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  1. I can say I think that was a Tornado that ripped through Poole was on the fly over and Trees down in Upton country park. Clouds were traveling in total opposite directions never seen the likes of it!
  2. france_1.mp4 Quite interesting how much France is expanding! Maybe hope for the South later. Keeping fingers crossed!
  3. The areas over Northern France seems to be expanding very quickly. Could get very interesting later for the South! Fingers crossed
  4. Another pic of the storm in London seen all the way from Sandbanks Dorset. Mad
  5. View from Sandbanks end. Camera not picking it up but there are split layers to it. Never seen that happen before.
  6. Is any body sat near Bournemouth beach? I'm Sandbanks end at the moment and there is sudden development here to the east of Bournemouth i cant see it on radar yet but a really high storm brewing came within minutes. Cant work out how far east that is
  7. Explosive development going on east of Bournemouth on the sea front. Just visually seen cloud shooting high very fast came from nowhere in minutes. Looks very high
  8. Quite surprised at the lack of activity for today given how much the humidity shot up in the South. Nothing of any real note going on as yet.
  9. Whats been breeding here in Poole is tracking at a slight North East direction. Could be why Oxford has a warning for later its tracking that way i believe.
  10. Here is the latest as it goes over head here in Poole. Seems to be forming for those further inland.
  11. The Swanage radar blip is now overhead of me in Poole and its clearly growing in size ready for those further north maybe! Enjoy lol
  12. I think this is what the radar is showing on netweather the Swanage side one right of Weymouth. I have a good view from my balcony here.
  13. This just appeared within minutes in Poole and alot more on the horizon. Looks very high in the distance!
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