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  1. Finally managed to purchase an Xbox series X. If anyone is trying to get this then Argos seem to have new stock in.

  2. What im about to say my seem odd and isn't supported by any model/ensemble. As I said a few days ago a sudden change in the output could occur. The period in question begins at +72 to +120 as the modelling doesn't seem right to me. I still think the models could change towards a SE trajectory of the disturbances off the parent low, rather than NE. So instead of bathing in a S,ly, a sudden switch to an E,ly could occur at this very early timeframe. Could well be wrong but my instincts tell me otherwise.
  3. Whilst I don't want to give false hope but there is an outside chance of a sudden, massive backtrack from the models as early as next Tues. Whilst an outsider I wouldn't completely dismiss the disruption from the low going SE rather than NE. This could potentially have a massive change in the output, even allowing a bitter E,ly back in.
  4. Very encouraging if you wish to see an extension of cold temps in my opinion. The 06Z is going to bring back an E,ly after the SE,ly.
  5. Just a dusting so far which is disappointing. Still the latest fax charts/Euro 4 are brilliant for my area.
  6. As im inbetween E Anglia/Midlands I thought I would post on here. Solid indications now that a streamer from the wash is going to spread inland across parts of the midlands. Even if you miss out tonight these streamers will vary in direction over the coming days.
  7. Still looking very good for other locations in this region away from the band of snow in the SE. This is especially true for those in the extreme N of this region. Wash streamer! Convection should kick off this evening and continue until Wed. The streams will shift N and S throughout this period.
  8. If I was living in Kent, Suffolk, Essex etc then I would be going to bed as I wouldn't expect much in the way of snow until tomorrow morning. Personally I am awaiting tomorrow evening when the wash streamer appears!
  9. Sorry to hear that. My mum had the vaccine a few days ago which knocked her for six. Personally I would get some rest as this cold spell will continue for at least 7 days if not longer.
  10. Looks like 06Z GFS is picking up a wash streamer late sun/monday morning. Extending all the way into Wales!
  11. I think some models are having a laugh when it comes to the precip predictions. Take for example tomorrow , the Euro4 suggests little in the way of convection across much of E England. However I firmly believe snow showers will be widespread and not restricted to only streamers.
  12. Whilst some are looking W at the low pressure for a possible snowy breakdown. Im looking in the other direction. Could it be that no fronts will get anywhere near at the end of the week (except SW) and the Scandi HP will extend further W than currently modelled? Also could it be the following week sees even colder upper temps -15C.
  13. Here we go Paul. http://old.wetterzentrale.de/archive/ra/1991/Rrea00119910207.gifhttp://old.wetterzentrale.de/archive/ra/1991/Rrea00219910207.gif
  14. Whilst I am looking forward to what snowfall occurs this week I do have concerns with the impact on the current pandemic. I am due to have my vaccine in the next few weeks and if this cold spell becomes extended this may delay the vaccine roll out. Obviously other factors come into play i.e food supplies, online deliveries, and even more importantly the ability of ambulances to respond to emergencies. A week of sub zero temps and lying snow of 10cm shouldn't cause too many problems. However a 2 week cold spell and/or snowfall in excess of 30cm would cause chaos!
  15. Sometimes you need to use instinct and experience rather than simulated models. I have a very good idea of snowfall distribution across my area under the conditions suggested by the models for next week. Never forget how in the 80s an E,ly brought 1ft of snow in Peterborough in under 2hrs from a band of snow showers. At times we can become too dependant on computer models. For example I just knew the GFS was way off with its handling of the low for this weekend. At one stage it even had the low move NW to Iceland against the huge block to our N. Instantly I knew this was wrong.
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