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  1. Looks like a pretty intense downpour currently motoring North towards here Thunder now in Matlock
  2. Still seeing flashes off to the NE, a nice little storm that was
  3. Rain just easing here, had constant thunder for the last 15 mins, seen 5 or 6 flashes but the vast majority must be very elevated
  4. Pretty frequent rumbles to my SW now, all very elevated though, haven't seen a single flash Now constant thunder and dark skies to SW, no lightning visible yet
  5. Cell between Liverpool and Manchester has just exploded, seems to be heading straight North
  6. I feel absolutely blessed that we managed to get 6 days of settled warm weather whilst on hols in Cornwall back in mid July

  7. We too had a few rumbles earlier, all the best action further North by the looks of things
  8. Some gauges in the NW breaking all time high records https://www.gaugemap.co.uk/#!Map
  9. Hi Paul Would it be possible to get a day/night line feature, such as the one below (lightningmaps.org)
  10. What a truly mental day, i never thought i'd be able to say, at 8pm, that it is now only 30c, ONLY 30! An extraordinary day and although it didnt quite break the UK record, im sure it will go down in a lot of peoples memories!
  11. Latest thoughts from TORRO TORRO SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH 2019/006 A TORRO SEVERE THUNDERSTORMWATCH has been issued at 19:25BST on Thursday 25th July 2019 Valid from/until: 19:25 - 03:00BST on Thursday 25th/Friday 26th July 2019 for the following regions of the United Kingdom & Ireland: SE and E England E Anglia THREATS Hail 20-30mm diameter; wind gusts to 60mph; CG lightning SYNOPSIS Areas of thunderstorms, including clusters, are moving through and into the region, mainly from south to north. Further storms are possible into the night. These are elevated storms above the boundary layer, but fairly decent instability should support occasional bouts of severe hail. Additionally, a well-mixed boundary layer this evening below an inversion may aid in some severe downbursts in places - strong winds may occur from cells into the night too, due to downward momentum transfer. Note TORNADO WATCH 005 is still in effect further north, although the risk is mainly confined to NE England/S Scotland for the next couple of hours. Forecaster: RPK
  12. Well unlike some folk on twitter, i don't like to throw the "S" word around very often, but that storm over the far North of England was almost certainly a supercell Lovely structure on radar, an overshooting top, and now some evidence of large hail
  13. Well i'm gonna keep an eye on the radar but i don't think its likely i will see anything here, and chasing is not an option in my car with broken a/c Temp here is still at 34.9!!
  14. Max temp has just gone up again here, recorded 35c at 18:30!
  15. A few strikes now being shown from the cells near MK and Bedford
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