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  1. Okay, go on then....I’m falling for these cold charts and changing my guess to 2.7c.. please
  2. Early days I know, but, with the very cold weather being predicted for the next couple of weeks.... what’s the chances of March cet being below February cet? If so, does it happen often?
  3. Our local cemetery is lucky now if it gets the grass cut 4 times a year..... cost cutting and all that!...(infact nice borders became weeds, then grassed over as they can’t afford to weed!).... anyhow, if it’s grass cutting day, it’s grass cutting day and no rain, sleet, snow or ice will stop them...... oh, or common sense doh....
  4. @Hawesy I’m still waiting for my predicted 5 cm despite the occasional snow(ish) shower ... currently snow lying on car only.... perhaps Tuesday will be the day? Anyhow... Hawesy you got to let me know Will it rain or will it snow? If you say that it will rain I'll be ‘ Oh no not again!’ So you got to let me know Will it rain or will it snow? You always tease, tease, tease You're list of guesses always aims to please One day it's fine and next it's cack So if you want me off your back Well, come on and let me know Will i
  5. Hawesy, may I recommend a new measurement tool for your predictions over the coming days....
  6. I’ll help you with mine Hawsey... S.F.A ....... and that’s nothing to do with football! Its Winter Helensburgh style.
  7. Eh, Stormeh..... sorry, this can’t be right, im sure I read somewhere that ..... 1- the cold spell would end on Wednesday 2- forget 1 ... there is no cold spell 3- forget 1 and 2 .... Winters Over Now, where was it I saw that ?
  8. Well done NorthernRab over on the MOD for politely explaining that just because a possible event may not happen in Englandshire doesn’t automatically make it ‘ insignificant and overhyped’...... apparently some of the UK population do live North if the M4!!!
  9. Best snowfall for me for a long, long time was in March 2006.... was it the 12th/13th?..... a ridiculous amount of snow fell..... took me back to the 80s and some of the classics!!
  10. Oof, it’s all getting a wee bitty frantic and excited over on the MOD...... But, what if it all goes wrong?
  11. Not so long to wait igloo..... courtesy of space.com ‘We'll have to wait another decade before the next Blue Blood Moon, which will happen on Dec. 31, 2028. (Just when we thought that there couldn't possibly be more adjectives in front of the word "moon," now we have the New Year's Eve Blue Blood Moon to look forward to!)’ Hehe... an even better excuse to have a party!!!
  12. Jeez, this continuous searching(MOD) for the holy grail easterly from one run to another is crazy!! Enough already!! Anyhow, I’ve a feeling our next winter shot for February will be from the North(ish)..... although nothing for the majority of those in that forum to get excited about..
  13. 4.5 c at the moment although I’m seeing encouraging signs that may force me into a rethink. defo 92 mm though
  14. Ooofftt , I should know better than to look in on the relative insanity in the MOD etc Yep folks Winters over.... Indeed some are claiming the ‘reliable’ is awful and then write off the next 6 weeks?! Over on the CET comp thread apparently another crap Winter is on the cards because the CET for January is likely above the average ! Thank goodness for this thread
  15. But Ice Man surely you can see the irony in talking about the ‘reliable’ and then writing off the next 6 weeks?
  16. A wee bit blown out there this morning ... a few photos from last night before the storm blew in
  17. Right, I don’t want to cause any alarm so early on a Monday Morning BUT............. Weve has a theft!!! Some sneaky so and so has sneaked around overnight and pinched all my snow... Booo..... if it hadn’t been for Mr Snowman( who looking decidedly worse for wear) you wouldn’t know what a great day yesterday was.... Still, there’s always the memories
  18. Well today was cracking and especially wonderful for me. Yound Dr(s) No got to go out and play in the snow for his first time. Exciting for any child( and the big ones too!) but really exciting for him. 8 1/2 yrs old and his first time. Any other snow opportunity has seen him attached to his pumps, unwell or just not mobile enough to manage but TODAY was perfect.... last long enough, was crisp enough and was deep enough to donall the snowy things you should do through your childhood! He May only have lasted only 20 minutes or so but it was a joy to behold and his wee face
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