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  1. Mardartha and Mistyqueen, The Great Goddesses of the Spankathon! I'd better behave or I'll be getting demoted! Dreich and grey here all day, temp showing as a ridiculous 19c. Nah, not for one minute do I believe that. ( Sez she, flinging another log on the fire )
  2. Hmmmm, a National Park, eh? Honestly, I don't think it would make much difference, I think of Loch Lomond and all that goes on there including littering of the worst kind ( ), cutting down of trees for burning by " Wild Campers " ( good luck trying to burn green wood Pal! ) etc etc. Not much different from what goes on here ATM really. I think this summer was a bumper season for the dreaded campervans, there just seemed to be endless convoys on the roads. Quietening down a bit now thankfully. It's the same in all 'wild ' tourist areas though, NC500 having had a bit of a hard time this year from what I hear. Anyhoo, still very calm and quiet here, although we did have some overnight rain at one point in the last week. Current temp is 11.7c and cloudy with it. Looking forward to a quiet Autumn but it looks as if it'll get a wee bit blustery and damp at the Equinox as usual!
  3. Horrible sticky day yesterday but thankfully cooler last night. Cooler today as well with a touch of rain too. Hopefully that'll clear the air a bit. No thunderstorms here and to be honest, I doubt if we'll get any, which is a great pity! Yesterdays top temp here was 26c, today we're at 20c so it does feel a bit more comfortable. Enjoy the crash, bang and wallop, those of you who get it!
  4. It rained a wee bit yesterday, but still very muggy and sticky here. Currently around 21c, cloudy with it. The duvet was off more often than on last night and I think it'll be the same tonight. Cooler later in the week thankfully.
  5. Switched it on for one hour one morning last week, but that's it. Time enough yet to do without it. Took a delivery of oil last week so well topped up for a while. Last time I bought any was way back at the start of Covid when the price dropped dramatically. Not like that now though, mores the pity! If it gets a bit chilly in the evening I'll light a wee fire rather that have full heating on. Today it's around 20.1c outside so it won't be getting switched on today that's for sure!
  6. Very likely Mardatha! Still sticky and clammy up here and we're forecast fog later on and there's certainly some weird cloud building up away to the south. Currently around 20.1c so I reckon I won't be lighting the fire or switch the central heating on for a wee while yet!
  7. Morning Earthlings! Once again it seems like 4 years since I posted on here! And what has happened weather wise in Skye? Well, we didn't get any of the torrential rain that the Central Belt got hammered with, so I daresay that'll arrive here when the rest of the country is basking in glorious Autumn sunshine. The ground is exceptionally dry. I was out weeding and planting bulbs earlier on and the earth is like powder, so at least the weeds came up easily enough! I only stopped because it's actually started raining here! First time in a long time! Not heavy, but at least I won't have to water the last of my broad beans tonight. It's very mild too, currently 16.9c. Could be in for another rather sticky night I think. Not much in the way of rain promised over the next few days but maybe later on this week. It's been a gorgeous week here right enough, endless blue skies, warm sunshine and very pleasant temps. I am not fooled. Autumn, I see you lurking round the corner, and welcome you too! Can't wait to see the colours changing and look forward to getting the fire lit and crispy, frosty mornings. What I'll probably get is horizontal rain and howling winds. Ah well, it cannae be good here all the time!
  8. Morning all! Sunny morning here, current temp around 17 - 18c, although one weather station tells me it's already 22c. Either way it's warm. Thankful not to have the ridiculously high temps that the Central Belt have had. I can just about cope with 22c! Took ages for the cloud, mist and haar to clear yesterday, and Boy did that foghorn howl! Nice evening it was and looks like another lovely day to follow. Exceptionally dry, can't remember the last time we had rain. I have friends who have private water supplies, I guess they'll be getting worried now. The burn that flows behind my house is practically non existent now. Not good, considering the number of Bonglies we have here intent on ' wild camping '. I expect the fire department could be quite busy if these temps continue. Stay safe and cool Peeplings.
