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  1. In that first article, second paragraph, the result of the winter snow was similar. Whilst northern parts of Derbyshire has had some decent snow, down here in the southern parts, there was much less. Interesting article Mr D.
  2. Is it just here, or are the ppn ensembles for Derbyshire on the GEFS not working (850's etc seem to work ok)? Cheers.
  3. Any chance some de-icer could be sprayed on to the GEFS Ensembles? Seems to have frozen on the 00z BTW - Nice to see the online record break again, and the new server just in time
  4. Any chance Karl could give the GFS and GEFS ensembles a swift boot - Although not sure if the traffic across the net is causing this to come in late?
  5. Hi Paul. Is there any chance of adding the GFS 30 year mean to the GEFS ensembles (or GEFS 30 year mean, although I guess the same)- Or would it just clutter everything up (not sure what it would look like)?
  6. Hi Paul. Didn't you use to have the 14 day forecasts for some European cities on the site? Just wondering whether those in the GEFS ensembles (specifically Copenhagen as an example), can be transferred to the forecast format? Thanks. Chris
  7. I would guess one difference though CM, is my car is a company car. I pay for all fuel, then claim back at 11p (now 10p) per mile for each business mile that I do. However, your right regarding claiming back business miles on your own personal car. However, from my understanding, you will always get your 40p/25p per mile back, it just depends whether your employer will make it easy (by paying the full amount) or difficult (paying less, and making you claim the rest back). What I have just found though, is that the government sets out the rates for my circumstance, and any payment above this is taxable (unless the employer can prove that costs are in fact higher). Ah well...next review by the end of this month.
  8. I know what you mean Stu, however, as the rate is set by the company, i'm sure it will be taken up. The change down to 11p was in Dec08, and since then, price has only really gone up (bar 1-2 months in Jan/Feb). There's not a justification there, so will be interesting. I was lucky enough to change jobs in Feb this year, with a decent enough rise in salary against my previous job. That was important as a pay freeze was implemented in 2009.
  9. Interesting article, and ammo for me also. I've been informed regarding a drop in fuel allowance by 1p per mile, whilst fuel prices have risen throughout the year (although Oct showed a small decline, but still higher than Jan). However, a drop was made when fuel prices did drop back in 2008. So fuel costs 1p per mile more, and he allowance is 1p less. Base that on 2000 business miles per month, thats a loss of £40 in total, or £20 on just the drop.
  10. Hi Paul. Christmas Forecast. Seems to work for me for all areas except the Midlands, where I just get a small white box with a red cross in?
  11. Hi Paul. I'm sure when I looked again yesterday evening, the GEFS ensembles had gone to the 12z for the 26th. Seems to have reverted back to the 12z for the 24th this morning? Perhaps an old fashioned drop-kick is in order
  12. Does somebody want to give the GEFS ensembles a boot
  13. Dont Stu. Makes my next 3 months difficult Stupid comment by BoE. It would of course, in theory, be great for export...if we weren't closing down manufacturing
  14. Morning Guys and Gals. Just noticed this for the forecast for the 29/09: Doc1.doc
  15. Public flogging at dawn Although to be fair, with the med, at least you get the heat in the summer, and still end up with more snow than here in the winter!
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