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  1. Take care if you’re near Cardross at the moment folks ?!
  2. Today’s Scottish Weather..... variety is the spice of life!! Rain ✅ Sun✅ Hail✅ Sleet✅ Snow✅ Wind✅ Thunder ✅ Lightning✅
  3. Aghh. Only managed to forget again!!! if it’s not too late Roger can I have 6.0c and 120mm thank you
  4. Thanks Roger im not sure. Perhaps cause I’m using an iPhone? Never used to be an issue....until a few months ago
  5. Hi Roger, I used to have no problems opening the scoring files on my iPhone but now they just will not open.... any ideas?
  6. Oh dear .... pains me to go for 5.5c but I just can’t see a cold month (reverse psychology ?) 100.5 mm too please
  7. Yikes? should I be worried about my weather this morning???
  8. 7.0c. 135mm Wet for the first 10 days at least..... a lot of rainfall about. A real touch of Winter coming later in the month..... first hints of a cold December to come.
  9. Frosty morning ✅ Beautiful Sunny Day ✅ Clear Night Again ✅ Its a great time of the year, isn’t it?
  10. I wonder if there’s a correlation between the appearance of headlines like... FLOOD WARNINGS ACROSS UK AFTER BRITAIN RAVAGED BY THREE DAYS OF RAIN - WITH HURRICANE LORENZO SET TO BRING MORE MISERY LATER THIS WEEK, MET OFFICE WARN and seemingly extreme weather that suddenly isn’t as serious?
  11. Good to see you back Legritter. Could be an interesting Winter I feel. Hopefully some Stellar model runs to come
  12. What an absolutely stunning evening... Scotland at its best. Two beautiful warm days coming up for most before Autumn takes its hold from Sunday.
  13. Ah sugar... completely forgot to enter guessing I’m too late Roger but if not ill go for 14.4c and 90mm please
  14. Reading the Hurricane Thread it seems the NHC have revised there forecast to an above average season. It’s been a slow start so I wonder, if it is the case, how this may affect our Autumn?
  15. Agreed Andy. I rarely post but very much look forward to reading posts by others. I certainly appreciate the time, effort and enthusiasm...and also the chance to learn from some very knowledgeable posters.
  16. Indeed.....Today’s Lesson Bulverism is a logical fallacy. The method of Bulverism is to "assume that your opponent is wrong, and explain his error." The Bulverist assumes a speaker's argument is invalid or false and then explains why the speaker came to make that mistake, attacking the speaker or the speaker's motive.
  17. Clearly it depends on your location as to how you perceive the Spring so far. Personally I think it’s been fairly average, yet the continual potential in the far depths of the charts has promised much but delivered little. Very similar to the Winter charts. There always seems to be an Azores high ready to nudge in but by the time it should’ve nudged in its back to its 10 day hence position. With Summer just round the corner my feeling is it’s likely to be pretty traditional.... nothing too horrendous and better the further SE you travel. There does seem to have been a lot of Ea
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