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  1. Mine did go on yesterday. Usually it is late October. But then normally we don't get low single digit temperatures at night in September. I suspect when the nights get milder again there will be no need to put it on for a while.
  2. Torrential rain currently, not heard any thunder but then the roar of the rain may be drowning it out!
  3. Closing in on 50mm for the day, total now at 48.4mm and rising. Can't remember a day quite this wet for a while! And it looks like the pivot continues with more rain heading in from the west now.
  4. Up to 41.2mm for the day. Afrer a brief lull it is coming back again, not as heavy as earlier however, where my locale was under white echoes on the radar for about 2 hours!
  5. Had some torrential rain alternating with lighter spells. Had 38.0mm of rain so far, so soggy is an understatement!! To think this now after such a dry May.
  6. Had some torrential rain earlier where 9.0mm of rain fell in about 15 mins. The irony being that that was essentially the total for the whole of May!! Raining in torrents again now, at 24.4mm/hr, rainfall up to 15.4mm for the day and rising fast.
  7. Temperature reached the dizzy heights of 15.6°C here today. Customers into the shop were remarking how warm and sunny it was (I had no idea as work has no windows). Fast forward to this evening and we now have horizontal rain and a screaming gale. Oh how I love the UK's weather haha.
  8. Just had a heavy sleet shower here, temperature was 6°C before it, now dropped to 3.5°C. 13.0mm of rain fell overnight. This makes February's total at 124.8mm currently and a round 200.0mm for the year!
  9. Just had a snow shower pass through, nothing desperately heavy but nice to see. Possibly more incoming from the NW. Temperature hovering around 2°C, dew point 0°C.
  10. Just had some snow on the back edge of the shower cluster that went through. Temp fell to 2.8°C and it started off as sleet but turned to full on snow. Sadly only lasted a minute and a half but the first snow I have seen of the Winter haha.
  11. After some overnight showers it has been dry so far this morning, clouding over more now though. Mild, with the temperatures currently at 9.9°C.
  12. Another 15.4mm of rain here today. We are ok where I am but a lot of the villages in the area are having significant flooding issues. As per Mapantz's chart, I am indeed recording 968mb here currently.
  13. Can't believe how wet it has been today. A true deluge. Eased slightly at around 4pm but it is now tipping it down again with some bright echoes on the radar. Had 46.2mm of rain so far today, on top of the 26.2mm yesterday.
  14. Absolutely pouring again today after a less wet night. We are at 36.2mm of rain since 2.30pm yesterday, with some torrential rain looking like in the next couple of hours.
  15. Rain easing here in intensity now. Started raining proper at around 2.30pm, and since then, 26.2mm of rain has fallen.
  16. Got down to -1.8°C here last night and after dense fog persisted for much of the morning, the maximum for today was only 4.8°C. Back down to -1.4°C already, already lower than the minimum of 0°C forecast by the Met Office.
  17. Round 2 was pretty impressive aswell, lightning not quite as frequent but still pretty frequent! Still rumbling away now but I need sleep!! Haha
  18. Wow, that was a fairly brief but whopper of a storm! Frequent lightning and no thunder to begin with and then as the rain started there were some really loud cracks, the air was so electrified! Pretty gusty winds too! Not too shabby ? Taunton, Somerset btw ?
  19. 7.1mm of rain so far today. Heavier rain now encroaching from the east as we speak so looks like the heaviest rain will be overnight tonight for this location.
  20. Wish we had this synoptic setup in Winter!! Always the way.
  21. Indeed, the warnings are all over the place recently. Gusts have been in the 50-55mph range this morning, co-inciding with the morning rush hour too. If a warning exists for the winds overnight tonight, then there should have been a warning for this morning too. The timings were off on Sunday too. The warning was from 1am-11am I think but the winds only really got going at 9am and where gusting in excess of 50mph well after the warning expired.
  22. Look at that temperature drop as the front begins to clear, a 5°C drop in an hour, impressive!
  23. The winds here this morning have been stronger than Freya last weekend, yet this storm has no name! Yeovilton has reported 63mph gusts this morning which is a good 10mph higher than Freya (and, incidentally, 10mph higher than forecast).
  24. After a period of smaller grained snow, the bigger flakes are coming back again :). Hasn't stopped snowing since 7.30pm. Looks like some heavier stuff approaching from the east. Wind is quite keen too. I can't believe that given this was meant to he a more northern event just how much snow has fallen in southern counties today! :).
  25. Fat flakes and settling readily now, the radar shows the area of snow over my location to be very slow moving ?
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