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  1. Nice covering here now, MetO forecast still for heavy snow all tonight and up till midday tomorrow, when it drops to light snow until tomorrow evening. Commute across Peak District will be fun tomorrow
  2. Are people familiar with UKsnowmap ? Here: http://uksnowmap.com/ Essentially you tweet your location, rate the current snowfall out of 10 (0=nothing, 10=total whiteout), and include the hashtag #uksnow . This site searches Twitter for info and generates a map of where snow is falling. Apologies if everyone already knows about it!
  3. Thanks! I'll try and repress my inner child and act like the grown up I am supposed to be. But...yay.
  4. Hi all Long time lurker, rare poster... I live near Matlock, on edge of Peak District at approx 300m, and travel across Peak District via Buxton to Stockport every morning. The MetO forecast is looking pretty tasty, heavy snow from approx 9pm tonight until middle of tomorrow. Am I right to be getting excited ??
  5. Another winter visitor doing the annual sign-in....:wave: I live on the edge of the Derbyshire Peak District, about 850ft up. I have a 40 mile comute across the Peak District to work in Stockport, about half of my journey being over 1000ft, peaking at either 1450 or 1650ft depending which route I take. I usualy start off around 6am when it's still nice and cold. I monitor the level of activity on here for my signal to switch to winter tyres - and they've gone on this weekend Not quite sure what the concensus is yet for the week ahead, I'm suspecting some decent frosts, and some f
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