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  1. Moved from Poole to the West Mildands in August 2018. Expecting some snow and cold weather but during the 17 months since, Nil pois. Utter tosh. This winter is a write off. Let's get through the rest of this current crap and focus on spring and summer. Maybe winter 2020/21 might bring something more favourable in the terms of cold weather.
  2. You're not being a doom monger. Just being realistic and pragmatic.
  3. Sam the Spirit Guide is the usual 'go to' source for long range forecasts.
  4. Yep. Forget it. Only hope we all see some decent cold and snowfall. Eventually. One hope I hang onto is getting two decent spells of snow right down on the South Coast (Poole, Dorset) back in early and then mid March 2018. So all is never lost even at that stage.
  5. Ah well, at least we have at least another 3 months to try and see some snow:-) Must admint I'm not all that optimistic right now.
  6. Well, like I say, don't get too hung up either way.
  7. What's that Rudyard Kipling 'If'....says to meet treat triumph and disaster just the same. Which brings me to this week's model viewing. Monday was pretty much widespread euphoria with some stating the UKMO would soon 'come onboard' alongside the GFS and ECM. The next day?....many were reaching for the Prozac. Have learnt the hard way on here to take each model run with a pinch of salt and to not get too excited nor too despondent. Unless the models are all more or less in agreement 96 hours or so (even then it has gone tits up) then keep grounded. Anyway, just simply can't get my h
  8. You are the Rocky Balboa of cold weather searching model watching and I claim my £5.
  9. Fast forward nearly five hundred years and my (now late) parents had around 4 inches of snow on the morning of their wedding day. 5th April 1958. London.
  10. The Battle of Towton (the bloodiest battle in British history) was fought in a heavy snow storm back on the 29th March 1461. So there's hope for us yet!
  11. Totally naff here. A few moderate snow showers but nothing to write home about. Garbage of a winter around the West Midlands.
  12. Same. It's been interesting to watch and I admire those who have made their predictions. Unfortunately, it just doesn't look like producing the goods this year.
  13. Read a post on Facebook yesterday that the jet stream is below the equator and has been since the 23rd January 2019? Does anyone know whether this really is true and/or correct? And if so, what effect this would have upon the weather?
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