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    Helensburgh,22 miles from Glasgow
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    Watching football,enjoying good food and wine .Family time (savour it while you can)
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  1. Miserable day...its like Autumn out there...still Summer weather making a return soon

    1. Bottesford


      Not too bad here - bright 'n breezy with no rain. Needs to be warmer mind!

    2. Richard2901


      Awful here. It's definitely like October. Dull and windy and now the rain has started temp has dropped from 16C to 14C. Yet again this summer, with the exception of 23rd to 25th July, the worst weather has been at the weekend and the best while I'm stuck in a sweltering office :(

    3. Bottesford


      Yes it is frustrating given that yesterday was lovely and today is so breezy and damp. Got guests coming today and wanted to sit outside!

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