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  1. After a very mediocre summer, I’m already starting to look towards winter now for some fun and games. Going by the latest GFS, a flat high is often a precursor for some impressive retrogression, especially if it’s orientated just to our Northwest. An early Northerly blast would be interesting! We haven’t had a proper one for quite some time.
  2. Alright mate! Unfortunately I was driving to Cheshire on that day! Have only just caught up with things. Hope I didn’t miss anything decent. Happens every time I make an East to West journey!!
  3. Euro 4 showing a development over EA in the early hours, maybe from that area of activity to the North of Paris. First interesting day/night of the year for a very long while!
  4. Anything other than 2013-14 will do. That one has to go down as the worst for over a century. Still makes me want to throw up thinking about it, even 8 years on. Some snow a possibility, perhaps into January after the usual Atlantic barrage.
  5. Not looking good at all. It’s now getting the doughnut signature to its structure, usually associated with the biggest typhoons in the Western Pacific, and what Irma also had.
  6. Exploding into life now. A couple of days ago I knew this would likely be much bigger than a cat 2. Ida will be passing over the gulf loop current, at its warmest annual temperature with little shear. A recipe for an absolute bomb out. Very worrying at how little time people have to evacuate from the Gulf coast and how late warnings have been. Hoping not too many get caught short/out from this.
  7. Very interesting track now of Nora, now forecasted to actually head up the Gulf of California. Not sure I’ve ever seen that before! Maybe Arizona/SE Nevada getting hit?!
  8. True. This one though I can foresee a potential category 5 in the making, if windshear levels remain low, and land interaction remains minimal. Could even start to bomb down by tonight as a named storm.
  9. Pretty concerning to say the least. This will be tapping into waters that will add rocket fuel to the system. Most of the GoM is at or above 30c right now.
  10. Not often you see a hurricane hit these parts! This will give NYC defences another big test. Some major rainfall to come out of this, maybe more than sandy.
  11. Local forecasts are a joke. Yesterday, Anglia news saying there would be thunder over EA. One question, where on earth is the energy coming from? There’s no diurnal heating and 850hpa temps are pretty tempered.
  12. Interesting FI outlook for the Eastern Pacific side of Mexico, we see a full blown hurricane travel up the Gulf of California. Not sure that has ever happened in my life time! Wonder what implications that would have, given the rarity of that potential occurrence.
  13. Seen it years ago! Still ranks as one of my favourites. Reminds me how badly I need to get out to the Midwest some time. Would you believe the recent output! Absolutely god awfully boring. That pesky little low is deflecting away all the heat potential from Iberia. Now it looks like we will have to endure another absolute bore fest!!! Just cancel this summer now. It’s been ridiculously dreadful!!!
  14. Just seen that! Imagine being under that warning. Exciting and scary at the same time.
  15. Not sure where to post this, but have a look on the Holland, Michigan cam (which really is like the Netherlands and Scheveningen!) and see the kind of conditions we dream of. A nice, crystal clear blue sky, with a hot southerly, preceding an absolute monster on its way just WSW of Lake Michigan. This cam could get entertaining within the next few hours. https://www.cityofholland.com/645/MIHollandCAM
  16. Just been looking over at the US storm prediction centre and was on the Holland, Michigan cam earlier observing big orange distant CG’s at their dawn! It must be heaven over there as a storm nut! Pretty much daily/weekly mesoscale discussions and all aspects of storm watches available! The Chicago and Great Lakes area looks awesome for general activity over the summer, with severe events on quite a regular basis. Meanwhile in the U.K.... zzzz
  17. Going dark to my West. Not looking too bad for the next few hours, a fair few showers over the Midlands heading East Anglia bound.
  18. Would’ve definitely helped things. The temperatures aloft were very low on that day! The levels of shear would’ve also helped things too. Just as I’m speaking, I’m sure I just heard a rumble from that heavy shower approaching Ely!!
  19. I disagree. I have tended to holiday in the Balearics usually around September or October time, in the knowledge that it is their prime time for severe storms. I think for that purpose, the discounted prices you usually pay during those months to go there, it is definitely worth every penny! Plus you also still get the sun, beers and the tan for a bonus, purely from my perspective and opinion.
  20. Probably down to being too far west in these Maritime W-E setups. Typically diurnal driven storms need a decent, uninterrupted land track/fetch over time to get to a decent maturing stage, hence most electrification taking place in counties such as Lincs, E/N Yorks, E Anglia and Kent. A South/Southeast or even an Easterly with warmth and instability suits your location far better, as the opposite from above occurs. Last year I was having to chase into the Midlands to get the best out of the storms, and would’ve been even better placed if I drove to places such as Stoke and beyond. Over in Norfolk, we was the breeding ground at best on an easterly, straight off the North Sea, and to get anything decent, we would be reliant on the odd rogue import out of Belgium/Netherlands which never normally made it across the chilly N sea. A few on rare occasions have though.
  21. Honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing literally straight after I noticed the first intense grey pixels flag up on the radar just off Lowestoft/Yarmouth, looked out to the east from my house and could see indirect very frequent flashing from some 150 miles away!! Took a trip out in the open fens, and my god!! It was mind blowing. Only looked about 40-50 miles away if I wouldn’t have known any better. Sat for hours watching it. At its peak, it was flashing every 1-2 seconds! I’ve still got lots of footage of it.
  22. Just thought I’d have a ride out! This was the storm that hit NW Norfolk half an hour ago.
  23. Does make me chuckle about the British weather being moaned at all the time, especially when we all know to some degree that we simply cannot generate the ingredients usually to provide those captivating storms, or sustain a nice continental weather pattern. We are the graveyard of the Atlantic at the end of the day and get the dregs of America’s events that have been watered down to nothing! If we are lucky, we get a Spanish plume that wafts up and brings decent instability, but that’s about as exciting as it gets for summer if it’s entertaining weather you are looking for. Referring to posts above, it isn’t too much of an inconvenience to go on a holiday for a week or so where there is decent, exciting weather like the alps, Italy or Central/Eastern Europe. Maybe not move entirely, as that involves a fair bit of money and effort, and I’m not one to assume that everyone has the priviledge of having tonnes of cash spare! Life however IS what you make it at the end of the day. So we could all sit, moan and do nothing, or indeed, do something about it!!
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