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  1. Very settled outlook away from north east Scotland for the next ten days however hidden beneath the charts is a pleasant change of air-mass between days 5 and 6 which stays with us until day 10 (increased risk of fog or grass frost for some rural spots).
  2. summer blizzard

    Hurricane Michael

  3. Canada seeing snowfall at a record rolling pace means abnormally cold air to tap into.
  4. For most the wishbone effect would render any snow unlikely but possible to get a snow shower from that in Aberdeen, Newcastle, Norfolk maybe. At any rate, many of us just want the cold that would acompany.
  5. Snowcover across North America is officially running at a record pace. Snowcover across Eurasia is the lowest since at least 2008 in terms of extent. Snowcover advance (the more important theoretical index) is running fairly low but in line with 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017. In terms of the pattern to come, the pattern is more faviourable over western and southern Eurasia in 5-10 days albeit we won't be building south in eastern Siberia.
  6. summer blizzard

    Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    That's good K, means we are not yet at solar minima.
  7. summer blizzard

    Storm Callum - Atlantic Storm 3

    Question folks.. According to the GFS (and earlier BBC) the rain should let up in an hour or two.. But according to the radar, this stuff has almost no way to head north without drenching me most of the day.. https://www.netweather.tv/live-weather/radar .. What are your own thoughts.
  8. Snow continues to build..
  9. summer blizzard

    Winter 2018/19

    I would add that for the Euro the retrograding signal starts in November (trough somewhere near us and heights starting to build north east) and then pushes west (December looking best).
  10. summer blizzard

    Hurricane Michael

    Once the eyewall warms convection will decrease in intensity and it will become more of a big blob.
  11. summer blizzard

    Hurricane Michael

    133KT SFMR confirmed (hence the upgrade). 138KT rain flagged. Possible they may upgrade post season.
  12. summer blizzard

    Hurricane Michael

    130mph being recorded at multiple points inland. 919mb, 150mph looks the final figure.
  13. summer blizzard

    Hurricane Michael

    NHC went with the upgrade. Hurricane Michael is now 150mph, 923mb. As of now, Michael will make landfall as one of the 6 strongest hurricanes on record to hit the concus.
  14. summer blizzard

    Hurricane Michael

    It is actually trying to develop a large outer eye but its nowhere close to closed and so won't do anything othet than amplify the wind a bit.