  9. Morning all! Yet another dull day ahead in this neck of the woods. Haven't seen a great deal of sunshine this summer, but it has been at best slightly warm, and at worst, very humid. Lots of mist and sea haar. A friend reported 26c whilst driving down through Glencoe during the week. Was lucky if the temp reached 20c up here on the same day. Very dry though, so have to remind myself to water the veggies. Strawberries have just decided to turn red now and very tasty they are too! Veggies very late this year after a cold and extended spring. Hopeful for some tatties in the next week or so, peas didn't even bother trying to grow this year, broad beans looking good, garlic good too, but onions look as if it'll be a poor crop this year. Overcast here, temp 15.8c. Another dull, dry day ahead, so I may even treat the car to a wash!
  10. Still waiting on Summer officially arriving up here. The best I can say about it is that it has been very dry. It's also been very humid especially at night. Lots of mist and sea haar. Can't remember when we last had a full day's sunshine. Maybe three weeks ago? Current temp is 15.8c, overcast, humidity 42%. No rain forecast for this coming week, so will have to double water the veggies!
  11. This time last week WE were driving back to Skye after a weekend visiting relatives. Temps then were scorching, clear blue skies, hardly a breath of air. Next day, 12c, cloudy, miserable and cauld. Today we have 21c with rain and humidity at 80%. Horrible. Sticky, muggy and midge ridden. So, when do we actually get a summer up here? Y'know, more than one day of sunshine and light breezes. And dry. Please. Sometime soon. Not a mega scorcher, but just some nice, pleasant summer weather. Too much to ask?
  12. Afternoon all! Been ages since I last looked in here. Had family up for a visit so was making the most of the company! Might not get another chance! Had both jags now so am safe ( ish!). Had some mixture of weather recently but we have now settled back down to slightly gloomy, muggy and a wee bit chilly. Certainly not the temperatures we've had recently. I was to be found seated outside wi' a wee G n T during the last few weeks. Now I'm wearing a fleece and pondering whether I should light the fire or not! Rain forecast over the next few days so at least I won't have to water the veggies! Place is also crawling with the usual summer scourge, no, not midges, Campervans. And hunners o' motor bikes. It's not even peak season yet, so am dreading July and August. Ah well, I could always go into hibernation earlier than normal I suppose.
  13. Sunday ... rain, Monday ... rain, Tuesday ... rain. Bound to improve sometime, surely?
  14. What a week of weather we've had up here! Saturday, heavy snow showers which thankfully did not last too long and any lying snow melted pretty quickly once the sun came out. Same again on Sunday, less snow, but sleet and graupel mixed in. From Monday we've had gin clear, blue, blue skies and low overnight temps. The lowest was -3.4c. Spent yesterday afternoon visiting a friend which we spent outdoors. Plenty of sunshine but strong blasts of wind. Was nice if you could find a sheltered spot to sit in. It was soooo cold, took me ages to thaw out once I got home. Strange how cold it was in comparison to where I am, and her house is less than a mile from mine, but elevated a good bit more. I could certainly feel the difference! Cloudy this morning but dry, so I think I may go and wrestle with some giant sheets of cardboard. Good for keeping the weeds at bay. If the wind gets up I'll be fighting a losing battle, so plan B is to chop some wood. A good way to keep warm!
  15. Snowing here, temp dropped to -2c overnight. My daffs look totally defeated with their heads now drooping. Currently -0.5c. A day by the fire with books, tea and dvd's I think. Could do a lot worse.
  16. Ah well, three glorious spring days are now coming to a close! It's cloudy and breezy here, rain/sleet/hail due much later on. I doubt we'll get much in the way of snow which is fine by me. Spent quite a bit of time yesterday chopping logs and kindling and laying cardboard on the veg patch paths. Anything to avoid digging weeds! I daresay we'll have bings o' snaw piccies on here within the next few days. Keep 'em coming folks, keep 'em coming!
  17. G'morning Peeplings! Wall to wall sunshine here! A massive change from the last four days rain we've had here. I've now sent the rain clouds south to save you all from drought. Temp dropped to 1.4c here last night. Weekend looks like an interesting mix, everything being thrown in to the bag! I wonder if we'll actually get any white stuff lying here. With any luck it'll dust the mountains only. That would do for me!
