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  1. Well that was the week that was. Hopefully we all enjoyed without any undue disruption. Kids had wed/thur/fri as snow days whilst I schlepped off to work. So fantastic to take them sledging today whilst some whispy snow fell. Amazing how the weather can bring us all together and have a great time.
  2. Evening all, whst a couple if days. What can we expect tonight and tomorrow?
  3. current weather in Copenhagen: snow, -6°C 79% humidity, wind 7kmh, pressure 1036mb whats the link to Copenhagen, and the NE.... very little or further East Gdańsk in Poland scattered clouds -> light shower snow temperature up -15°C -> -14°C
  4. Any chance of snow tonight? Should we have a sweep? Might need photographic evidence
  5. Hi everybody, looks like serious disruption is now incoming. I hope everyone can stay safe. Just out of interest, where is the deep cold today, has it reached Amsterdam yet? Could it be checking in on the last flight from Schipol in to DTV tonight?
  6. Which model first predicted snow in Middlesbrough on NYD, and how far out. Its just verified
  7. Great season so far. I think any of the top six could go on and win it. Now in to the new year and it starts to get serious, usually the time we go pop. Any different this year? Maybe If you don't believe now, when will you? That's half the fun, getting carried away
  8. I read the mod thread but it drive me nuts. 1). A great snowy chart but at plus 10 days is to be disregarded as FI 2). Charts showing no snow potential at Plus ten days are to be regarded as spot on and the rest of the month is written off 3) a snowy chart at five days and everyone is delighted 4) very next model run and snow is now not a done deal. People despair, models only get worse and before you know it it will be zonal mush. Looking forward to a bit of cold
  9. Honest! http://www.whoateallthepies.tv/champions_league/149400/football-gif-heavy-snow-sees-dinamo-zagreb-vs-dynamo-kiev-set-all-time-low-attendance-record.html anyway it was coming down in bucket loads here just outside Middlesbrough this afternoon as I attempted to put up our Christmas lights. Magic!
  10. Apparently Zagreb is getting a pasting at the moment. Should be a pixel or two more in Croatia
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