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  1. Note to all the models.......http://www.imghumour.com/categories/star-wars/view/stay-on-target
  2. I agree. Enjoy the charts for what they are currently showing but don't take them too seriously (at this stage). IF, in a few days time they are still showing a similar outcome I might then allow myself a smidgeon of optimism.
  3. Well, have just finished my morning's preparations for the oncoming mini-ice age post 21st Feb: Shovels x 24 (check) Bread x 72 loaves (check) Milk (full fat) x 132 pints (check) Huskies x 4 + 2 extra large sleighs (check) I'll get the pot noodles and salt in early next week before bunkering down for the next three weeks.
  4. Have had a couple of experiences throughout my life. So not really so much a 'believer'; more that I just know that we all have a soul that exists and carries on beyond this physical body. The research conducted by Dr Michael Newton is interesting. Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls being two books I'd recommend. Paranormal Lockdown was also a decent programme to watch.
  5. I swear there are some people on that thread who'd still find something to complain about after having the best 'hank panky' possible.
  6. Toys everywhere! Only popped in there for 2 minutes and three went whizzing past my head.
  7. Heavy hail shower quickly followed by a heavy snow shower while out in Ringwood today (around 11.20am). Happy now for the rest of the year!.