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  1. If only! I've only seen a couple of flakes before it changed to rain. Maybe Mansfield or Chesterfield has had snow but Nottingham hasn't
  2. I've been waiting all day for a snow shower, and then one finally arrives but turns straight to rain!!
  3. Didn't someone say this winter would be a winter of discontent? We'll we have certainly been discontented with the model output so far. This was a very good call! I wouldn't like to make a call for the next 4 weeks. Looking at the latest output, it looks like a slow move back to westerlies of some form, but the way this winter has panned out, we could well see an imminent flip to something more favourable. The background signals are still currently in our favour, so we still could end up with something decent, but until the models have agreement at 5 days out for a cold spell, there is nothing to get excited about.(unless of course you like the emotional soap opera, the GFS that is aired 4 times a day. It's performance for best story line will beat anything eastenders comes up with, and no tv licence is required!)
  4. A few very light flurries in Nottingham. Seems to be more showers coming in from the east on the radar so I'm hopeful of a light dusting. Showers could crop up anywhere the further east you are
  5. It looks possible for a few snow showers to move inland from the east today, although patchy and light but better than nowt!
  6. Hopefully the east mids can get a dusting from streamers from the north east overnight
  7. -5.2c in my garden this morning, very frosty. Then a thick layer of freezing fog descended around 8am. If you can't have snow then this is the next best thing!
  8. GFS looks good for south Midlands - north midlands look to get a couple of cms from it, but looks light on its northern edge
  9. ARPEGE also has a wintry mess/mix down the spine of England on Saturday, just in case this week's drama isn't enough
  10. Just for entertainment value (if nothing else!) it will shift further north and then be further at odds with the lower res models. Then the likes of GFS/ECM etc will move it north on their next runs. Tomorrow, it will then come to a nowcasting scenario, where it will actually end up in the English channel.....that would sum up this week!
  11. I'm pinning my hopes on the HIRLAM for East Mids for a dusting of snow
  12. Snowing in Notts now...just as I'm heading out!
  13. Still raining in Notts. Could be very icy tomorrow morning as temps look to drop below freezing overnight. According to my weather app radar it should change to snow in around an hour
  14. Its got heavier in Notts now - can see a few cms accumulating from this - of rain that is
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