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  1. Is this rain meant to intensify along the south? My met office app showing heavy rain from 9am right through the day in Poole. Yet looking at the radar there is no sign of it and looks mostly north.
  2. Totally agree something is having a major influence over our weather going against alot of background signals. I'm wondering if the EARTH'S magnetic North Pole that is dramatically shifting by as much as 30 miles per year is actually having an influence in all this? Even in January there was an emergency gps update. Has there been any study in the earth magnetic field during extreme weather events in the past?
  3. Poole and Bournemouth look like they will get some more shortly.
  4. More snow will hit Poole and Bournemouth shortly. Possible thunder snow thrown in later too. See how this develops.
  5. Precip is intensifiy to the South of Bournemouth and Poole. Also liking the look of the rotation to the west could be lining up to hit also.
  6. Going to be interesting if the back end pivots towards Bournemouth and Poole will be close i think.
  7. I'm thinking the same radar look a to be stopping in Bournemouth but still showing till 2 am here. Not sure how much it's going to pivot.
  8. All going to plan temps dropping fast around Poole and Bournemouth. The main event is yet to hit with the heavy precip building behind.
  9. Nice upgrade on metoffice app for Bournemouth heavy snow from 9pm till 1pm.
  10. Obviously this is going to be rain for Poole and Bournemouth at first but given the fact we have a small pivot going on to the south would be a good thing going on into the evening. There has been slight circulation in the clouds too so really good to see.
  11. Looks to be delaying the front pushing in by half an hour or so into parts of Poole and Bournemouth. The longer it holds off the better.