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  1. Atmosphere thinks its in Nino because of the large waves in April and May plus the central pacific events just gone. If there's no reinforcement or we get easterlies then we could still have a dud. As it is, its hard to see past weak.
  2. summer blizzard

    Summer 2018 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    The bad August thing of the past 13 years is overstated a little. We have a pretty average number of cold Augusts, what has been missing are the warm ones which have instead stayed closer to average. Equally though in the 91-04 period we saw the other side of that with 4 warm Augusts (actually all in a 9 year period) and two cold ones at the start of that period.
  3. summer blizzard

    Summer 2018 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    Felt lovely today with the cool breeze and pleasant temperature. More like May than what we have seen.
  4. It's strange that March can produce note worthy months but September is often considered boring and a holding month.
  5. Certainly glorious is the outlook for those who want rid of the heat and indeed it would suggest that the second half of August would come in below average. First below average half of the month since the second half of March i would imagine.
  6. Those of a warm persuasion may wish to avoid looking at the 0z, from day 9 onward it is wonderfully Autumn like. Before day 9 the outlook from all models is pretty average.
  7. January: 2010 (2013 not far behind) February: 2018 (2010 had more dead front events whereas showers are more exciting) March: 2012 (Stupidly sunny) April: 2011 (April is like September to me, boring but 2011 was at least memory worthy) May: 2018 (Perfect spring/early summer month with cool minima to boot) June: 2017 (actually preferred the feel of last years) July: 2013 (Lovely month and far less oppressive than last month) August: 2010 (Lovely and Autumnal) September: 2012/2017 (Not a month i usually care for but i prefer cool and wet to humid which September warmth usually brings) October: 2016 (cool, quite sunny and the most spectacular leaf falls i have ever seen) November: 2016 (although 2010 brought the snow, the frost and sun of 2016 tipped it for me) December: 2010 (second only to Jan 10) .. Worth saying that if the cut-off was 2000 then April 07, June 06, Sep 07 and Nov 05 would have made the list).
  8. GFS and Euro very much at odds today with regards to how they handle a shortwave exiting Newfoundland around day 5. Euro strengthens this quickly while GFS and UKMO (at day 6) keep this weak. The difference being that the GFS (and probably UKMO) allow the Azores High to retrogress while the Euro does not. The result down the line being more substantial.
  9. summer blizzard

    Autumn 2018

    I thought Canada was colder during La Nina (i.e. low pressure) albeit in the west i can imagine some very dew points and minima. Monitoring of the long rangers and monthlies has been done before a few times and the verdict has mostly been that they have been utterly useless, never pick out more than correct season (so likely the broken clock effect) and that even the monthlies (bar extreme months like March and July 13 where the signal was picked out early) are useless more than about two weeks before. I neither believe the CFS or Euro, only what my own understanding tells me (sometimes wrong, sometimes correct).
  10. summer blizzard

    Autumn 2018

    Euro currently going for a -AO during winter.
  11. Yes, it looks like a window in around ten days time.
  12. Things may change because we do have a Nino standing wave around the dateline atmospherically but this is not going to plan, we have taken a step backward with the lack of westward moving westerly wind bursts since June. This has not gone to plan..
  13. summer blizzard

    Summer 2018 - Moans, Ramps, Chat etc

    Too early to say given that FI can change but with the end of the month coming into view it would appear that here at least we will probably run down the clock on August without breaching 25C again.
  14. Pattern in May 09 looks fairly neutral looking at the archives.
  15. The post at the top of the page has the chart with comparable events.