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  1. In Seaford we are getting snow but it's weird that the heaviest ppn doesn't seem to make it to land
  2. Ahh looking at the radar we are nearer to the heavier ppn as it pivots, that is probably why you guys west of us haven't received anything yet
  3. Odd that you guys aren't getting any snow, I wonder if anyone in Eastbourne is.. as we are bang in the middle of Brighton and Eastbourne
  4. We are getting a covering here and continuous snow.. and the wind is really picking up.
  5. Brilliant stuff! The pavements are now getting covered, the amounts of snow coming down is increasing! Despite being small flakes its adding up
  6. It is coming down in gusts, but it looks like snow and rain :/ I really hope it doesn't turn to freezing rain
  7. Very windy in Seaford, small flakes for the past half an hour but they are looking very "wet" looks like it's either gonna continue being snow or freezing rain..
  8. Well it was shortlived and what a night to be watching it come across the Channel and arrive - 6/10 Great start to the stormy season
  9. 6/10 so far in Seaford this storm.. feels like its coming more inland
  10. I'm satisfied to see some action! I just hope more of you get some activity
  11. I can assure you that it has definitely made landfall in Seaford
  12. Oh my god I just jumped right out of my skin. The flash came just wasn't prepared for that crack of thunder.... My Mum has now done the routine she always does is unplug the TV in case ariel gets hit
  13. I'm not qualified or have the expertise to answer sorry, best to ask people who are from Essex
  14. The lightning strikes made me jump back from my window.. had to close it. I'm not brave
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