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  1. It’s been a Ci day overhead with some hazy sunshine, but Sc and Cu now underlie the upper sheet with some drizzle now; doesn’t augur well for the weekend. More interestingly, a Cuckoo has been calling very nearby and the bird feeders have been deserted. I opened the window with camera at the ready but immediately the (unseen) Cuckoo stopped singing; on Cuckoo watch now, perhaps I need to learn more subtle fieldcraft.
  2. ciel

    A 'mini' storm on 21.05.2019

    This 10 minute storm at my location produced the full works of torrential rain, hail and a couple of flashes and crashes.
  3. A typical late spring day here; temps around 13C, breezy, occasionally threatening rain. A couple of usually less frequent visitors to the feeders, but now regulars. .
  4. Had a wee 10min storm here around an hour ago - torrential rain, hail and a couple of flashes and crashes.
  5. An overcast day with the sun attempting to break through the clouds with limited success; temp 13C, humid and a slight breeze from the S. I see from the radar there is a cluster of heavy showers just to the north and west of my location. The Meto forecast from Edzell Castle Pleasance does not predict thundery showers here, but it would not surprise me if heavy bursts bubble up this afternoon. If it must rain, at least a crack of thunder would give added interest!
  6. ciel


    Looks like he/she is doing well and feeding a young family. I wonder if the offspring will inherit any of the leucistic/white feather features.
  7. http://www.geomag.bgs.ac.uk/data_service/space_weather/Global_activity_now.html
  8. Barn Swallow
  9. Very relieved to see this late-returning Barn Swallow investigating the barn this morning - still just the one though. https://www.rspb.org.uk/birds-and-wildlife/wildlife-guides/bird-a-z/swallow/population-trends/
  10. Do hope some make their way up here! They are approx. one month late already and I've seen very few around elsewhere. It seems they may actually be in decline.
  11. I noticed a pleasant, milder 'feel' to the weather this evening when out for a brief stroll with doggie; a nice sunset too with a Song thrush singing away in the background.
  12. As predicted, another cold but bright early morning with a temp currently around 4C and breeze from the north. Some quite spectacular formations of cirrus type clouds, ? Cc and Cs This one appears to converge towards the east, while simultaneously a similar formation appeared to converge towards the north.
  13. Arriving home, from a week away, it was like walking into a refrigerator. It took a couple of hours for the CH and stove on full burn to make things comfortable. There must be a better way? And I have 3 layers of woollies on. Anyway it's B cold outside.
  14. Lolling around in spring sunshine: A Shelduck - on a mission:
  15. ciel

    Iona Abbey

    Viewed from Fionnphort
  16. A good deal of sunshine and a cool-ish feeling temp of 13C today on a visit to Mull, with one brief rain shower later in the afternoon. The colour of the sea in the changing light was beautiful against the interesting pink granite rocks of Fionnphort. The dot on the rock is actually a sea eagle.
  17. It’s been a beautiful couple of days over in Ardnamurchan, not too hot or too cold, with the temp today hovering around 19C in the sun and a gentle breeze. A Cuckoo was calling yesterday evening at Strontian and again this afternoon in the Ariundle nature reserve.
  18. Rhum Eigg and Muck as viewed from the Ardnamurchan Peninsula
  19. It was a quite nice day over in the west, a sunny, still, morning, although cool-ish with the temp not rising above 13C despite the sun. Low cloud eventually enclosed the sky during the afternoon providing some light on and off rain. The Small Isles ( Rhum,Eigg and Muck) as viewed from Ardnamurchan.
  20. Catch, if you are serious about an eventual move, imho, the Aberfoyle area might be good for both snow and scenery. The Brig o' Turk - Aberfoyle road, as far as I can recall, is often closed during the winter months. ( I don't keep stats regarding that statement tho' )
  21. ciel

    ciel's pics

    Early Morning, North Uist. Loch Portain
  22. ciel


    From the album: ciel's pics

  23. Looked for the triangle in Glen Ogle this morning @CatchMyDrift but the visibility was dire with mist and low cloud. I do find G.Ogle and G. Dochart usually to be quite dreich cold places. Actually, with a temp of 3-4C there was heavy rain in these parts with a splodge of sleet thrown in for good measure. Towards Glen Coe the clouds broke, and travelling further west the temp rose to an amazing 13C, but with little wind it felt pleasant and spring-like. A snatch of sunshine on the hills.
  24. River Feugh, Forest of Birse.
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