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  1. Yay, can't wait for the most boring type of weather ever, 10 degrees with cloud fills me with joy!!!
  2. Well we have had one of the worst storms of the winter on Wednesday down here and it's only the 1st week of March. Lots of power cuts, damage and 90mph gusts. The next few days seem settled, but Ian mentions settled periods in March in the forecast.
  3. Thank god for that!!! only joking, no attitude from me, just a coldies perocative , squeezing the last bit of cold hope from the back end of my favourite season. We have 6 months ahead to chase for warm plumes and heat waves, we don't want to start with the mild chasing too early!!
  4. You keep banging on about warm spring weather, but like shotski said it ain't gonna be that pleasant this time of year especially under cloud cover it will feel quite raw.
  5. I'm sorry but I can't look forward to the most boring weather 10 degrees and cloudy, it may be dry, but that's about it. I would much prefer cold crisp days with a risk of snow, which are more than likely this time of year
  6. Max temp of 11 degrees with thick cloud forecast for here in cornwall really dosent float my boat!!
  7. 10/11 degrees this time of year dosent really do it for me to tell you the truth, would rather a crisp cold eary spring day
  8. But this is for nearly a week away. No way set in stone this far out, just like the winter snow mania charts we were seeing get watered down, why would you expect charts that show mild conditions verify
  9. Try the very recent, very cold and snowy March, WINTER 2013!! Interesting meteorology right there!!
  10. Of course there are, we still want our raging blizzards!!! Two weeks of winter still to go yet. Plenty of time for bitter cold
  11. Lovely wintery scene up on the moors this morning, worth a trip with the sledge and kids of course
  12. This is the most ignorant comment I've seen in a long time. Have you actually read Ian's forecasts?? Obviously not!! Otherwise you would not put the Express and Ian in the same sentence. And yes I would rather read his forecasts than anyone else's because I have a respect for the profession and the knowledge he has on the subject
  13. What I'm saying is Ian's forecast is going opposite to the recently-issued Feb updates of both EC Seasonal and GloSea5 that are going for mild spring
  14. "measure of confidence in chillier and unsettled conditions rather than warmth, means I am certain of at least one spell with very cold weather (for the time of year) in late April or early May which will bring snowfalls to the North and night frosts across the country" quoted from Ian's forecast late April early May is last stages of Spring is it not?
  15. I think if Ian Ps mostly cold spring forecast plays out (which is now basically the opposite to the big guns) Hopefully more people will give him the respect he deserves. I am hoping it does play out the way he has called it, not because I want a cold spring, but because it may prove we have our very own a top class forecaster on this forum
  16. No...who the hell is JM ??? ( don't answer that he too much air time)
  17. Sorry, cold, snowy and stormy 2016 Spring on the cards apparently. A cold outbreak in May is also forecast, so anyone looking for a warm spring will be bitterly disappointed ( no pun intended)
  18. I find it quite exciting and refreshing that Netweather has found a forecaster who is proving to be very accurate and is willing to share his thoughts with us
  19. Frustrating may it seem, but Ian has been closer to the mark and (impressively accurate )with his forecasts than anyone else recently and backs it with impressive knowledge and understanding of the certain drivers at play. I have, at times been disappointed in what I'm reading purely because I want the opposite to happen, but I will always believe in what he forecasts before anyone else's long term predictions on Netweather or any other website.
  20. I'm looking forward to the day Ian forecasts a winter of abundant GL highs , cold and snow for the UK
  21. I echo this statement. Your methodology is most accurate than anywhere else I have seen
  22. Yes looking good this morning festival, it's gonna freeze solid tonight though, was gonna take a trip up tomorrow with the kids but it's gonna be lethal
  23. Bude got a proper pasting last night, don't know how the hell i'm gonna get to work today
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