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  1. There is one over southern Sweden? Scraping the barrel now! 😘 Edit: can't seem to remove the ironic emoji!
  2. Its funny isn't it how there has been a chase for cold 850's all winter, yet here we are with them now but talking about thaws rather than freezing. Just goes to show how important the source of air is to sustain cold and lying snow. Looking at the GEFs, the potential breakdown looks relatively lacking in precipitation (whether it be rain/sleet/snow) across the board in my area. So not sure the cold spell will go out with a bang, more a slow transition in to spring like conditions perhaps? The 2m temps shows a mixed bag. but more double digit temps starting to cree
  3. This is what I must have seen in the distance earlier this morning out of my bedroom window. On clear mornings I can see for miles out to the south east, and saw a stream of precipitous laden clouds in the distance. I hope it is as good as it looked from afar!
  4. Cold and frosty morning with a bit of yesterday's snow still remaining. Looks like that cloud to the south east of me will be bringing some joy for some!
  5. Looks like I am still just a tad too north. A light dusting around 8-9pm last night but then nothing since. Looks like others that did not get any snow yesterday are starting to get in the game, which is good to see. @sheikhy's Winterwonderland is still booming I see!
  6. Looks like Nottingham is in line for a baby streamer. Stay on track little one!
  7. Hopefully! Streamers to the North of me, streamers to the south of me. Here I am, stuck in the middle... On the plus side for me, the melt has stopped and any light flurries are sticking. Got a new dusting on the road again. Hopefully this can build up overnight to a couple of cms
  8. Yep, MO now have me down for 90% chance of heavy snow between now and 8pm. Can't see it on the radar yet for me but looks like there will be a continuous feed in land through to tomorrow. Most places should get a coating
  9. Got off to a good start this morning, but didn't last too long. It's thawing out as though we are at the end of the cold spell. I think the best possibility for those not under the streamer is after 5pm when temps drop below freezing and the sun is down. Showers should continue and accumulate better on the ground.
  10. Snow is melting here. It stuck around longer in December when I had less snow depth, higher due points and +10c warmer 850s
  11. That ties in with Met Office showing 80% chance of heavy snow in Notts between 2-4pm. Looks a wider area can get in the game this afternoon/evening 👍
  12. Frequent heavy bursts, but then stops after a few mins here. Very slow accumulation but still nice to see 🙂
  13. Problem is that it is going for, on average a 50% chance of snow showers between 1-5pm. So toss a coin, you may get lucky with a heavy snow shower at some point in the next 5 hours. With these app forecasts, for me anything over 66% I would take as a decent chance of occurring, with over 75% being probable. Beeb is going for 99% chance of heavy snow showers over me, and now we have a heavy snow shower! Earlier this morning the % was much less, and we had light snow grains.
  14. 😂 Warnings these days: Yellow warning = I can still see through my car window Amber warning = Ok, I may need to use my wipers to knock off the snow Red warning = Ok, Wipers are no good, I need to use a brush or scraper Wheels slightly spinning when getting off the drive way = the world is going to implode
  15. Gutted! Stopped now. Looks like I just miss out on the streamer that is heading for Leicester. I think the amber warning over me needs to be moved further south for you guys there! Enjoy - see I wasn't being greedy 🙂
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