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    I downloaded Sophos this afternoon on account of a malware warning message on my macbook. All functions seem have drastically slowed down, including uploading photos to this forum. Is this to be expected? Is there a more suitable or convenient app than Sophos?
  2. Some photos from the dog walk today. I’m not sure about some of the IDs Gentians with Euphorbia in the background Club-tailed dragonfly ?Black-veined butterfly Fritillary butterfly, ?species
  3. Random butterfly pics: Small Heath White Admiral Holly Blue
  4. Dodging multiple storms in SW France yesterday, took a trip to the weather observatory, built 1893, on the summit of Mont Agoual. The exhibition there was very interesting and informative, although I did have some difficulty with this exhibit. A view from the summit. http://www.aigoual.asso.fr/uk/observ_uk.php
  5. I was not able to watch or listen to this competition live, but tuned into internet updates. It seemed like a good match with an exciting finish. Not that I think Scotland will ever make an impression on the world cricketing stage.
  6. This pic of Pine Processionary Moth nests was taken on a short dog walk this afternoon not more than 200m from the holiday rental in SW France. The caterpillar hairs, which they shed, contain a highly toxic irritating substance which can be fatal to dogs and harmful to humans. Due, in all probability to climate change: Since the 1990s, this moth has been moving north through France and is now just across the Channel in Normandy and Brittany Although the moths are not strong fliers, they could still be carried across the Channel to the UK. https://www.opalexplorenature.org/pine-processionary-moth#/0
  7. Some fine cloudscapes today shot from the Med looking north over higher land. Pics taken between Meze and Sete. Back at the rip off holiday rental ( and it is ! ) this is the "swimming pond" as promoted. I'm still contemplating whether or not I wish to swim with tadpoles, frogs and water boatmen. It is a bonny wildlife setting though. And the waterlilies at the mo are beautiful.
  8. I shall not be making any contribution to the Scottish thread for the next wee while. After leaving a grey and muggy Scotland yesterday, and, after frustrating motorway congestion, now in N. France. How I miss the Rosyth - Zeebrugge ferry!
  9. Touch and go this morning, here. After a bright sunny start to the day, cloud now trying to push in from the east. I shall remain hopeful that it burns back as the sun rises.
  10. The haar is lifting here as I type. Hopefully, could be a fine afternoon and the temperature should lift also. Abundant swallows and martins now, I may have two swallow pairs in the barn, they dart about so quickly, it is difficult to say. This one seems to like surveying the scene from the car roof rack.
  11. Stopped off for a short while at Balgavies Loch reserve this morning en route to Arbroath. It felt very cold, windy and was very quiet. The female osprey was hunkered down on the nest and the male was nowhere to be seen. A heron flew in, but after a drink and preen, just disappeared into the undergrowth. Excepting the resident noisy Greylags, this little Reed Bunting was the main event.
  12. A noticeable feature of the weather here today was the abrupt change from earlier hazy sunshine, mild and calm conditions. I was pottering outside in the early evening when the wind suddenly, maybe over a period of five minutes or so, birled round from a quiet southerly direction to gusting from the north with an associated drop in temp. Currently 6C.
  13. After a cool overcast start to the morning at home at 14C, there were a few large raindrops followed by a short sunny interval in Aberdeen at lunchtime. Haar very evident over the N Sea on way home. Now still cloudy, feeling humid and mild at 18C with a light SW breeze.
  14. A very pleasant and warm day here with temps around 18C - 20C during the afternoon - great for working outside, striving to get the garden under some form of neatness and order. For added interest, there were some nice cloud formations too.
  15. I misjudged the evening temps. The cool breeze having dropped, it has been feeling very pleasant and sunny out-of-doors 6 - 8pm. Still expecting it to be cold when the sun drops, though.
  16. Yes, another lovely day, just a hazy blue sky now, and maybe a touch cool for sitting out this evening. @Polar Gael I heard a cuckoo calling during a jaunt up Glen Esk this afternoon.
  17. A beautiful blue sky morning. Just a wee bit of a NW breeze taking the edge off the temp. And my solitary Swallow is still fleein' aboot, He's not found a friend yet. Also, there has been anither brood of baby rabbits in the garden. It was interesting listening to an item on R4 yesterday about the benefits or otherwise of the decline in rabbit population.
  18. A very good weather day here in NE Sco, sunny, some high cirrus cloud with puffs of cumulous below, but pleasant temp, nae chilly wind and nae rain.. so far. Temp at the mo 17C Spent a large part of the day picking up twiggs and barrowing them to a neighbour's bonfire site.
  19. This Swallow was giving the barn a recce this morning. There have been several Swallows and Martins arriving over past day or two, over three weeks later than on previous years. After the rabbit population was all but eradicated by a virus a couple of years ago, numbers seem to be on the increase again. This cute wee youngster is one of two born in the garden this spring. Not growing any veggies this year and so not really bothered about their presence.
  20. A very mixed day, weatherise. It was a beautiful start, clear sky, light wind and temp 17C at 10.00. During the morning it gradually became overcast, a nasty breeze set in and the temp dropped within a matter of minutes. The afternoon brought a few spots of rain. Not long home from a walk with doggie in pleasant sunshine, and accompanied by lots of birdsong. Temp around 13C.
  21. Lovely start to the day though now clouding over somewhat. Temp 15C and feels warm enough outside for "short sleeves." The grass is growing with enthusiasm. I'm giving up hope of having resident swallows this year unless a few more are wafted along by the sou'westerly breeze today.
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    Medical issues

    Paranoia. A delusion that one is being persecuted and therefore feels the need to hide (among other obvious symptoms) in order to protect one's self.
  23. After the rain cleared this afternoon, a visit to SWT Balgavies to suss out the Osprey pair. The loch was quiet. Eventually the male returned looking quite bedraggled and fish-less. After drying out he hopped onto the nest where the female is now incubating. In the meantime, treated to a trio of Red Squirrels. This little female was hogging the feeders. Apart from the above, there were a few Swallows, House and Sand Martins feeding over the loch.