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  1. Rain easing now but had a very intense burst on the back edge, the windows of my flat looked like I was sat in a car in a car wash! 18.0mm of rain so a pretty wet day!
  2. Had some decent storms here this evening, the amount of lightning in them was quite impressive. The latest batch moved to the north and south of me but still gave a nice light show :). The storm earlier this evening gave a deluge and some loud cracks of thunder aswell as the lightning!
  3. Been snowing off and on all day but tiny flakes. Now coming down with much larger flakes. And area of snow seems to be growing right over me. Popped up in situ on the radar! Can't believe we are having two snow events in March and nowt the rest of the winter!
  4. The shower moving over me now is definitely snow, so if that big clump over the channel makes it here I am hopeful of maybe one last dumping before we are done?
  5. Is there snow due later? We have freezing rain here at the moment, everything is encased in ice!
  6. Ah I meant the rising upper air temps, that's what the last chart is showing right? Seems we are getting the same here. Can't moan as today has been bloody awesome
  7. Ah, so that'll be why we are getting a "wintry mix" here now rather than snow.
  8. It's hailing now, or snowing but it is behaving like rain. I guess the upper air temps are a little too high here for pure snow? Or may it turn back to those fluffy flakes later? I hold out hope!
  9. Under a bright echo on the radar now, really big, fat flakes and coming down fast :). Measured 22cm of snow in the back garden
  10. Has anyone got big flakes anymore? I am entering the heavier stuff on the radar and it still looks really fine and powdery. Not that I am complaining too much though. Had a really good covering here :). I'd post some pics but the uploads always fail.
  11. Snowing niceely here following this mornings taster, flakes small at the moment but that looks likely to change very soon :). What areas will likely see a change to freezing rain tonight, is this mainly on the coast or well inland too?
  12. Heaviest snow shower of the day so far just passed over and left a dusting :). Well, it's a start haha Tried to upload a pic but it isn't working
  13. A slightly heavier flurry than yesterday just moved through. It's trying!
  14. To my untrained eye these runs looks better for not letting the mild air so far north and keeping us colder for longer.
  15. ICON and GFS have adjusted the low south, ICON in particular keeping the cold air in place through Friday.
  16. Indeed, temperatures here peaked at 0.5°C about half hour ago and are now back on their way down. There hasn't been much sunshine today.
  17. Temperature 0.3°C here, Dewpoint -7.5°C and a few flakes in the breeze lol
  18. I don't think we need to be too worried about quick breakdowns just yet. I may be remembering incorrectly but I thought the models back in December 2010 constantly called for quicker Atlantic returns and look what happened there!
  19. Just rain here as per but I did see some snow up on the distant hills (the Quantocks) first thing but that seems to be disappearing now. More notable is the wind this morning, gusting abound 35mph.
  20. Rain, rain and more rain here. Did dry up a little earlier this evening but the rain is pouring again.
  21. NW radar saying we are having heavy snow, I can confirm it is heavy rain. It's just not quite cold enough, which is often the way. Having the precipitation and the temperatures at the same time here seem nigh on impossible. Loving the pictures of the snow on the thread today though guys, I can dream...
  22. There really should have been some warning about the rain here. Had 35mm so far and showing no signs of stopping!
  23. As Dec10snow says, it's 4.5C here, what a massive fail!
  24. That's if it actually is snow if it gets down this far. I can confirm the pink precipitation over my area currently is not snow, but rain.