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  1. Could not agree more want extreme s now either 15c and sunny or heavy snow and very cold. No 3c and heavy cold rain.
  2. Had rain hail sleet snow now sunny in 20 mins in northants
  3. Northants had light snow on and of since 2pm absolute nothing to report here.
  4. Few light snow showers in northants now
  5. Sound s about right and all the cold air will end up in the med again Spain Greece.
  6. Still snowing in Corby good covering.
  7. Light covering in Corby northants.
  8. Yep same corby sletty at best. Says on app heavy snow def not
  9. Think mine doing it as well got us heavy snow 10am and 11am in northants
  10. Yep got the ten days charts on the way again lol.
  11. very strange today we in Corby Northants got a good dumping places like stamford not much. was very marginal Corby is like 130 meters Peterborough sea level and not much snow at all.
  12. roads awful corby this morning. 45 mins from one end to other 4 miles. main roads one track had a fair bit here again