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  1. Reed Timmer and Michael Phelps are on the ground and worth watching
  2. The latest YouTube Met office update is a bit of a shocker not much about at all except Eastern Scotland, totally different from last nights update for today especially for us in North East England
  3. Yeah i was watching them from Darlington the frequency of the lightning was amazing, nothing expected today mindue the met office video from last night said different
  4. I can see the flashes from here probably 100 miles east from the storm, amazing
  5. Whats everybody's thoughts on the coming days with storm's, North West looks best after watching Gavs storm watch, tomorrow night and Thursday possibly best for us
  6. Are we not supposed to get something overnight, closer to the east coast the better
  7. I know mate, a cell has just popped up just west of Leeds might have our name on it
  8. That was it for me I think, I can see clear skies to the south, it's not even rained
  9. Can hear thunder to the south of me, looking at the radar I have an awful feeling it's going west of me
  10. which site are you using Live Storm Chasing LIVESTORMCHASING.COM Watch live feeds as storm chasers try to see if their target verifies. Tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and floods - we've got it all and more, live on our site and available as video on demand. this is working ok for me
  11. Got woken up at 4am from a storm passing through, plenty of thunder and lightning and very unexpected
  12. Liking the sound of that, fingers crossed
  13. No Boris did mention that Monday with the over 70s isolation
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