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  1. I hate are climate with a passion why is it so hard for us to get decent warm or hot weather

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    2. Mokidugway


      Doesn't bother me ,I just book a holiday if I get fed up :)..

    3. Daniel*


      CM it's not shabby but in recent years been years we've hit 35C such as in 2013, for Scotlamd 22C is a heatwave!

    4. 95 Degrees

      95 Degrees

      To be fair the last two summers have been good, although not being able to tap into the 27C temperatures being experienced just 100 miles south is irritating.

  2. today as been horrible my hands were numb from walking outside

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    2. Milhouse


      Very cold walking round the Lincoln Christmas Market. My feet felt like blocks of ice.

    3. Dami


      Warm by the houses, my hand almost froze off further down the road.Going to awful after this mild-ness if the temps starts to be below freezing during the day!

    4. AderynCoch


      Wear some gloves. :)

  3. Cloud ruining the day i want some sun =(

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    2. reef


      Yes, its very summer-like out there with a scorching temp of 7.2C. I better get out there and enjoy it right away...

    3. NUT


      Been cloudy here for 5 successive days (6 in a row coming up tomorrow too)

    4. Bishop Brennan

      Bishop Brennan

      Just made the mistake of going out for a walk without my coat. Surprisingly chilly out there.

  4. Just had a black ladybird hitch a ride with us

  5. Sort felt like spring today for some reason, even though it's still cold outside nice to see the sun

    1. karyo


      Cold outside? Only if you were naked!

    2. JK1


      i feel the cold very easily, i don't do well with it at all

    3. karyo


      Fair enough. You must feel cold in this country much of the time

  6. Had some lighting very early this moring, nice purple flashes

  7. Just taken my dog for a walk now my fingers have gone numb so cold

  8. At times this winter feel like it's going fast and at other times is going really slow, just want it to be over

    1. Eugene


      I want the extended autumn to be over and winter to start

    2. Gaz1985


      Indeed JK1, I guess it won't feel as drab by the the end of this month and into March as we get much more daylight. Not long now.

    3. JK1


      Yes looking forward to longer days

  9. i wish spring would hurry up

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    2. Summer Sun

      Summer Sun

      Just over 6 weeks it will be here

    3. Steve C

      Steve C

      I like Spring, but I don't like false dawns, so a reminder of longer / warmer days would be too early now for me.

    4. Steve C

      Steve C

      You mean 7 weeks to 1st March Gav?

  10. I can not wait to leave this country permantley sometime in the future

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    2. CongletonHeat


      If i had the money i would be gone in a flash, somewhere warm all year round.

    3. cheese


      The grass definitely isn't always greener, which is why so many British expats return to the UK eventually, having spent a fortune on leaving in the first place - they pictured something which in reality does not exist, and they find out that any problems that they encounter here will exist everywhere else too - maybe less so, but maybe not. Go on a working holiday visa before emigrating - presuming you have a job that is in demand abroad.

    4. Coopsy


      Take it from me....8 years on in Canada. Its not that bad. If you have no family or friends I can understand a new country but its very tough going sometimes

  11. Very windy night and this morning too

  12. Nice surprise thunderstorm this morning

  13. I'm like in worst place to be for thunderstorms this year they just don't seem to want to happen 'sigh'...

  14. Seems to be no heatwave here >=(

  15. still new to this and learning and though post question here instead of clogging up thread but When we get hig pressure hot air push from the continet and come to us is that what a plume is or different thing? slighty confused

    1. Milhouse


      A plume is usually aided by low pressure to the west of the UK drawing up hot and humid air with high pressure centred roughly over the north sea. The thundery element usually comes because of low pressure neaby promoting the development of showers, often heavy and thundery.

  16. is seems that everywhere is experiencing heatwaves except for us. so not fair

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    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      50c would kill so many people in this country, and not just the elderly.

    3. AderynCoch


      I don't think anyone's asking for 50C, more like 30C or even 25C.

    4. butler_son


      Actually 50 degrees is something I'd like to experience. I reckon I can hack 40 pretty well, but yeah.

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