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  1. A thunderstorm sprang up from nowhere here in North herts. heavy-ish rain that slows down now and then. then bang a big lightning strike. then heavy rain agian When the rain dies down, it must be an updraft.
  2. wow what a storm. some of the heaviest rain I have ever seen. within the space of a minute went from a small shower to torrential downpour including hail. The garden light looked like it was shining into fog. i couldn't even see the bottom of the garden !
  3. Storm over Watford direction must be going some. I am in North Herts and I can see the sky lighting up to my south west !
  4. The only smell I have here at work is from the muck spraying on the fields next door, that just happens to be on potentially the hottest day of the year. It really stinks
  5. just had a rumble of thunder here in Melbourn (not Australia) feels borderline muggy as well.
  6. Very heavy rain when I left at 7.40am in Stevenage. And one lightning strike. the road looked like a river with so much water everywhere. one good thing about the position of this jet stream, temp wise it's quite mild !
  7. wow. in the case of 1 minute it's gone completely white with hail stones everywhere ! Lightning too. yeh first one of 2014 ! Just north of Royston
  8. NDBC buoy in the Atlantic has pressure and wind speed dropping very quickly nowpressure drop on buoy 62029Map of all buoys in the Atlantic near the UKAltantic buoy's
  9. I have never tried it, but can anyone actually drive a car in 80mph side winds ?Id imagine you'd get blown about everywhere on a motorway (driving slower of course).Has anyone had experience of driving in really bad side winds ?I am only asking as it would appear that the country will be attempting to go to work when the worst of the storm is on us on Monday.
  10. Front past through now, quite active convection as well. Looking at the met radar this rain storm (If I can call it that) is building as it moves east
  11. Some very potent rain shows in the past 20 minutes here near Royston, Herts.
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