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  1. On holiday in Whitby and as luck would have me, my eyes weren’t kidding me! At least 2 big flashes off to the North. No thunder heard due to the screaming wind. Really packing a punch now!
  2. Common sense is no longer common anymore I’m afraid!
  3. The answer I would like to give you is, yes absolutely. Safety of the public is essential. Unfortunately, we are run by the most incompetent bunch you could imagine. The U.K. government!
  4. Of course, the greatest prime minister we never had would have been doing a fantastic job too. If we were really taking it seriously, the last thing we would be doing is getting on an aircraft. Of course, as always, business and money really matters. Not you, me, or anyone else! That’s the sad truth.
  5. I’ve seen charts change at the flick of a switch. 2012-13 we was in a similar position to this. I remember it well. Endless raging PV showing right through towards the end of January, only then for a scandi high to appear in the mid timeframes. At least with the cold being locked in, if we see Northern blocking occur during late January into February, we should see some impressive cold released into the mid latitudes.
  6. More to it than just the solar activity itself. I’ve read that some of the biggest volcanic eruptions happened during the maunder and Dalton minimums, that would’ve suppressed temperatures no doubt, and there does seem to be a positive correlation with higher volcanic activity and low solar activity. Not sure how the dynamics with it all work. But the evidence is there. Febraury 2009 was the first taste of the series of cold winters during the last minimum, So we have time yet!
  7. Some very interesting weather possibly on the cards for the end of this week then! It’s been a while since I’ve posted in here. But that little low will need to be very closely monitored. A potentially nasty little feature that could surprise quite a few from very strong winds to early snowfall. Especially in Wales, the Pennines and Peak District areas. Haven’t even mentioned the possible Stella outcome into next week, with that big greeny high possibly becoming established, and the potential early freezer for Scandinavia and Europe! Storm season coat is now hung up! Let’s watch the winter dramas roll out!
  8. Nocturnal cooling can fire up night time storms if there is a plume of hot upper air (typically a Spanish plume here) condensing as the surrounding air cools and the cap weakens. I doubt this will happen, as there is no real juicy air or widespread Mid level CAPE to fire things off. During the night of 3rd July 2015, there was around 2500-3000j/kg of it, and similar values earlier this year on the hottest day ever. Unfortunately the latter all exploded too far E aswell and only the SE and East Anglia saw the epicness of it.
  9. Unfortunately, with extreme weather, there is inevitably going to be casualties. The entire SE portion of Spain was clearly warned of this episode days in advance however. If you choose to be outdoors, refuse to evacuate or make perilous journeys within the time of a RED alert for extreme rainfall, giant hail and severe winds, Then you cannot say you were not warned. That does not mean to say that we should all not be able to enjoy the breathtaking displays that Mother Nature throws at us. I have a right to choose somewhere to holiday in order to have a chance of possibly viewing some severe storms. I’m sorry if that may hurt some people’s feelings, but I am not going to suspend or cancel a stormchasing trip or holiday for it. A flippant comment from yourself yet again. My heart goes out to those who have died and the families. The same as it does whenever anyone becomes a victim of extreme weather.
  10. My thoughts too. Two of them is very odd. My only other suggestion is a drone. Someone perhaps trying to capture some decent footage? So many questions lol. What a year the Mediterranean has had for storms though. Adriatic back in summer, and now the classic early autumn Spanish beasts. Seen many a cracker down the Balearics in September.
  11. My word, that is proper creepy! Almost looks like the eyes of Satan. Potential ball lightning perhaps?!
  12. Why do I choose to holiday in Spain during September? Here is your answer. Aside from the severe consequences and catastrophic flooding, this is absolutely breathtakingly phenomenal. About as constant as lightning can possibly get.
  13. Knew it was going to be a very extreme set up, but not this bad. Devastating scenes in Southern Spain. I was wondering how bad it was in Algiers aswell with that enormous MCS that formed there. Well, here’s the answer. Every bit as bad as I thought it would be.
  14. Lol. Off to sleep in a min, but what a storm!! Enjoyed that so much. Good ol Spain. If you’re up, that MCS looks to have shifted back on a more northerly track. I’ll check it first thing in the morning
  15. Really ramping up there now. Looks like a shelf cloud coming in with it too!
  16. Absolute beast! Nearly the size of England lol I reckon it may well clip the eastern side of Majorca. Alcudia cam possibly a good shout in the small hours of the morning. But I won’t be up unfortunately! I wouldn’t be surprised to see Algiers on weather based news tomorrow by the way. It looked to have taken a direct hit earlier. Could not find any cams there though.
  17. Still a few good ones seen! Alicante earlier was utter madness. I wonder what that Algerian MCS is going to do. It looked to be heading straight for the Balearics, but has sort of undergone a bit of eastward shift, just as soon as it hit the coast! At least we aren’t the only ones that happens to then lol!
  18. https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/espana/comunidad-valenciana/alicante/benidorm-playa-poniente-sur.html Some good lightning out to sea on this one.
  19. Some lightning visible on a couple of Alicante cams. Should be awesome once darkness sets in. An absolute monster about to depart the Algerian coast and drift N/NW too. A massive MCS in the making. Just seen some epic multiforked lightning on this one!! https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/espana/comunidad-valenciana/alicante/alicante-playa-almadraba.html
  20. A few decent strikes on that one. And loads in the distance. After midnight, I’m still confident of new developments, particularly in the Balearic sea area. That lot marching east towards Sardinia May hit the island later too. Tunisia and Sicily have seen some stonkers today aswell. Over the next couple of days, it’ll be Costa Blanca that will see some incredible amounts of rain, and no doubt flash flooding. The local phenomenon named the Gota Fria event is looking likely, which means “cold drop” in Spanish. In a nutshell, it’s basically a couple of days of continuous monsoon rainfall that impacts the East coast of Spain mostly every year, but some years worse than others, caused by a cut off jet stream lobe that dives down suddenly over 27c waters and entrapped hot air. 2007 saw an exceptional one that caused local devastation in areas such as Javea, Valencia, Almería and Alicante.
  21. Jeeez what a superbolt!! Good find. Offshore convection is just getting started!
  22. Not sure there’s that many over there unfortunately. They always seem to get the big storms though. Even when I’ve been there, they’ll often avoid Majorca, but then really ramp up just to the East out to sea and give menorca a direct hit! Edit: My god, lightning maps now going absolutely bonkers with that Menorca line. Definitely a violent MCS developing out there. 400 strikes per minute on the thing!
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