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  1. One minutes it s slit your wrists in there. Next look at this chart end of November the charts are messed up and change every day,how anybody can look at charts for 29th November is beyond me.
  2. From Corby eh? I'm not far from you now, I live in Rushden :)

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    2. pegg24


      Or a bit of a battle ground. Strange northants is can get a pasting of snow but sometimes miss out.

      Oundle is nice very expensive 

    3. Beverley Lass

      Beverley Lass

      Nice to see some folks living where I was born and worked for many years.
      I'll keep an eye on your snow reports  :)

    4. Mokidugway


      Bought a trouser press there :closedeyes:

  3. Seems Standard at the moment sure will be 12c to 15c at 2am in the morning week before Xmas lol.
  4. Winter Thoughts & Hopes 2016/17

    We all know it's going to happen from now till the middle of April .
  5. On and of rain snow and sleet for 48 hours. Could not even get a covering my girlfriend said no snow again this morning said not to worrie be 10c next week she was like you don't mean that said had enough now I do want an early spring.
  6. It's the opposite for me had snow on symbols since 7am and not seen anything and my snow radar everything is missing us gets near us fizzles out.
  7. Us in northants had nothing all morning actually missing it looking at radar it gets near us and then fizzles out.
  8. Northants nothing either seems to be all round us.
  9. For the last few hours have watched the snow go right round the edges of my area Snow shield working well today.
  10. We do have to laugh my Nan goes on about 46 47. my Mum does the same 62 63 sure since been on this forum I have said both would happen in again in the last few years they think I am mad they are right lol.