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  1. Oops! Better rush off tae the Co-op and buy a dozen loaves and forty pints o' milk. Three snowflakes have just floated past my window. Where's my snow shovel? ❄❄❄
  2. According to XC weather I will be snowed in come Sunday/Monday. Aye right! Mair like I'll have sleet burn! Ouchya! Failed this morning, 4.6c, breezy with it and still snow on the hills from earlier on this week. ❄
  3. Oh now, doesn't this look interesting! That'll definitely blow the non-winter type blues away!
  4. Gorgeous morning here, crisp, clear and sunny. I'll take that any day! Makes a vast change from the murky dreichness we've had over the last week. Temp got down to 4c last night, that's practically getting back to ice age conditions! Don't see this fine weather lasting too long though, probably be back to horizontal sleet soon.
  5. Hideous weather here. Sick tae the back teeth of the continuous wind and horizontal rain. The wind blew the OH's scooter over last night, slight crack to the screen and a few wee scrapes, so really not that bad. Hating the mild dreichness, wouldn't mind if the temp plummeted to 0 degrees, at least it would feel like winter. Been a bit of a crappy winter so far and nothing showing on the horizon even into March. Ach well, maybe we'll get a lovely spring! Sez she, living in hope!
  6. My sympathies to Hairy Celt who had a completely crap week on Skye. I do hope you managed to find a half decent bar to sup a couple of drams! Calm and cooler here today, no rain ( yet! ). Ah well, at least the rain has been good for the whisky and gin industries up here!
  7. This is normal HC, yes, it is truly keech! More of this tomorrow. Nae wonder I take a drink! No sign of anything remotely interesting in the coming weeks either, so we'll need to put up wi' this mince for a while. Pass the whisky please.
  8. Lovely sunny morning here, temp around 1.6c. Didn't get bothered too much by Erik the other day, just lots of rain and general squals. Was away last weekend, had the journey from hell on the way home. Car broke down at Doune, phoned Green flag at 10am. Plenty of other calls throughout the day and we were finally picked up at 3.30 to be trundled home. Now there's not a lot to see in Doune, but me and Bro made it to the wee cafe to warm up and drink lots of tea to warm up. No idea what the temp was, but Baltic probably covers it. So finally loaded onto a truck from Lix Toll garage, who dropped us there and we transferred to another truck to Fort William. Truck number three was tootling along nicely when the divers boss called him to say accident at Auchtertyre, road closed both ways. This was around 7pm. It was suggested we get to Kintail lodge Hotel and car would be relayed home next day. I thought, is the hotel even open? Boss man called to check. Nope. Closed. My heart had hit my boots when we heard of the road closure, now it plunged to depths unheard of. My last gasp effort: there's a wee hotel in Dornie. Please, please, please be open! When we turned the corner and saw lights on and folk stuffing their faces in the bar my happy wee heart started dancing. And yes, they had rooms available too! Bar was very busy for a Monday night, full of folk trying to get to Skye, stuck in Dornie for the night! Barman was kept very busy that might, but I was just so thankful to be warm at last, with grub in my belly and a dram in my tiny frozen paws! Dornie hotel gets full marks and a gold star from me, Green flag will have to redeem themselves big time, and refund me my hotel costs before I even think about awarding any marks to them. Five hours from first phone call to first pick up is not acceptable. Got my sword sharpened, sword at the ready, full body armour being polished as I type. Green flag, I'm on the warpath! Talking of swords, went to the Bannockburn exhibition last Sunday. Fab-u-lous Dahling! Even if you're not that interested in history go and see it. If you behave you can get to dress up in armour and wave a sword around!
  9. Morning SNAW Hunters! We had another wee covering overnight so we've maybe had about 4-5 cm of snow. WOWSERS! Not. Been a slow winter coming right enough. Never mind, we still have the rest of February to get through! Any of our experts out there have any thoughts on what remains of winter and whether we're likely to see a return of snow and ice? ❄❄
  10. Verily, it doth snow! One cat sitting on the window ledge mesmerized, the other snoozing on my bed. Don't know how much has fallen yet as I've not been out but I wouldn't reckon it would be a lot as there was nothing there at 5.45, so maybe a centimetre or so. ❄❄❄
  11. Well, well! Looks ever likely that I could be seeing some white stuff tomorrow! Forecasts vary, one says snow, one says sleet, so if I deploy my reverse psychology and say we'll only get sleet........❄❄❄ Currently 2.1c and overcast. Perhaps this time tomorrow it'll be all white ( or not! ).
  12. Weather station says 8.2c. It's all green oot there noo! Great! That means Himself can take me for lunch, we can pick up other car from the garage and then I can hit the Co-op and clear the shelves of bread, milk, wine and any other necessities! Looks like even Skye will get a wee dump of the white stuff next week! ❄❄❄
  13. Ahem....... ( Drum Roll please! ) It's snowing!!!! ❄❄❄❄ Not much, a wee dusting but at least it's SNAW! And as I type, the clouds are starting to clear but from what I can see ootbye it looks fair braw! ❄❄❄ After yesterday's sideways rain this is a million times better! Might manage a wee piccie or two later on! Happy days!
