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  1. Huge uptick in precip running through the channel covering east IOW in a straight line to France. Only took 30 mins. Something going on there
  2. Some random sferics picked up west along the coast towards iow and weymourh. Certainly cant rule out something that way.
  3. Storm clouds really trying hard to build here in Poole and rising quite quickly. Have fun up north tonight lol.
  4. Quite interesting whats going on around Nantes. Do model forecasts take cap breaking into account over France? Just wondering if that's what's happening over there. Raining again here now in Poole. Surely this wasnt expected? Be interesting how this pans out going forward with more moisture in the air. Think those up noth are in for a hell of a ride!
  5. Well wasnt expecting that rain along the Poole n Bournmouth just now! wondering it it will make a difference this evening with more moisture around.
  6. Onto the next chase! What's Thursday evening going? Mostly for the easy this time?
  7. Time to now head out to kimmerage I'm now very confident it will happen here.
  8. Can see south and south west and east across from the purbeck rapid developments happening all across the channel from what I can visually see. Definilty building
  9. Anyone a bit concerned by the lack of action so far? Thought would have had more signs of activity by now and no signs of any instability in Dorset now. Very odd.
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