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  1. sarafandjak

    The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Rained on and off all afternoon, bring back stick on magnetic symbols , might get the forcast right then
  2. sarafandjak

    The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Power went off just for a few few minutes.very windy.
  3. sarafandjak

    The Midlands - Weather Chat

    Snowing in Bakewell.☺
  4. Slight frost on roof of car at 6.20 this morning.
  5. sarafandjak

    The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 11/03/14

    Said on weather breezy,but it more like gales here,blowing things over outside.
  6. Looked at weather forecast said dry,hung loads of washing out,it been raining since 9 O clock, when will be right!
  7. Wet snow was heavy,settled on cars and grass.
  8. sarafandjak

    North West Regional Discussion 29th March 2013 14:00hrs>

    Big hailstones in Bakewell
  9. sarafandjak

    The Midlands Regional Discussion 3rd August 2013>

    Drizzling in Bakewell
  10. Thought it was going to be dry sunny day, sleet, rain now
  11. sarafandjak


    Hi I am Jackie, live in Bakewell Derbyshire, in my 40,s but have always been interested in the weather since I was very young,having remembered lots of snowy winters here in Derbyshire.