  18. Miserable weekend! And it's still tipping down! I'm looking forward to the promise of some sun from mid-week onwards and then for Easter ...... well!
  19. Snow on them thar hills! Temp dropped to 2.1c overnight, now we have bits of sunshine and clouds but I know the rain isn't very far away. Interesting drive into Portree yesterday. Drove through rain, sleet and hail and there was a covering on the roads in Portree so a wee bit slippy underfoot. However, an hour and a half later it was gone and I enjoyed a walk in the sunshine, all the time keeping an eye on the clouds which were building up. Looks more promising during the week. Be nice to get out for a walk without getting wet!
  20. Good morning from a lovely sunny Skye! Well, after me saying that it was unlikely that we'd have a power cut last week, we did! Around about 9pm. I couldn't be bothered faffing around lighting my now clean lamps, so I found myself a torch and a wee battery operated lantern and went to bed with a good book! I was asleep pretty quickly ( so the book couldn't have been that good! ) and the power was off for maybe an hour, or so I was told. Quite lucky in that many parts of the Island were still without power at 3pm the next day. Since then we've had rain, hail, sleet, mist, drizzle and snow on the mountain tops. Weather was pretty cruddy over the weekend but I did manage to get into the veg patch and prep the raised beds with plenty of compost. Yesterday I was cutting down the ever present brambles and laying cardboard down on veg garden paths. I did, off course, completely overdo it and was more than a wee bit achy last night. Today I will pace myself and have plenty of wee rests and fill up on tea and biccies. 'Tis the only sensible choice! Current temp 7.4c and blue skies. Love it!
  21. Well, seeing as how we are forecast some blawiness and blusteriness later today I decided to clean up my oil lamps ( just in case! ) This is a sure fire way of guaranteeing no power failures! It's been a wee bit blawy this morning and I await with interest the evening weather. I personally don't think it'll be that bad where I am, but the northwest of Skye and the Western Isles will probably get most of the gustiness. I'm hopeful it won't turn out to be too bad.
  22. Well, hasn't the weather been kind to us this week? Another stoater of a day ahead, cloud clearing and plenty of blue sky now on show. Daffs are at the stage where they are beginning to bow their heads so I expect some in bloom soon. Another walk ahead today to make the most of the sunshine. Really does improve the mood and chase the Covid blues away! Should also get some more garden tidying done over the next few days. I see that Tuesday evening/night could be a bit on the fresh side, so will keep an eye on that one. Current temp is 3.1c, very calm and sunny. Love it!
  23. Well, after what can only be described as a particularly sh1tty week of Scottish weather, spring has finally arrived! On Tuesday I recorded a 62mph gust and Wednesday wasn't much better. The driveway was like a river but all the ditches did their job well. Now it is calm, sunny with a temp of 11c so a wee spell in the garden today to start the much needed weeding. It's looking good for the coming wee too, so I'm going to make the best of it with as many walks as I can cram in. Hips and knees are beginning to seize up, which is not good!
  24. Morning Grumplings! Well, yesterday started out lovely so I took myself off for a good hour's walk and felt a squillion times better for it! And then the rain arrived bang on time just before 1pm. Wind arrived mid afternoonish and the rest of the evening was pure p1sh. It's not looking terribly hopeful for the rest of the week, an outside chance of some dryish conditions on Friday. I checked the charts on here and look what I found. I mean, really?????
  25. Aye, Hullaw frae Squelchville. Rained constantly all week, driven sideyways by the howling winds. We have an occasional break in the breeziness which is when I head out to fill the coal bucket. Not much chance of a walk of any duration this week. Maybe a wee teeny break tomorrow morning. If there is I'm outta here! Need to move and stretch the legs and move the hips and knees which are threatening to seize up. If all else fails it'll be a dance around the sitting room. Which always amuses ( or bores ) the cats. Currently 10c and p1sh. Happy days ahead at some point with dry weather I hope. Just can't see any break in this rubbish that we're getting just now. Which is pants. Hope it's better where you are.
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