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  1. More thunder here from that line approaching from the South, dark skies coming this way
  2. 4 live streams at once on this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcbk3NcScRM&ab_channel=SevereStudios
  3. Jokko Williams getting absolutely hammered right now Jokko Williams crazymostormchasing is chasing an impressive storm live on SevereStudios. Watch Live: WWW.SEVERESTUDIOS.COM
  4. Ended up heading East towards Ollerton and seeing some weird rainbow thing, didn't fancy going further with the rush hour traffic so span it back towards home and got into another heavy downpour on the way, an afternoon well spent.
  5. Directly in the firing line of that storm coming over from Matlock way, looks like a potent little cell has gone straight over my house as well
  6. Got my eye on that storm near Stoke, quick fuel stop and then off to find a vantage point
  7. Temp has dipped to 12c here, didn't get a direct bit but heard plenty of thunder. It now feels utterly miserable out there!
  8. Fairly active cell heading towards the Belper area, @Supacell might only have to chase to the bottom of his garden for this one!
  9. Earliest I can get out of work is 3pm, car will need some fuel then I'll be off, will it be too late, who knows?!
  10. Back in Chez Vegas now buddy, lovely evening here with the temp down to mid 20s
  11. Just watched that new cell fire up to my SE, it's now out reach though with the rush hour traffic
  12. I braved the heat, watching this little storm rumble away over Bakewell
  13. Just nudged past 30c here, looks like we have lift off over the Northern Peak District Way too hot to chase in my un-airconditioned car
  14. Milky skies and 29c here, a few towers bubbling up too. Temo feels a few degrees higher than that, so oppressive today with very little in the way of a breeze. Feels like it could go bang at any moment.
  15. Been for a short drive to my east, plenty of heavy rainfall and thunder but no visible lightning Currently parked under the M1 watching the rain come down
  16. Fairly sure I can hear thunder here, it's not bin day so that's one alternative ruled out anyway
  17. Good luck today everyone, always nice to see a MDT risk from ConvectiveWX!
  18. Had some orrential rain here, some flooding in the normal place at the bottom of my garden, only saw a few flashes of lightning though and no CGs
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