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  1. We can do pretty well out of a eastily down here rather than a northerly. But i do remember the thunder snow in poole many years ago from the north. A good channel low is good for us dragging the cold in from Europe. Good start to winter already though dispite the lack of snow. Quite a few frost days already and that has been rare this time of year.
  2. No the berries thing is is probably just me straw clutching over an old wives tale. Something just feels different this year. Been working outside all my life just feel this could be the year we get a good snow dumping. We can't keep missing out surely. Gut feeling were get snow this winter!
  3. Is it me or does there seem to be a lack of berries on the bushes this year? Thought the saying was lots of berries meant a cold winter but the last few years there had been lots of berries and we all know how turned out. Maybe the opposite is true I can't recall seeing many berries this year but maybe I've just not noticed.
  4. Snow in poole but rain keeps mixing out. Just slush rain. It's trying to turn to full snow as the back edge swings round. Very surprised how far west it is wasn't forecast that way at all.
  5. super duper mongoose bad word angel delight cous cous Amazing what swear filter throws out. Very posh.
  6. Why are you even trying to run php on a htm page? No wonder your not getting any help. Trying to force php on a htm page is very bad pratice and will affect your seo rankings. Just change the file type to .php and set links accordingly. Not many people code in htm. You can run normal html in php anyway. So why not just build a website in php file type then you'l never have a problem. Just change index.htm to index.php using note+ or other editor. Any links within the page that point to index.htm change to .php
  7. Well apparently we've got the mini ice age in 15 years time to look forward to yet thanks to the solar minimum. Bring it on! Next few years could get very interesting!
  8. What a result won a tenner bet that it would snow within 14 days with my gf that I placed 10 days ago. Then out walking the dog in the snow and found another tenner blowing in the road. Great start to the day! ☺
  9. So long everyone won't be coming back. Going back to the old trusted methods of waking up and sticking your head out the window to see what the weather is doing. Never ever will I look at the model thread again. What a complete and utter embarrassment and waste of precious time! We've gone from Snowmageddon BOOOOM and 1 in 50-100 year event to oh look it's just a normal average cold spell. Why spend wasted hours looking at models 4x a day when it's never right anyway! Bloody ridiculous. Time to go back to old methods always worked well. So long and good luck everyone!
  10. Ive decided to do things the old way and look out the window at the weather from now on. What a total embarrassment the model thread has been this year with clearly people thinking they know what they weather will do based on the computer says this in 10 days time. Since when has it been right? Terms such as Snowmageddon and BOOOM really? Where is this boom??? Oh look it was in fantasy world 10 days ago! We've gone from biggest event in 50 to 100 years to oh look it's just a normal average cold spell. Clearly those spouting of such claims haven't got a mongooseing clue what they are talking about! you don't need a bloody computer to tell you if it's cold or not for snow. Go outside get a "feel" for the weather look at your thermometer in the garden seriously stop "trying" to "guess" the future. What a complete and utter waist of time spending mongooseing hours looking at every single model run 4x a day! Really? Really!? mongooseing hells bells enough is enough so long I won't be coming back.
  11. Big differences at only 120 the jet really digging in back on itself really liking the look of this. Huge west shift shown in the waa into Iceland.
  12. Upgrade coming me thinks much better positioning and jet stream at +90 much less energy and a good 300 miles further west.
  13. Yep 7 degrees for my location Sunday lol
  14. Is it just me or is there major over ramping going on? Don't see any decent snow events coming into view all just looks a dry slack E to SE breeze. Lovely if you like dry crisp days with the odd flake drifting by. You would think with some of the statements on the mod thread we were about to be buried in 5ft of snow which clearly were not.
  15. Not seeing much in the way of snow just yet in the models just cold dry eastily setting in. Just hope some snow chances appear later on otherwise I'm really not seeing what all the excitement is about just yet. Might see some grains floating about for a tease that's about it for now.