  14. As the excitement builds Mistyqueen awoke to........ NAE SNAW! Only on the mountain tops, sleety stuff during the night but absolutely Baltic. Just looking at the charts others have posted, boyzoboyz, if that comes off some of us could be buried for a helluva while! Stay safe Peeps, it may look pretty but it's lethal! ❄
  15. You can keep that amount of snow, waaaaaaaaayy too much for my liking! A couple of inches is fine, a wee dusting, just so's I can get around! That looks well scary!
  16. Lovely clear morning here after a really cr*ppy weekend. Temp currently around the 8c mark. Big change on the way later this week by the looks of things with maybe even the much longed for SNAW making an appearance! One lives in hope! ❄
  17. Morning all! A dreich kind of morning here and it doesn't look like improving any time soon. Temp is 3.2c with no wind to speak of. Back to Dullsville again!
  18. Back to dullsville weather wise, cloudy, calm, 7.8 c. Not complaining too much as it could be a helluva lot worse! Maybe a bit colder next week, winter finally arriving?
  19. So we woke to a lovely clear. crisp morning, a sharp frost and a rather nippy -3.9c. Love it! Liver now in full recovery mode, but the choccies are now getting a bit of a pasting! Caught a mink in a borrowed trap this morning. Blighters have killed all my ducks and chooks since the end of October. We thought we were doing well as we still had two youngish ducks left, until Hogmanay morning. The wee fiend chewed its way through the floor of the duck hut! Aye well, it went to meet it's maker pretty quick today I can tell you. So we now have to wait until spring to get a new batch of chooks and ducks. We're leaving the trap out just in case there's more of the wee toerags oot there. Hoping for some more of the lovely winter weather we had this morning, maybe in mid January. I'm not getting too excited like some peeps in the model thread are, I'll only end up disappointed! Hope you all had a great New Year!
  20. Happy Auld Year frae a dreich and windy Skye! Nae wonder I drink! It's about the only thing tae pit a smile oan ma face today! Tomorrow looks to be better though so at least we'll get oot fur a wee dauner. Hope you all have a great Noo Year and hopefully some proper winter weather in the not too distant future! ❄❄
  21. Wowsers! That's a thing of beauty that is! This morning has heralded the start of yet another murky, dreich day. Temp is currently 11.2c and I'm not happy about that! The only upside to this weather is that I don't need to switch the central heating back on! Himself is currently cooking up some peasant mess of yesterday's left over veggies for his brekkie. It stinks. He's added onions and garlic and the whole house stinks of it. Pardon me while I boak. Whit kind o' daftie has fried onions and garlic for breakfast? I'm good 'cos I've just had a bowl of cereal. Aye, ok so I'm eyeing up the leftover cranachan. Best get in first afore some greedy toerag gets there first! Rumour has it that we're off out to the local hotel later on ( currently closed for the season but open to select village dafties and loyal staff only! ) Polite conversation and time for gentle reflection will be the order of the day and no doubt the joyful singing of hymns around the Christmas tree. Sarcastic? Who me? Enjoy your mild and murky Boxing Day peeps!
  22. Well, I see Santa has brought the warm weather back with him! I guess we must have been bad after all! Kitties are knackered after shredding wrapping paper off the pressies. I have fortified myself with a quick snifter of orange and brandy liqueur, just tae keep masel going afore I get on with prepping the grub. The fat man in the red coat was as generous as ever. What can I say? So much chocolate, so little time! Hope you all have a Fabby Festive Fling! See you on the other side!
  23. And it truly is a crisp fresh morning in Auld Scotia! Temp was down to 0.9c at 8.30 but has now shot up to the heady heights of 1.3c. All change tomorrow when it will be milder and cloudier but at least no rain! I've just had a wee peep in the model thread, boy, is there some major sulking going on there! Some people truly do need to get a life, it's only weather! Anyhoo, hope you all have a great Christmas!
  24. Morning Peeps! Another quiet day weather wise here, bits of blue sky showing through the cloud, currently 5c. Going to stay like this for the next few days, so more doggie walking I reckon!
  25. Morning all! It's gone a bit quiet in here over the last couple of days! Everyone getting ready for the arrival of the fat man in the red coat, eh? Apart from that the weather has just been so, well, meh! Nothing to write home about, just flat and boring, dreich and dull. Never mind, shortest day has now passed and winter still has plenty of time to get its skates on! A few frosty days would be very welcome, maybe a big storm to blow the murk away and off course, a few inches of the white stuff would top it all off nicely! Off to chop some wood today and refill the bird feeders, they are such hungry wee things these days!
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