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  1. BBC so called stars are paid

    I personally don't think BBC provide good value for money and I resent having to pay for it. I used to enjoy programmes like Top Gear, Ripper Street, FI and neither are on BBC anymore and require a subscription for Amazon Prime, Sky Sports. Going even further back I remember the BBC classics such as Only Fools & Horses, One Foot in the Grave, Men Behaving Badly. Now all we get is rubbish and the only programme I watch on BBC is Question Time. The BBC should spend less on its stars with more funding going into bringing new exciting programmes. They also need to change with the times because the likes of NetFlix, Amazon Prime provide great alternatives. Personally I would prefer the BBC to be subsription based rather than being forced to pay.
  2. Very little sleep due to the constant lightning last night. The MCV didn't actually produce that much here but the storms that developed just behind bought hail, constant lightning around 2am.
  3. Frequent flashes of lightning now seen in the distance.
  4. So far its been a disappointing year with regards to storms. However what is to my S has me drooling in anticipation.
  5. Despite the storm appears to be just N of Peterborough im still seeing some impressive lightning.
  6. The farce of the Lotto was highlighted last night. If you had 5 balls you won £1,666. Yet the one person who had all 6 wins £15 million. Why oh why don't Camelot spread the winnings more evenly. If I had won the jackpot I would only except say £5 million and tell Camelot to give the rest between those who had 5 balls!

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    2. Weather-history


       I recall, a year after the lottery started there were 133 winners of the main jackpot.

    3. Mokidugway


      Hitler only had one ball ..

    4. weatherguru14


      I gave the lotto up  6 months after they introduced  the 59 balls.. I hadn't won a penny in that time..

      You often got  3 numbers now and then. You don't get that now...You cant even get your money back  when you get 2 numbers  you get another draw. Its a total joke of  a draw..

  7. 74mph gust reported here in Peterborough. Blown the tree down in my back garden!
  8. One big difference though. The amazing synoptics you see on the 0Z are always more likely in March, April than Dec,Jan, Early Feb. This is why snowfall is more likely in these months than Dec. Also this is what made Dec 2009/2010 so special and very unusual.
  9. Have to be honest nothing in the model output suggests anything exciting except a weak, shortlived N,ly at the moment. I do disagree with your last sentence. A decent snowfall in March away from the areas you mention might be uncommon during the daylight hrs. However what is perfectly possible for low lying areas in the S is a decent snowfall during the night. You do however need to be up early taking your pics before the sun starts thawing the lying snow.
  10. The actual synoptics were chalk and cheese compared to what we just experienced. A cold SE,ly sourced from the continent. Also Leeds recorded -3C that day but much of N England was around 0C.
  11. Can you tell me the exact date and I shall have a look.
  12. What many don't realise about this current cold spell is the -10C uppers that spread from the E came from the NE from the N Sea and not off the continent. As a result the longer set fetch, cloud cover, moisture resulted in higher temps, dewpoints. This was especially true for those living directly on the coast. This cold spell has been exactly what I thought would occur. If you want sub zero max temps in Feb then you really need an E,ly which has the cold pool off the continent. I also find the magical upper temp that im looking for is from -13C and below. The problem is some people post charts on the model thread (precip type) which to some may suggest widespread snow. However if you look into the details the snowfall isn't anywhere near as widespread as the charts suggest. Also some mistake discussing a model run as a forecast!
  13. As convection is now beginning to show near Gt Yarmouth. I imagine snow showers should start developing this afternoon towards Suffolk, Essex and then finally Kent this evening. Amazing how quickly the paths have been drying here which is always a good indicator of dropping dewpoints.
  14. Plenty more action beginning to develop through the Wash.
  15. So Met O warn Kent for snow that will not settle. Heavy snow falling across our region and nothing. Do the Met O do the basic things like looking at the radar lol.