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  1. the clocks could easily go forward in the first week of march as it would be getting light at around 8am even in western scotland which isn't really that late, personally i wouldn't mind if we went to BST in early March but i hope the clocks always go back to GMT at the end of October cos i like it getting dark at 4pm in December
  2. i hope we never stay on BST in winter because February would feel like a spring month esp if its a mild day as it would be getting dark between 6pm and 7pm, i know the mornings would be darker on BST but at that time of day temps are at or near their lowest anyway
  3. massive upgrade on the 18z for snow and even though this at only T60 im not getting my hopes up yet and im quite far west
  4. if we're being pedantic i's say the light evenings are for 5 months of the year and the dark evenings are for 4 months of the year, the rest are the inbetween months
  5. i doubt joe public would have noticed the change yet, sunset is only about 15 mins later now than it was on the shortest day, obviously if you study the sunrise and sunset times everyday you are going to notice it though, the end of the month is when there is a significant difference in daylight really, the dark cold season is such a short season though, it baffles me why people moan about it, it only felt like yesterday it was still summer now we only a have a few weeks of proper winter left, if it was early july we'd still have over 2 months left where we could realistictly get warm/hot weat
  6. 18z is the worst run i've ever seen and i've seen a lot of crap

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    2. Lettucing Gutted

      Lettucing Gutted

      The problem is we have been hoping for a flip since December 2013. It just doesn't happen anymore.

    3. lassie23
    4. lassie23


      i think i have more chance of flipping than the models

  7. it really isn't that bad out there, i deliver leaflets in the evenings sometimes its much better to do that now than in summer when its humid and you are sweating buckets, it is a bit awkward doing in the dark though, but its still nice to get out and about rather than just be stuck indoors
  8. it still gets dark before or at about 5pm in Jan anyway, in October it doesn't get dark till at least 6-7pm but people moan about it getting dark "early" its all psychological
  9. im really noticing the longer days now, im glad the clocks don't stay on BST all year round, as in february it would be getting dark between 6pm and 7pm and it wouldn't feel like a winter month, i like the long evenings in summer but tbh i like the dark evenings in winter

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    2. Bottesford


      Won't argue its good to have contrast - its just it starts to drag by now. The semi light when I get in means I can see my keys but will be glad when my first job when I get in isn't switch on the lights & draw the curtains!

      Clocks should move late Feb too not late March.

    3. Snowy Easterlies

      Snowy Easterlies

      first week in march i think clocks should go forward

    4. Scorcher


      I don't mind the days shortening but in December they are far too short at our latitude, darkness at 4 pm is just not healthy! If you work from 7.45 to about 5 as I do you never see your house in daylight

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