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  1. Mrs Mair Snaw has just informed me that when we move to a decent location ( her words) she is getting me a proper weather station... any tips or advice welcome. Its her money so no budget has been set..😂😂😂
  2. Another heavy shower on here and still the radar looks alive and bringing more... and im not even in a sweet spot.. amazing few days.
  3. @Benvironment i was just sat doing the same thing and then mrs Mair Snaw came into the kitchen and turned the light on... now apparently shouting "turn that stained glass windowing light off" is not a very nice thing to do..😂😂😂
  4. Heaviest snaw yet here, its absolutely tanking down. Looks like more to come from the radar during the night..mon the blizzards..
  5. Really heavy snaw is on again.. and looks like more coming.
  6. Wow oh wow massively heavy shower here now.. looks like it could last a long while as well ❄❄
  7. There's a big red blob on the radar heading straight for my house...mon the blizzards.
  8. Just missed a shower by about a mile...had 4 flakes float past the window..lol. still looks like plenty to come for many of us.
  9. Its just stopped here but yes was a crazy 45 mins and more big blobs just coming into view on the radar. 20210209_140232.mp4
  10. Madness its like snaw fog.. easily more snaw in an hour than all week..❄❄
  11. Oh my days.... ive never seen anything like this before not even 2018....
  12. Whiteout conditions here.. brilliant. If this is all we get now until next winter im a happy snaw hunter.. ❄❄❄
  13. Heavy snaw on again here... and the North Sea looks like its really getting going again.... Mon the Snaw....❄❄❄
  14. The sun came out so took the kids for a stroll in the snaw.. its gone very dark again and the odd flake floating about in the wind..
  15. Next shower is on here very light to start with but magical to watch it fall gently. The radar seems to be firing up again. Could be a very interesting few days to come. Its bloody freezing 🥶 outside..❄❄
  16. @jon_d1983 you awake ?? Its epic and more is coming..❄❄❄🥳🥳🥳
  17. Next big blob and another behind it are intensifying and heading right for my house.. come on snaw lets be having you. ❄❄❄
  18. Ive an Autistic son who is 12 and still sleeps like a new born.. plus now i know its snawing i am not going back to bed..😂😂😂
  19. @drm @howham wake up your missing this its epic..❄❄❄❄
  20. Just got up for a wee.... and omg. Ive missed some very heavy snaw. Checked back on radar and yep been in a streamer since about 3am.. and by the looks of it plenty mair snaw to come.. i cant get back to sleep now. Bring me my snaw!!!
  21. Was mentioning that just up the thread.... could be interesting 🤔
  22. Would love a really heavy snaw fall on Thursday as its my birthday that day and its been years since i had snaw on my birthday infact Feb 1991 was the last time.. lived in Essex at the time and we got clobbered for days..
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