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  1. seems like gone as far as Corby and Peterborough and stopped. Heavier now in northampton
  2. yes has def been moving up the country as times goes on.
  3. Northampton Met office weather app now going for heavy snow next few hours is slowly going north on Radar.I live in Corby don't think doing much there
  4. Coming down in Northampton now but was under snow for ages before did it
  5. Work over here very strange even Kettering and corby do better.
  6. Let's hope so disappointing yesterday it was.
  7. Left corby heavy snow got to Northampton was raining and only just started snowing no problems on road
  8. I am driving there for 7pm tonight for work leaving home in 10 mins. Heavy snow 20 miles away near Corby
  9. Heavy rain in corby trying to turn to sleet
  10. Nothing in northants at the moment light rain couple of days showing heavy snow about this time for a few hours.
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