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  1. Just noticed that on radar most of the day a line between Peterborough and Bedford has been showing no streamers looked on radar and now filled in a bit
  2. Working on brackmills def getting a little heavier lol
  3. Yep it has done nothing at all Pick it up melts lol
  4. Been snowing in Corby for few hours on and and off got this not much to write home about lol
  5. It’s very light here cars and grass have a very light covering
  6. Think we are going to struggle to be honest I may be wrong. We have gone from a great prime position Thursday to the front staying out to the east tomorrow. We shall see I suppose
  7. One of the best events I have seen here apart from the beast from the east 2018
  8. Finally stopped after 10 hours I am thinking it is probably around 7 inches or 8 inches here
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