9. Temp risen quite a bit in poole now. Now -1 850s to high now to turn back to snow I think.
  10. Exactly what I'm thinking nothing on lightening detector.
  11. Very heavy ice rain now hitting the sky light windows definitely not normal rain. Hope it turns back to snow as radar looks promising still.
  12. Is there a chance this freezing ice rain turns back to snow or is that it now?