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  1. nothing here in Eastbourne just rain but by the sounds of it it will be here soon!
  2. seeing as we are looking at tides this has just been updated for sov harbour residents (bearing in-mind there is already a flood alert for the Pevensey area ) http://www.shra.co.uk/news.html As noon high water tomorrow approaches, the forecast appears to moderating slightly. What was looking to be a southerly wave direction is now predicted to be closer to southwest, with the peak wave height expected late afternoon rather than midday. This all helps, but with high spring tides I would still expect there to be some overtopping. Beach reinstatement has been going well in the most at risk areas, with calmer conditions this morning and again tonight helping considerably. Recycling will continue tonight and machines will again be out from 04:30 tomorrow ahead of the storm. Although tomorrow may be improved compared to earlier forecasts, there is no respite over the weekend and into Monday. It may well be that the highest water level will be in the early hours of Sunday, but with reduced wave activity by then it should be no worse than what we will see tomorrow. All machines currently working will continue to operate each low tide through the weekend. By Monday tide levels will be falling, so we hope to revert to more usual work patterns by Tuesday
  3. I think i'd better be on the look out!
  4. cheers! looking forward to it!
  5. hi kent, wondering if i could join this year
  6. from what I can see Tuesday night might be very icy as there are going to be clear skies across most of the country with little wind. All I can think about is all the scraping!
  7. well i am back for the season, should have more time on my hands this year to post!!! ( i was chmapes using this account now) i'll join this year be good to give it ago