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  1. Hi Robert be nice to catch up with you sometime. xx

  2. I am so glad to see you are in good health once more Jean xx

  3. Hi in the vale,

    Yes, thanks for asking, the main thing is it's partly angina which I use a spray for when it comes on and a tablet which I take one a day called Amlodipine 10mg. Still have regular checkups at the moment but fine otherwise apart from that and palpitations. Hope you are well and looking forward to a snowy blizzard condition Christmas :)

  4. Robert - did you sort your heart problem out?

  5. Where was the summer drought then eh Robert?

  6. We want roberto back, we want roberto back, we want roberto back!

  7. Hi Everyone,

    Sorry for not getting back sooner.

    Well I think the predictions are ok so far :) 10th will tell more.

    But we have had a good snow event already for some two days before my prediction date which we will have to see what it brings us all :)


  8. Hi Robert

    I think we should also say Well done to Matthew too! Looks like his message may be pretty accurate.Now trying to figure out who I can go and stay with in the Midlands LOL


  9. Hi Robert good luck with your 10th Prediction


  10. Roberto the prediction genius! :D

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