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  1. pegg24

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    We in north northants nothing really happening when checked last few mins.
  2. pegg24

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Looking at the radar does not seem to be getting much further north than at the moment. May change though.
  3. pegg24

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Still heavy snow in northants
  4. pegg24

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Still comimg down in northants heavier stuff going to hit us soon. Must have 3cm now.
  5. pegg24

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Starting to come down heavier now in Corby Northants getting a covering now.
  6. pegg24

    Midlands Regional Discussion

    Light covering on cars and grass few snow showers coming down.
  7. I just noticed that and looked out and still snowing had 6 to 7 inches in my back garden flat up to 14 inches drifted. Drove as far as great oakley today and walked back roads between oakley and geddington drifts as high as the hedges. Don't think you would be able to drive on that road untill a tractor clears it 4 x 4 were turning round.If you have Facebook a few people have shared a video near loddington drifts as high as 6ft.
  8. Still comimg down in northants though on radar the rain and sleet was coming but gets to us stays as snow pretty amazing 24 hours weather wise was moaning earlier in the week how pants it was.