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  1. Heavy rain and now heavy wet snow . Massive white blobs
  2. And now snow warning for Tuesday and Wednesday before the main event later in the week. Loving this !! ️
  3. Flew back from Guernsey this evening thunder and very heavy/torrential downpours.
  4. At Guernsey airport and what a torrential storm, ready to fly back to Exeter mmmmmm.
  5. What is the closest of the webcams to St Johann?
  6. My daughter is off to Salzburger Sportwelt on 12th December can anyone point me in the right direction for a decent webcam so I can keep an eye on conditions.
  7. Well a visit to Princetown was well worth it this afternoon. Blizzard like conditions up past the prison and plenty snow to build a snowman and a traditional snowball fight. Snowing really heavy when we left at 430pm and unfortunately for one car didn't take note of the settling snow on the roads and drove straight into a stone wall at speed !
  8. Here we go again in the model thread, is this now our time ? Or just another journey up the wet garden path ?!
  9. In tamara we must trust!!
  10. No tech info to back this up but like the quality 3 weeks we had last summer, I feel that we will get 3 decent cold and snowy weeks very late Jan into Feb. it may even take 3 bites of the cherry, comes in 3's!!!