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  1. I noticed this bright and beautiful wee bird during a very grey/cold/snowy day at the weekend . Thought, initially, he was a scrap of waste paper caught up in the twigs. Forgot to extend my camera lens in the rush to take a pic.
  2. ciel


    This beautiful bird came to call today. He was eyeing up last year's rose hips from the Rosa Rogusa.
  3. A selection of self portraitures and art from his school. I think I'll convert the humble tea-towel to a wall-hanging.
  4. Seals basking in bright late November sunshine under an interesting sky. The wailing was quite eerie along the empty shoreline.
  5. ciel

    A Sunny Interval

    A pic from a couple of weeks ago, after having had a close look at the transparent Scottish guidelines on travel and other issues etc (gov.scot ) Although I am an east-coaster, I love the west.
  6. ciel

    A wavey cloud over Mull

    I think I had just finished eating a pack of crisps before grabbing the camera, hence the blobby image. I you are planning to visit Scotland during the pandemic, please consult the official gov.scot website for advice and guidance.
  7. ciel

    Loch Linnhe from Ardgour

    Waiting for the ferry on Saturday. I actually had to re-route the journey home in order to follow Scottish guidance and avoid travel into tier 3 areas. For people living in, or currently visiting Scotland the gov.scot website is packed with transparent current information, advice, facts and stats – down to post code detail.
  8. So lucky and/or privileged to live in this beautiful, socially progressive and resilient country.
  9. ciel


    I snapped this littleTreecreeper through the window during a sunny interlude. The colours of the various mosses and algae on the bark of the birch tree are amazing as is the wee bird's ability to meld into the background.
  10. ciel

    Autumn Fruits.

    This Blackbird, along with a few Redwing accomplices polished off all the berries from my Rowan tree in a matter of a couple of hours.
  11. ciel

    ciel's pics

    Early Morning, North Uist. Loch Portain
  12. From the album: ciel's pics

    it's been a heartbreaking week of decisions.
  13. ciel

    Ac Virga

    Well, I think it is?
  14. Pic taken from beach at St Cyrus. Visited NNR St Cyrus on 17.08. 2020 on an overcast and breezy afternoon. It is a very interesting area for a number of reasons, including a micro-climate feature, geology, various wildlife, butterflies and insects in particular, and botany. With limited time, I confined myself to walking the trail to the beach through the narrow strip of rough grassland which lies between ancient, mainly volcanic volcanic sea-cliffs to the west and dunes bordering the beach to the east. The resulting shelter here allows some plant species to reach their northernmost limits
  15. Newly fledged Swallow chick makes a rather inelegant return flight to the nest. Given the late arrival and dearth of swallows this year, I was so pleased to watch this successful brood of four fledge. The adults are starting a new family, I think. They should have just about enough time.
  16. A Speckled Wood butterfly, ready and poised to see off the passing Small Whites.
  17. ciel


    From the album: ciel's pics

    A Dunnock from this evening, enjoying a bath on the patio: a much overlooked, pretty little brown bird with a sweet rhythmic song.
  18. ciel

    The Bee Corner

    From the album: ciel's pics

    This little bed of catnip and self-seeded foxgloves is usually humming with various pollinators at this time of year. However, there has been a dearth of flying insects and bees this spring/early summer, at least since the blossom season, although over the past few days a small number of bumble bees, mostly the buff-tailed variety have been visiting.
  19. Not a great pic, but neglected corners can reveal nice surprises. He's been lurking in this weedy area for a day or two, hopefully with a nearby nest. Bullfinches have, I believe, adapted to feeders in some areas, but this is only the second time I have observed one. The first occasion was some ago.
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