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  1. Despite woeful predictions, the last couple of days have been OK, mainly sunny, a few showers, slightly breezy with "normal" temps for the time of year. Anyway, I’m off to the Cowal peninsula for a few days, to escape the Xmas hype, to reflect, contemplate and explore nature reserves. http://visitcowal.co.uk/discover-cowal/environment-and-wildlife/ Probably bore the Scots on here with a few pics thereafter
  2. A frosty start to the day, 0C at sunup and now 3C. Yes, noticed this on journey to Aberdeen and back. I thought initially it was smoke from house chimneys or moorland burning, which did appear to contribute to the fog, but it wasn't entirely due to that. Interestingly, the temp rose to 5C with height, over, you may have guessed, The Cairn. Aberdeen city centre was very quiet today, and so I'm somewhat relieved that the Xmas shopping has been more or less completed quickly and without too much hassle.
  3. Currently a flat grey sky, cold at 4C and no appreciable wind, although the ground underfoot has dried over the past 24hrs. Earlier today, on the dog-walk, there was a nice sky showing numerous types and layers of cloud. @More Snow I'm sure you must be busy (and tired) after that long journey. You enthusiasm for the search of the white stuff has almost....well almost... convinced me that a good dump of snow might be a good thing to anticipate.
  4. Over the B974 around 8am this morning and unexpectedly there was lying snow on the highest section of the route, rutted and icy on the carriageway. Temp 0C and freezing fog around. On return this afternoon, there had been a slight melt, but light snow again falling as I took this snap. The Cairn
  5. @Hairy Celt Indeed, very dark skies, it's like living in a large black hole at the mo. Some temporary brightness this afternoon with a vivid rainbow over the North Sea viewed from Arbroath, overtaken by dusky gloom. Temp has been a consistent 6C during the day, little breeze, and feeling cold. I actually went to Arbroath this afternoon to buy fish, but having gone there decided also to visit one of the supermarkets for a few items. It would appear that the usual Xmas buying excess has started - painfully long queues at the checkouts - slow-moving overflowing trolleys blocking the aisles etc. Note to self to do any supermarket visits before 8am for the next month or so.
  6. A truly horrible day. I actually drew into a lay-by (of sorts) this morning on the way to a work thing, for five minutes or so,while a blasting of sleet and hail passed overhead. This afternoon the led dusk-dawn exterior lights at home switched themselves into action around 14.45. Roll on Jan/Feb, and also some westerly zephyrs which would be appreciated.
  7. I received this interesting note from BTO a few days ago concerning the unseasonal arrival of Pallid Swifts. A potential reason for the influx may be that unusually for European swifts, Pallid Swift is double brooded, with the last brood fledging in October. Additionally, the sustained southerly winds throughout early November may have pushed birds northwards. The presence of a Little Swiftat Hartlepool, Durham joining a Pallid Swift already present is intriguing as the nearest breeding grounds are along the southern Mediterranean coast. Did the Pallid Swifts in this influx come from North Africa rather than Iberia or the eastern Mediterranean? http://btomigrationblog.blogspot.com/
  8. Woke up to a dark depressing day, with persistent overnight/morning rain and a cold, gusty, east wind. Just a quick trot round the garden with doggie this morning.
  9. Weather still advancing from the east this morning/afternoon – cold, 6C, breezy, drizzly but with an odd glimpse of the sun. Tonight I shall start the countdown of “sleeps” until the winter solstice. I know it will be a week or two thereafter until daylight hours appear to increase, but the solstice is a positive psychological way-mark to the passing of the darkest days.
  10. One from a couple of days ago. Just managed to grab a camera, as these cuties (l-tTs) flit about so quickly, scanning gardens for potential winter food sources.
  11. Pic no 1 reminds me of my left retinal photo from Thurs last week.
  12. ciel

