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  1. I was thinking the same thing Karyo. He speaks a lot of sense and certainly knows his stuff. He has been quite accurate with his predictions the last couple of years and I for one will be reading and taking interest in what he has to say. The last two winters I haven't liked his predictions because they have been broadly of mild and stormy weather which we have experienced and sadly it is generally how he thinks the next couple of winters will turn out. But from 2020 (only 4 years time) he thinks the switch will come. I think we Brits need to sit tight and be patient. I do believe, soon we will be experiencing much different winters in this country. I hope he doesn't mind but I wanted to quote something from Ian's email I had recently. "As a result could well set the scene for deviations in the opposite direction towards extremely severe winters in Britain (i.e. a CET of -5C). " Be carful what you wish for comes to mind JB
  2. Too late told the wife and she's gone and told the neighbours, who stupidly told the kids. Now the sledges are ready, waiting at the back door
  3. I know, what's wrong with frosty? He'd usually be all over this
  4. You know things are looking up and going in our favor (coldies) when knocker mentions the s word
  5. But I would prefer a more wintry and festive take on things Of tallest hollies, tall and green; A fairer bower was never seen. From year to year the spacious floor With withered leaves is covered o'er, And all the year the bower is green. But see! where'er the hailstones drop The withered leaves all skip and hop
  6. Not- I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud because I think that has no relation to the weather we will experience for a while yet. A whirl-Blast from behind the Hill is more apt for the weather we are currently experiencing and will experience for the next few weeks
  7. I quite like this new feature, not so much when I realise it's a reply from knocker though, sorry Knocks merry Christmas
  8. "The good news is that the current CET of +5.1c above average will remain very close to this" Genuine question; can I ask why is this good news???
  9. Interesting they have Scotland and south east with above + anomaly with rest of Uk negative
  10. Hahaha, hilarious! We have another one who has access to a time machine who can see beyond 5 days. You are worried about the middle of January!! You're not seriously thinking that models can tell you the weather for most of winter 2015/16 with accuracy. If you believe that then it's just as bad as believing madden and his outlandish claims, just the opposite!!
  11. yes it is Bold and a knee jerk reaction to one run (sorry mods)
  12. Its hilarious and a bit embarrassing how one comment can make people really believe that a whole months weather can be set in stone. No one can predict the weather a month in advance, don't care how professional they are and how many super duper, upgraded computers they have at their disposal . They haven't got some kind of crystal ball that tells the future. If they did they would be very rich indeed. How many times have people said only take models seriously 5-10 days in advance at a push, which takes us to the beginning of December -WINTER!!! Come back in a couple of days around, let's say Dec 2nd when winter starts to see if there is anything wintry in store
  13. El Niño just one piece of the puzzle, lots of other differing teleconnections that make this year unique
  14. When was the last time (if anyone can recall) we had a good dumping of snow to lower levels down south i.e Cornwall and Devon from a PM source
  15. If you get any precipitation Saturday night it will be too cold for rain !!!!
  16. Mild on Saturday ? Where did you get that from??? It's gonna be anything but mild on Saturday, pretty much everywhere in the Uk including the south!
  17. and plenty of excitement from the guys over in the strat thread. something afoot up in the stratosphere which wasn't really expected this early on,
  18. Are you expecting any action regarding snow with you over the weekend fk? Wondering if it'll be worth a trip to Princetown on Sunday? Will keep an eye on the Dartcam with interest!
  19. I 2nd that.....couldn't put it better myself
  20. wow, just look at that cold getting ever so closer to us from both sides and that's not even a winter chart. good find Knocker, here comes the cold!!!!
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