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  1. After a period of smaller grained snow, the bigger flakes are coming back again :). Hasn't stopped snowing since 7.30pm. Looks like some heavier stuff approaching from the east. Wind is quite keen too. I can't believe that given this was meant to he a more northern event just how much snow has fallen in southern counties today! :).
  2. Fat flakes and settling readily now, the radar shows the area of snow over my location to be very slow moving 🙂
  3. Well my rather "toys out of the pram reverse psychology" post worked haha. Coming down thick and fast now despite radar not looking all that impressive. Not far from the clearance out west though so not sure how long it will last but enjoying what I have.
  4. Don't think the precipitation is actually going to make it here. Just continue to slide around to the south. Amber warning = no snow it seems. Frustrating.
  5. Precipitation seems to be fragmenting further south than the M4, it is fragmenting just south of my location (Taunton, Somerset)
  6. Radar saying it is snowing, can safely say it isn't actually doing anything at all precipitation wise at present.
  7. Still raining here very lightly, heavier precipitation to the south, temperature falling now (1.8C) and easterly winds picking up, I really hope we shall see some snow soon!
  8. Spitting with rain here. Temperature hovering at 3.5°C with a dewpoint of 0.6°C, just doesn't seem to be falling just yet.
  9. Temperature and dew point still rising here (3.1°C 1.1°C respectively), I am gathering this will drop soon?
  10. Schools close at the slightest sniff of snow so i would prepare for them to be closed Khodds 😕
  11. Cloudy here, up to -2.6°C after a low of -5.3°C.
  12. -3.1°C here now, just what we needed, a hard frost before any snow, much better for settling snow getting that ground temperature down.
  13. Are we anticipating this will start of as rain and turn to snow or an all snow event away from the coast?
  14. Already down to -1.1°C here at 8pm (Taunton, Somerset), looks like a pretty hard frost incoming which bodes well for tomorrow I reckon.
  15. Had a light dusting this morning, settled on rooftops and cars which was a pleasant surprise :). And dare I hope that we could get something more significant tomorrow? Really thought it would be a central and northern event! Hopefully it doesn't correct too far south!
  16. The breeze is really preventing temperatures falling, it will have to ease for us to even get a frost tonight.
  17. Temperature now rising after the front has cleared, back up to 4.0°C from 3.3°C.
  18. Which is what happens 9 times out of 10 in these situations sadly.
  19. Hammering it down here (with rain I hasten to add), temperature down to 4.8°C, just didn't fall low enough it time for the passage of the front.
  20. Temperature peaked at 6.6°C here about 45 mins ago but is already back down to 5.6°C and falling quite nicely, and the precipitation is only just staring here.
  21. Temperatures may fall in heavier showers? If the showers are still ongoing tonight then there may be a better chance of some lower level snow too then but it is a big if.
  22. A whopping 1.5mm of rain from the front here. Temperature peaked at 10.6°C, now down to 7.1°C as the front clears.
  23. So it is raining fairly heavily (drizzle for Devon and Cornwall my a*se) and the pressure is 1033mb. Quite an unusual occurrence I must say!
  24. Yeah, watching that with interest! It is getting darker and darker out there.
  25. Encouraging changes so far to the GFS 06Z, the Atlantic seems more held back by Xmas eve with better mid-atlantic ridging, let's see if this trend continues. Helen Willets said a chance of things turning colder for Xmas week, she only said a chance and she is right, that chance is there and I am encouraged by the 06Z so far. I wouldn't be surprised to see further upgrades for cold potential in the coming days.