    Crafty people

    Actually, BFTV, I found that image quite disturbing, causing flash backs to A&E (where I was working) and RTA accident scenarios.
  13. @Hawesy Seville is one of the top of my go-to places. I find Spain, with its history and various landscapes, a very interesting country to visit. Probably not in high summer or for main holiday though. @Ravelin Looking out for the moon and Leonid showers, but still misty/cloudy here. Apropos nothing really, but a rodent has gnawed through the water pipe connecting the dish-washer to the water supply and the kitchen now is in a state of chaos. A tenuous connection to the weather, but it is at this time of year that house mice do what their name indicates. Doggie has been making numerous "air" pounces along the kitchen skirting board. Hopefully a plumber will sort things come Monday.
  14. Aa'll weatha' te'ars oan noo. ( jist efter a wee keek a' the hereaboots)
  15. A fine morning and early afternoon in these parts - with nice altostratus skyscapes - reaching 16C en route Brechin to Dundee. But it was a quite disrupted and unexpected "medical" day. GP phoned 9am to advise that according to records, I had not received a shingles jab - off to health centre for that, followed by an urgent appt with the optometrist, then a referral to and a depressing afternoon and diagnosis at Ninewells eye OP department. Overcast and much cooler at sundown. Onwards and upwards, as they say.
  16. @mardatha & @shuggee lol - the only digging of the road-side hereabouts is the repairing of flooded joints (and patching potholes). To be fair, after several conversations, BT did disclose that the Edzell tel exchange was "ready" for fast bb.
  17. I digress from weather topics, but: @shuggee I'm not at all savvy about techie internet stuff, but my download speed is 0.36mb/s.Makes any streaming nigh on impossible or irritating at best. @mardatha Wait until you see it before you believe it. Must be around four months ago I received an email from BT advising that "superfast" broadband was about to become available here. On enquiring, the BT representatives feigned ignorance of this assertion. Mind you, I live at the terminus of the tel. line - my only internet option, apparently. Back to the weather. After the rain and gale yesterday evening/early hours, its now quite calm at ground level although the clouds, of various type and levels are moving briskly west to east. Temp 9C, but feeling cooler than that.
  18. The usual suspects at Balgavies today, apart from a large flock of Redwings close to the roadside of the reserve. Numerous raucous Greylags, the din they make does scare off other water birds. There was a White-fronted Goose among them, so I was told. The omnipresent Cormorants at their roost. The Heron, with entourage, on its usual lookout post
  19. Could be? There was a large flock of Redwings at Balgavies Loch this afternoon gorging on berries - and it was recorded in the log that a small flock of Waxwings had been around earlier in the day. Light frost and good sunny intervals here this morning gradually turning grey and dark over the afternoon with the odd spot of rain. Temp around 8-9C
  20. LOL M. Had an email from Eurotunnel today advising and quoting DEFRA - you need to take your pet and pet passport to the vet four months before planning to travel to France after 31 March. Needless to say, next year's main holiday is on hold. Edit: forgot about myself as a member of a potential outsider nation and what arrangements I may need to make. What a shambles.
  21. ciel

    Good retorts to telephone cold selling.

    Easy, I only answer "known" tel numbers on the basis that if the call is genuine or important the caller will leave a message. Automated messages are deleted.
  22. @mardatha Yes, it was today - pits. Had to go out briefly this afternoon - grey sky - grey hills - grey road - grey light - grey standing water - dark evening. Not even so much of a breeze to blow the cobwebs away. Looking forward to the next appearance of the SUN.
  23. A gloomy, relatively mild day (13C,) it was, but when I set off at 9am to visit my wee-est g’son who lives in Border territory, it was calm up here, (ie the washing was dangling limply on the line ). 10 mins down the road, Radio Scotland was giving warnings of traffic restrictions on Scottish bridges due to high winds. And so, while driving through Fife, I attempted to apply long tested observational methods (from the motorway verges on this occasion) to determine wind speed. Force 3 8/12/2014 Gentle Breeze Leaves, small twigs in constant motion; light flags extended Force 4 13-18 Moderate Breeze Dust, leaves and loose paper raised up; small branches move. Force 5 19-24 Fresh Breeze Small trees begin to sway 3, 4 and 5 applied. Probably a good-enough and useful guide as to weather conditions for non-professional weather folk.
  24. Much the same here, Mardatha, with some overnight rain. Temp just creeping up to 9C, though. It was quite mesmerising watching the mist dissipate over the hills as the sun gained height this morning.
  25. The trap I use, I'm afraid, is one rather like a large mousetrap. I would not consider using poison either. For mice, live traps are used when necessary and the trappees are released up Glen Esk or thereabouts - I believe house mice are quite adaptable to different environments??