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  1. Believe The Sun online did a bit about uk being buried soon.
  2. Have to agree with Nick here ^^... it seems to me they write these 30 dayers in line with likely climatology and as we had the ssw it put more weight in possibly being colder. So as we got closer to feb and the models came into the more reliable and it was clear that there was no chance of it becoming much colder or extreme cold they adjusted accordingly. Now we are getting ever closer to spring it is much more likely that we won’t have a cold spell or extreme cold so that’s what they’ve gone with and it’s hard to argue that the models are suggesting otherwise. So although I think there is sti
  3. I would love that to be right but there seems to be a disconnect between how we are reading the charts in here, as I’ve been using a weather app which shows only rain from this and all winter it’s been more accurate than most interpretations on here. Not a dig just an observation.
  4. Just goes to show how far we’ve come. Which is not very, what with all the ensembles, ops and anomaly charts that show something for days only to flip a few days out is almost comical. My goodness this is frustrating.
  5. You’re not missing out as It seems the falling snow is washing away the lying snow now ?
  6. Medium sized flakes not heavy enough to over come the warmth in the ground from yesterday hopefully it peps up a bit soon
  7. No unfortunately not, maybe this will be a snap after all. Real shame. Still it is spring soon so looking forward to some warmth (not that I think it will get warm, just not cold enough for snow after the weekend) and I for one would take a 4/5 day really cold snap/spell and then maybe something more seasonal anyway. Just a bit to late in the season. This time of year Some places in Spain has already had temps we would envy in summer so it won’t take long to mix out the cold when it turns south east/east. Really was hoping for something epic!
  8. Looks dry before anyone else says it ? http://www.meteociel.fr/modeles/ecmwf.php?ech=72&mode=1&map=0&type=0&archive=0
  9. Winter is over! There I said it. Cannot believe what a crappy set of winters the last five including this one have been. Ha ho onto next winter with more hope and hopefully a decent spring/summer in the meantime.
  10. You must have had your brain fried by model fatigue!
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