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  1. Spring started,,,What will Summer 2013 bring??

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    2. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      More making a note that it's been the trend in most recent summers, but that in meteorology such synoptic trends can halt without warning- so there's probably as much chance of Summer 2013 being a scorcher as a washout!

    3. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      Average I think, certainly better than last year.

    4. cerneman


      Average, would certainly be better than last year,,,,I really got no expectations,just hope not another monsoon summer

  2. Could be Cold Chilly start to Spring,,,,,,Reminds me of my Childhood back in the Stone age

  3. Few more weeks and can start thinking of lighter nights and Spring

  4. Another 60s singer sadly died,,Reg Presley of the Troggs, died at his Home in Andover,,,,,Love is all around you

  5. Trouble with weather forecasting, right too often to ignore, and wrong too often to rely on

  6. My Lamp posts must feel very neglected this winter

    1. Eugene


      They have been but my straws definately haven't been :)

  7. Seeing shades of 1947 on the way,

  8. Got the Jam for tomorrow,Now need the bread

  9. Bring me Sunshine

  10. Day my wife left me was snowing, Was really upset, spoiled good snowy day

  11. 2012 second wettest on record,When was the first! Noah's flood???????????

    1. shuggee


      Wettest on record in England. North of the central belt in Scotland had a drought this summer remember - which obviously influences the UK totals as a whole.

    2. gottolovethisweather


      Ha ha, I suspect that is no consolation either for those who were flooded at least three times this year and most probably many more. The year 2000 was the previous biggie I believe.

  12. Time for Positive Thinking, Well maybe

    1. Bobby


      This crazy world that we live in,

      will keep on spinning round,

      But with good, strong, positive thinking,

      we'll get together and life wont let us down.

    2. cerneman



    3. Bobby


      Can't beat em

  13. Post Christmas Blues, Next bank Holiday Easter

  14. Remember Andy Stewart and his New Years Eve Hogmany Show

    1. Bobby


      oh campbeltown loch I wish ye were whiskey, campbeltown loch och aye. campbeltown loch I wish ye were whiskey, I would drink ye dry!

    2. cerneman
    3. lindy2017


      I miss it hogmany not the same ....

  15. Hope get in garden after midweek,Tidy wind/rain damage

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Same here should get the Garden sorted on Tuesday got a tone of stuff to do

    2. disco-barry


      Yeah it will be nice to get outside, this rain has been a bit much.

    3. cerneman


      Dare I say would be nice get some frost in ground by end Jan, Kill bugs off

  16. Wondering if last St Swithins day was dry??

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      yes it was lol and look what followed........

    2. cerneman


      Most have rained twice that day

  17. Our village again experiencing flooding, Third time this year

  18. First chapter winter almost finished,Started with Hope finished Soggy, On to chapter two

  19. Post christmas rubbish out for dustman,,Bye Bye Turkey carcass

  20. Looks like our Monsoon period could be ending soon,

    1. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      And not before time next weeks pressure rise is most welcome

  21. Is 13 unlucky? We got 12 months of it coming

  22. Who sprayed Anti-freeze over UK? Come on own up

  23. Merry Cristmas to All and Keep dry

  24. Sad local otter holt washed away,Even wildlife affected

  25. Summer on my mind

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    2. SnowObsessor90


      Don't kid yourself. Northern blocking will conveniently show up just in time to ruin that as well lol

    3. Bottesford


      Tomorrow is earliest sunset! Woo! Glad I get natural light at work - in fact its blinding from 10am till sunset if sun is out. Keeps me sane...

    4. cerneman


      Summer thunderstorms can be so magical, After warm day, the smell in the air of impending storm,The freash feel after it passed, Even good storm seems to be rare thing over last few years,

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