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  1. Jason74

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    I'd prefer to reserve judgement until we get this weekend out of the way and see what the 12z on Monday brings.
  2. Jason74

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Lots of dodging of toys being thrown in the MOD thread today yet we're not even in February yet; and down in the far south (Poole) last March we had two snow events in March (each had ice days too). Winter is far from over. Plenty of time still for us all to see some snow. Simple fact is....some people are bloody impatient and behave like spoilt brats when things don't turn out how the way they want it to. The weather is going to do whatever it bloody well wishes and will always be one step ahead of humanity!..
  3. No point in getting too downbeat (and I'm not surpised by the ECM backing away from severe cold) as the weather will do what it's going to do! I'm sure there will be cold spells (with snow and ice for some) with milder interludes between now and spring. As far as a severe cold spell is concerned. Well, as we know, they are always difficult to get to these shores, anyway.
  4. Jason74

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Light wet snow here in Netherton. For about the last 20 minutes or so.
  5. Only hope the excellent output continues and doesn't get watered down or put back as we approach next week. Too many times that has occurred over the years.
  6. As Sir Alex Ferguson would say....squeeky bum time!
  7. To be honest, feel it is better to focus more on the experienced, sensible, and level headed posters such as GP, Chio, Nick, and BA. There are more who are thorough in their analysis and concentrate more on trends than every individual run. It's also best, in situations such as these, not to look too far ahead beyond 4 to 5 days; as even then there can be uncertainty.
  8. The comforting and reassuring thing is that after this evening's euphoria, I'm sure we'll be back to feeling cheesed off again in the morning. Once we've viewed the output churned out (please let me be wrong though!).
  9. Patience is a virtue and you need it in spades here in the UK if you love snow. However, have a feeling (and no, it isn't wind) that things will gradually get colder next week before we go into the freezer the last week of January into early February 2019.
  10. Jason74

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Seem to remember that December 2017 was a good month for the Midlands.
  11. Jason74

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Yep. Only a matter of time before we see some in the not too distant future. Hopefully!
  12. Jason74

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Feeling fairly confident (at this stage) that we'll see some cold and snow here in the West Midlands. Moved up here with the family in August last year from Poole in Dorset; and had two good snow events down there in March 2018. Really hope to see some decent snow here in the Black Country sometime during the next 2 to 3 weeks.
  13. Jason74

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Few flakes of snow around mid-morning. A nice surprise given none was forecast. Hope for some of the white stuff during the next few weeks. Fingers crossed.
  14. Nope. Same. Not sure where this January is going but becoming less hopeful by the day of any significant cold. Going into self-imposed model watching exile for a few days and then see where we are. Need to keep one's sanity as when all is said and done. It is only the weather!
  15. As always, patience is the key. Pay attention to what posters such as GP, Chio, and Nick are saying. Repeatedly.