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  1. BBC talk about "Omega Block" last night and getting warmer as a result,
  2. I think we are on our way to some better conditions, at last,
  3. Still hope of better weather two weeks out.
  4. Where has all the rain gone!
  5. Is this the Azores High that we all been waiting on, another week of Winter to go and then.
  6. It doesn't look that bad for the West/ Ireland. cool and dry.
  7. GFS 850, not that bad for the West.
  8. Thats a long way off, lets hope April ends better than this chart suggests.
  9. Its pretty good from where I am sitting, lots to look forward to, if you are a farmer!
  10. GFS still giving a lot of dry weather over the next 2 weeks but a couple of wet days in the mix.
  11. This site still has not come on board with the dry outlook.