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    Discovered Meteorology when I passed my Pilot's licence and loved learning about the intricacies of the Atmosphere since then.
    Flying of course.
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  1. I'm after an explanation about the link between Mountain Torque (there's one in Asia just now, so it is topical) and SSWs. What is the physics behind it, what happens during the event? Many thanks!
  2. Does it not depend on where the fragmenting vortex goes and how it intereacts with the blocking high? Is it fair to assume that it will always strengthen the block? EDIT: Disregard. Chiono answered as I was typing.
  3. I haven't had much time yet but I now take this opportunity to repeat what has already been said: thanks very much Ed and other contributors to make this thread, abeit quite technical, VERY VERY interesting and informative!! It really furthers our knowledge of atmospheric physics every time. Best regards, Stephane
  4. Thanks SK: the fact that the PV has already been disrupted is enough to displace surface HP and LP from their usual positions. All clear. FSP
  5. It looks like the polar vortex is reforming at higher levels as indicated by the mean zonal winds on the ECM at T+0: http://wekuw.met.fu-berlin.de/~Aktuell/strat-www/wdiag/eczm.php?alert=1&forecast=a12&var=u&lng=eng And: http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/stratosphere/strat-trop/gif_files/time_pres_UGRD_MEAN_JFM_NH_2013.gif Higher stratosphere is currently colder than average and the opposite is true for the lower stratosphere, with the recent warming downwelling: http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/stratosphere/strat-trop/gif_files/time_pres_TEMP_ANOM_JFM_NH_2013.gif I know i
  6. Once again, very good post chiono! Would it be fair to say that the cold snowy event we're experiencing just now is a result of the first strat warming that happened at the start of Dec '12? Thanks, Stephane
  7. Almost 100 pages. And VERY good, informative posts. Thanks for the contributions guys. Keep them coming. Stephane
  8. Here's a picture of nacreous clouds last night over Scotland: https://forum.netweather.tv/gallery/image/16814-gallery/
  9. I'll put some pics tonight. So it just confirms that the strat temperature over the UK is very cold. In line with what models tell us for now. It doesn't seem to herald anything else then.
  10. Maybe slightly off topic but would it be a link with the apparition of Polar Stratospheric Clouds in the UK skies last night?
  11. Very roughly, Eliassen-Paml vectors represent the amount of heat and momentum fluxes from the troposphere to penetrate the polar stratosphere. If I remember correctly vertical vectors are synonymous of heat and any deviation from the vertical indicate momentum. Therefore, long vertical vectors indicate a good propagation and vertical flow of heat (good wave propagation). Please correct me if this is wrong.
  12. Is this a warming at 1hPa starting on day 9 over Spain? http://wekuw.met.fu-...st=f240&lng=eng
  13. No problem lorenzo. Congrats about the baby! I always appreciate your enlighting posts.
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