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  1. Miserable day...its like Autumn out there...still Summer weather making a return soon

    1. Bottesford


      Not too bad here - bright 'n breezy with no rain. Needs to be warmer mind!

    2. Richard2901


      Awful here. It's definitely like October. Dull and windy and now the rain has started temp has dropped from 16C to 14C. Yet again this summer, with the exception of 23rd to 25th July, the worst weather has been at the weekend and the best while I'm stuck in a sweltering office :(

    3. Bottesford


      Yes it is frustrating given that yesterday was lovely and today is so breezy and damp. Got guests coming today and wanted to sit outside!

  2. In th wek off exam rezults ,haf to say sum of the speling on hear is awwfull!!haz know won herd of spelcheker??

  3. Seriously made an [email protected]?e of my July guess...however im going to stick with 16c for August...slightly below average.
  4. Very ominous looking,dark clouds ....feeling this could turn into a very interesting day!?
  5. Quite remarkable weather AWT......lets not forget how dry late winter and spring were too!Some amazing figures......NO rain from 14/2 to 15/3. And then only 15mm of rain thru to 10/4!!
  6. Thats funny....my mum often used to ask if i thought she came up the Clyde in a banana boat?!!
  7. F1 turning into a farce today!!! whats going on with these tyres?

    1. NUT


      Looks like Perez's tyre's just let go on him now! Golly!

    2. DR(S)NO


      Perez out now...tyre failure...quite farcical!!

    3. Dancerwithwings


      From 1st to 22nd and then fought his way back

      to 4th, Ok the safety car had a bit to do with it, but you need some luck when your tyre fails, Good drive for Lewis.

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  8. Ahh..the joys of summer...dull,grey and a max so far of 11.3c!!

    1. Tony27


      and we had a vile easterly for about 6 days

    2. DR(S)NO


      The run up to and including the weekend was the best ...in fact i would say imby it was the best weekend sunshine wise since last March...ive no doubt we will oay for that!!

    3. Tony27


      i will be happy to see 25c this summer i have had to lower my standards after recent years, 25c used to be common

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  9. Amazing tornado pictures once again coming from OK area..watching FOX right now...the power of Mother Nature is awesome !!scary scenes!!

    1. DR(S)NO


      Hoping all the NW chasers stay safe tonight.

  10. 10c..dull,grey and wet .Heatings on! What a difference from a few days ago!

  11. Wow..may23rd..A939...closed to snow this morning,,

  12. Anyone able to. Confirm Adam Sandler has died in a snowboarding accident?

    1. Eskimo


      Well according to the internet, over the last few years, her has died 4 times lol

    2. A.J


      he really needs to avoid snowboarding in Switzerland, it's killed him several times all ready !

    3. DR(S)NO
  13. Ahh..rain hitting off the window,dull,windy and temp only 10 c..it's early autumn Right??

    1. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      more like Dec, I would say

    2. Costa Del Fal

      Costa Del Fal

      Because of course in the UK every day between May and September must be at least 20c and blazing sunshine...

  14. Wow,anyone see the large tornado that touched down in Northern Italy...millions of dollars in damage,state of emergency declared!

    1. Paul


      There's a thread about it here :-)

  15. Dizzee heights of 5.7c today.WOW..looks pretty mobile over the next few days....good chance of gales for some.

  16. Yes Paul,many congratulations.As a lurker since the winter of 2010 I "took the plunge" and became a member late 2012.my first port of call in the morning and also last thing at night.Ive always had a keen interest in the weather and now I'm learning about it too.Plenty of folk on here to learn from and plenty of characters to " enjoy the banter " with. Long may you continue to grow......I guess a hot ,thundery summer followed by a stormy autumn and a long cold winter would help.
  17. Is our weather getting worse? Ch 4 6.45pm tonight.

  18. Yep weathermaster , was a lull in the winds for a few hours there but getting quite windy again now.Expecting the worst gusts from around 9 this evening thru to around 3in the morning. After a quieter day tomorrow the gales look to return on Sunday morning,could well be equally stormy then.
  19. It's snowing! Yay...I'm dreaming of a white x.......too late,never mind!

    1. cerneman


      No too early,just under 12 months early

  20. Peace and goodwill to all on NW.Merry Christmas.

  21. If the worlds going to end tomorrow.....will it respect the international time zones?

    1. Optimus Prime

      Optimus Prime

      It will be the end of the world for some 160,000 people tomorrow. That I can guarantee.

  22. Hey! What's all the fuss? I'm sure I read in the Express this morning that it would be as low as - 26c next week.If it's in the paper surely it must be true?

    1. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      The Daily Excrement always prints loads of sensational tripe regarding snow/cold

    2. NUT


      NO chance in hell that it will be -26 next week. Express always likes to sensationalise things which are always 100% bull when it comes to the weather

  23. Beautiful day but bone chillingly cold out there.

  24. Truly inspired by the way my ill so continues to smile through his illness(he's only 3) while I grump about the most meaningless things...time to wisen up!!

    1. shotski


      Hope alls well, I have two small boys and they bring a smile to my face everyday. All the best

    2. CatchMyDrift


      You can always trust kids to teach us how to live! 'mon the wee man :)

    3. Aaron


      Yes it does give us some perspective - kids are often too young to fully understand what is happening, whereas if I had an illness I'd definitely be losing the plot! Hope he recovers soon and quickly.

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  25. Just back from hospital...son ill again...life can be so cruel

    1. lindy2017


      Sorry to hear that hope he gets better soon.....

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