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  1. Not been in the mad house today yet as have been away for kitten cuddles. But last night the mood was very downbeat. We have a name for the kitten now so her she is Bella
  2. Its absolute filth out there today.. im gonna fire up the stove and stay inside... its still dark out at 10.30 am.. Also in kitten news we have a name. She is to be called Bella... Oh and stay out the mad house its all on a knife edge this morning. Oh the drama of it all... just snaw for gawd sakes..😂😂
  3. @mistyqueen we dont have any curtains in this house 😂😂😂.
  4. Into level 3 we go... Sun stayed out all day here dont think that has happened in a long long time. We also put down a deposit on a new fur baby today to pick up end of January, she is a wee beauty. Just need to gjve her a name.
  5. Blue sky i can see blue sky...🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 first time in what feels like weeks i can see sunshine.. Over in the mad house its wild scenes as a mega freeze unfolds intime for xmas day. 6 runs on the trot and victory is being declared.. you just know that by 7pm tonight they will all be slashing wrists and jumping off cliffs declaring winters over..😂😂😂❄❄❄👋👋👋
  6. When i did a postcode elevation finder the house was coming up at 294m... but unfortunately we missed out on it... i almost cried. 😥
  7. Scotland weather forecast - Scots and rest of UK could be set for White Christmas as December to be COLDEST on record WWW.THESCOTTISHSUN.CO.UK SCOTLAND and the rest of the UK could be set for a white Christmas as December is set to the COLDEST on record. Parts of the UK have already seen snow... 😂😂😂😂😂 coldest December on Record... dont forget to panic buy bread and milk..😂😂
  8. Thanks for the advice guys and girls, missed out on a property in Carlops a weeks ago and was gutted when i saw the elevation of the area. I will find my snaw home one day..😂😂❄❄
  9. @Ravelin you bring the pan and i will bring the eggs and off to the mad house...😂😂😂 the mood in there is up and down more often that an old tarts knickers...😂😂 Here this morning its still windy still dull and grey but importantly its not raining well not yet anyways..
  10. Whats it like?? Is it a nice place? And of course at 160m asl does it snaw much??
  11. Back to Ellon and stained glass window my old boots its still raining, by rain i mean heavy rain blown by a gale force wind, this really is the absolute pits. Utterly horrible 5 or 6 days... On a side note any of the Edinburgh lot in here know much about Roslin area down that way??
  12. What ever you do stay away from the mad house, winters over (possible true) will we ever see snow again? Its all Glosea5's fault aswell... and even Mr Murr has thrown in the towel..
  13. Stay out the mad house, ive just spent 20 mins reading it and my head hurts. Some really long technical posts that i do not understand one bit 😥😥 and then the mention of an Arctic high and then i left... couldnt take anymore..😂😂
  14. Pish again.. and ive just seen im under 72 hour warning ⚠️ for rain and cold rain at that...😥😥😥
  15. I think it might actually have stopped raining.. for how long who knows.. forecast dont look good..
  16. Todays word is Pish... a horrible day. More rain and more forecast and the Ythan is already full to bursting..
  17. Nothing here apart from heavy rain smashing off the skylights all night.. i dont have a house to move to yet but im already packing up and getting ready to go...😂😂😂😂
  18. Well that was a right waist of time... as soon as precipitation arrived it was rain not even a hint of anything else..😥😥
  19. @101_North I've done it myself before oh the shame of it 😂😂
  20. Already -2c here and the BBC had my overnight low as 1c so fingers crossed it might be white for a while and enough to take kids out in it before bed time..🤞🤞🤞
  21. Milder from the east.... 😂😂😂😡😡😡 @mountain shadow beat me to it..😂😂
  22. Everything here is still frozen and the council have been up our little lane and gritted it.. apparently that never normally happens... so rain it will be, suspect the grit is to stop the rain freezing when it hits the frozen road surface...
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