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  1. Nasty storm cuirrently sweeping through Peterborough. Even more intense than yesterdays and not expected.
  2. 5 miles N of Diss it has already reached 31.4 at RAF Tibenham.
  3. Unsurprising as it was already 28C at Norwich at 10am. I reckon somewhere between Thetford, Diss, Norwich, Dereham will reach 37 or 38C today. Currently 28C here at the moment.
  4. Fully expect storms to develop shortly as convection has really began to kick off here with towering cumulus.
  5. I sincerely hope this is wrong as today is hot enough!
  6. Incredible temp rise here this morning. At 9am only 20C and lagging behind other hotspots across E Anglia. However we are now 30C, Humidity 51%, dewpoint 18.5C. The skies remain hazy as they have been all morning.
  7. It was the same here but now we have glorious sunshine. Temps are responding as we are currently 23.7C.
  8. TEITS

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    I think you are yet again misunderstanding what was posted by myself and what actually fell on Saturday. The point I am only trying to make is the HIrlam, Arpege, Met O warning all suggested heavy snowfall during Saturday in the form of a Thames Streamer developing. Now all I said was the Euro 4 only suggested light snowfall. This is what occured on Saturday with many parts of Kent and S&E London seeing little in the way of snow because the streamer didn't develop. Personally I am still surprised the Met O had an amber warning for the SE because the model runs I looked at didn't really support the idea. I would appreciate the input from members in the area in question to see how much snow they did see. I think I am right in saying some people in Kent didn't see anything on Saturday night. As for belittling people. I simply corrected an error you made when assuming 5mm of precip would instantly mean 2 inches of snowfall.
  9. TEITS

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    I have no idea what you are on about. I said in the MOD thread that the Euro 4 suggested little snow for the far SE. Guess what many in the SE thread were moaning because the Thames Streamer failed to develop and many especially in the Kent area only witnessed light snowfall. This despite the amber warning. So in actual fact I was proved correct because the far SE i.e Kent didn't see anywhere near the snowfall predicted by some. I never knew merely posting a chart from a model run would cause such aggro. I apologise that I didn't have enough time to post every single frame from every single model run for you.
  10. TEITS

    Net Weather Gardening Thread

    Currently have these seedlings in my windowsills. Geraniums Dahlia Figaro (my favourite) Dahlia Pom Pom Buzy Lizzie Verbena Lobelia Petunia I started this hobby of growing my own plants a few years ago. I get great satisfaction growing my own. Sadly this is all I can manage when it comes to gardening and get my family members to plant the flowers and generally maintain the garden. My favourite is all kinds of Dahlia's. I have a massive range of very healthy Dahlia Tubers in my shed ready for planting once this dreadful cold weather ends.
  11. Large green blob about to hit Peterborough. No blades of grass showing now.
  12. What makes me laugh is I watched a BBC forecast just 30mins ago repeating the amber warning for the SE. Frustratingly I said in the model discussion thread yesterday that I expected the far SE to only see light snowfall and sadly some member decided to get into a petty argument. None of the models that I looked at supported the idea of an amber warning.
  13. Considering I was expecting very little I have a nice covering outside with everywhere white including the paths. I know some are disappointed but the lack of snow for some is not a surprise to me.
  14. TEITS

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Have to be honest sometimes the MOD thread gets on my nerves when a cold spell is on its way. If you post a chart suggesting little snow then members moan and suggest the model is rubbish. Yet these are the same people who will come back to this thread in a few days time and moan at the lack of snow. They will then moan about members overhyping and misleading other members in the MOD thread. This happens everytime and becomes tiresome.
  15. Have to be honest rather underwhelmed with the snowfall predictions in the model output for my location. If I was honest the Arpege, Hirlam have been posted this morning but personally I have always found the Euro 4 to be most reliable. The locations that seem to hit the jackpot is Lincs to Northumberland. The problem for my location and others is the lack of a N,ly element to the E,ly flow. I have seen the wash streamer mentioned but this will not occur from a direct E,ly flow. I will add even for the far SE the Euro 4 only suggests light snowfall.