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  1. Damp but not that breezy thanks to being far enough away from that secondary low. September stats in and unsurprisingly it has come out as better than the August effort… Temperatures well above normal, generally slightly drier and sunnier than average (The rainfall dependent on that single very wet day where some saw close to the months worth of rain on that occasion.). For Peterborough, the high was 29.7c on the 7th and was slightly drier than average and quite sunny. Worth noting the sunshine amounts were close to zero for many locations up to the 5th.
  2. There has been steady rain for the last hour. Not looking overly conductive for generating heavy showers later.
  3. A lot of mid/high level cloud to start, but once this cleared it has been a lovely day with patchy loud and good sunny spells. A high of 22c with a gentle westerly breeze. Not bad at all for September.
  4. It took until about half 8 to start raining in Huntingdon, but it has been steady and constant ever since.
  5. The cloud has slowly broken up to give some sunny spells. Just a very light easterly breeze.
  6. Decent afternoon with good sunny spells and a gentle south westerly breeze. A high of 23c.
  7. A torrential albeit brief shower. Otherwise it has been mostly cloudy. Still quite warm outside.
  8. One interesting thing I have noticed is that whilst western areas got close to record high minima last night, temperatures in that part of the world were surprisingly fresh, a low of 12c after reaching 30c and the temperature today has currently peaked at around 29c. With a stronger breeze today it actually feels very bearable. Looking at the nearby stations, humidity is around 30%, so a fairly dry relatively speaking.
  9. 28c at midday again so the 30c mark is reachable. It is certainly a breezier day compared to the last few.
  10. Northolt has reached 30.1c, my weather station of Wittering recorded 29.5c at 3pm and 4pm so likely have hot close to the 30c and at the very least Peterborough itself has probably breached the mark today. A large space of central England has is currently at 29c today from the West Midlands to many parts of East Anglia.
  11. Already up to 27c widely across the region. Plenty of time to hit the 30c mark. We do have some cloud starting to bubble up though in Peterborough at least.
  12. A high of 28c here yesterday, 29c in parts of the region. Looks similar if not higher today with clear skies from the get go.
  13. Arpege now predicting 29c tomorrow and Wednesday over central parts. 30c looks very possible in this part of the world. I do wonder whether cloud amounts were the reason for the lower predictions. High cloud in set ups like this can be a little harder to predict as this sometimes is stubborn and sometimes breaks up.
  14. I must admit this is lovely compared to the last few weeks. I’m sorry but endless grey skies are pretty horrid, whatever your preferences are weather wise. The fact that this happened in a period of the year where we should be getting to higher thresholds of sunshine amounts makes it worse (Gloomy winter days can happen in many scenarios, especially as the days are short).
  15. The high cloud has properly thinned out to leave mostly clear skies. Up to 26c and a very light southerly breeze.
  16. A lot of high cloud this morning, not sure how much this will impact the temperatures. The sun is still out but rather weak.
  17. The models suggest that we could get another low sinking west of Iberia at the end of the week. UKMO ECM Certainly a chance of rebuilding heights over Western Europe for next weekend. The ECM develops a rather brisk south easterly that would probably still be very warm. The GFS/GEM are far quicker and subsequently further west and pull a northerly down before high pressure builds in. The two outcomes both offer something more settled after a brief spell of wetter weather at the end of this week. Worth noting even the cyclonic conditions at the end of this week will still see temperatures on the warm side unless there is plenty of cloud around.
  18. Well September has surpassed the high of August in this part of the world. It took just one day without that north easterly breeze…..
  19. After such a long spell of overcast weather, the next four days in this part of the world have highs of 27c, 28c, 28c and 26c even on Thursday according to the GFS before cooler air reaches us. Sometimes the weather does appear to troll the U.K. at times. I guess it is not so bad as an adult where work is 52 weeks a year.
  20. What a difference a slight change of wind direction does. Blue skies across most of the region and temperatures inland getting close to heights seen in August of 26c. 30c certainly possible on Tuesday in favoured spots.
  21. The sun came out late yesterday in south Essex. Another murky start though this should clear more readily today.
  22. The sun is actually breaking through the cloud slowly today. Probably the same tomorrow if not better as winds slowly veer towards the south east. Cloud amounts on Sunday/Monday look difficult to predict as a front stalls over the U.K.
  23. I must admit I kind of gave up yesterday after looking at the morning runs that were keeping a NE feed until the approaching fronts arrived. To see the winds beer south easterly and remain so for several days is quite a turnaround. Still not out of the woods, the GEM still pushes fronts through the U.K. though it is messy and not a clear victory with high pressure remaining to the east. Worst case scenario still gives a reasonable day on Sunday as the cloud is finally allowed to break and clear away.
  24. On the plus side the north easterly winds will come to and end at some point. Probably late Autumn when they produce something more useful….
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