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  1. Well there was a thunderstorm here, managed to find the gap on the rain so mostly moderate falls here. A cracking spell of hot and sunny weather ended with a homegrown thunderstorm. Interestingly we might keep temperatures at around or above average out to the end of the month as a front bringing cooler conditions will only arrive late on Saturday with a south west feed ahead of it.
  2. Well back home and it is sunny with storms kicking off to the east. Oh well...
  3. In Ely and yes the cloud is building nicely, any loss of heat from the cloud being made up by the higher humidity. Hard to tell how any shower potential will pan out, looking surface based, albeit rather elevated in itself due to the heat.
  4. Last hot and sunny day today. Got the day off so I am going to enjoy it. Well aside from the 1 year jabs that my son will never forgive me for. enjoy today, probably will be the last 30c+ day until next year... famous last words of course....
  5. 32c reached the second day in a row. 4 days reaching 90f or above and 6 days which reached 30c. not too bad a summer. Maybe one more 30c tomorrow.
  6. 32c reaches back home so a properly hot day. Just relaxing in the garden now with the temperature still above 30c. Lovely.
  7. Relaxing in Beccles at the moment. Very little breeze which means it feels very steamy out there. Returning to Peterborough this afternoon, 28c at 11am, it is going to be a very hot there.
  8. What an absolute coup for the tourist industry. Biggest weekend of the year and near perfect conditions for many areas, throughout the whole weekend as well. A real mixed bag of a summer with some proper washouts, some absolute scorchers, some thunderstorms mixed in too. what probably makes this summer different is how localised many events have been and how some people will say that this summer was excellent, whilst others would have seen this as a properly poor one.
  9. Lovely lovely day with almost unbroken sunshine. A high of 28c in parts of the fens this afternoon. After a wobble, it looks like the weekend will be hot and sunny for all. In Gt Yarmouth for a couple of days, still mid-twenties forecast even close to the coast. Perfect. Yes the first week of August was hot still, it actually turned during the second week, just when my son was born.
  10. Arpege maxima based on the 12z. Saturday - 30c Sunday - 33c Monday - 34c Model consensus for now is keeping that shallow low out of harms way. But await the ECM just in case it throws a cooler solution.
  11. A long way off, but there does seem to be a disturbance that could bring thundery downpours on Sunday. Saturday looks foods, or at least for eastern areas at least. It does look like a warm weekend though with the ECM looking the warmest with 850s above 15c by Sunday.
  12. I think it is more to do with the fact that the biggest rain events have tended to not even cover this whole region, let alone the country so we have ended up with places seeing well below average rainfall whilst others have seen up to the double the average. No issues here, reservoirs full and everything is green as we have seen rain on and off after the near 48 hour rain event which came after the severe heat. It was my sons first birthday yesterday and we celebrated with a family bbq. Perfect day for it with lots of sunshine, pleasantly warm and just a light breeze. Back to rain today though.
  13. Really nice day, also the warmest part of the country with temperatures up to 26c in parts of Cambridgeshire. The weekend - okay it looks very windy but actually there shouldn’t be too much rain with Sunday probably being the better day. Temperatures still on the warm side too.
  14. Today hasn’t been too bad, temperatures approaching the mid twenties and some lively showers, plenty of sunshine in between and of course some would have stayed dry. Could be a lot worse and if it is to rain then showers are a lot better than non stop frontal rain.
  15. Not bad in the sun with the temperature reached 24c, a couple of thundery showers this afternoon with some stunning cloudscapes on offer as the showers cleared.
  16. One thing to keep an eye on is the potential for another nasty low to develop near the Bay of Biscay early next week, this comes about as the trough splits over the weekend (the trough which associated with the unusually deep low moving in on Friday). This could bring a lot of rain and potentially wind across more southern and Eastern areas as that trough engages a plume of very hot air building over France.
  17. A fine and warm afternoon here, a rather brisk wind from the south west but it feels rather pleasant. 24c here.
  18. A lot of cloud today, but it didn't stop the temperature reaching 26C, it felt rather rather humid out there. Now we have a thunderstorm passing close by, the back building cell seems to be getting quite close to here right now.
  19. Hmm, I guess a few elements of interest tonight, firstly the successful push of Atlantic fronts might take until Tuesday night to achieve and to be honest the trough isn’t overly cool so probably mixed from the middle of next week. perhaps the chance of a plume type set up occurring at the back end (end of next week), though this is low risk at the moment and dependent on the behaviour of that low upstream.
  20. So unsettled for the next couple of days, some lovely downpours mixed in with this. But a window from Friday that could last throughout the weekend where conditions look mostly fine and dry. Potentially very warm if we see some good sunny spells. next week looks like we see a slow transition to westerlies with low pressure parked to our north west.
  21. Mostly sunny, light winds, 25c. perfect day I would say. Edit - make it 26c
  22. Make the most of today which should be a decent day, some lively weather to come with heavy (perhaps thundery) showers for the rest of the week. One thing to note that even when pressure rises, it is a weak affair do showers could still be present along with the risk of mist/low cloud for eastern coasts if the predicted NE wind sets in. need to watch for an early taste of autumn later on with an Atlantic ridge/Scandinavia trough setting up which could deliver a rather cool northerly. Still a long way off and the blocking could behave very differently.
  23. A much better start to the day, warm air aloft and a light SW breeze then it should be a warm one too.
  24. If mid teens and endless grey skies and rain is rubbish in winter. Then it is rubbish here and now. Two inches of rain to boot here.
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