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  1. Hello all. Been busy, but it’s been a very interesting day! Saw some distant lightning to the N earlier and that E Yorkshire storm looked supercellular on the radar earlier, now looking like making a weird U turn!!! (Is that Boris on the cloud!!?) could be some more activity through tonight too. I’ll keep an eye out.
  2. Usually they are fairly accurate. I always check the radar for further back up of the strike displayed.
  3. Amazing video and great proof. Even more impressive with the Sandy Heath transmitter I’m assuming cross referencing the direction! Them ones between Holland and the Norfolk coast were touching on 200 miles I dare say just before dawn, nearly a month ago.
  4. A few greats that I’ve come across with definite positive strikes. The latter one being in Macclesfield in 1998!
  5. Southern Med is sparking up like a Christmas tree now. Sardinia into Mid Italy / Rome area could do well later on towards dawn.
  6. Still the storms are ongoing across N Italy and the alpine regions. Incredible! It does seem during the summer months that the N Italian basin just south of the Alps seems to be a constant storm maker, one that could be likened to Lake Maracaibo with similar dynamics and effects. Cold dense air from the alps rushing down and undercutting the very warm and humid air off the nearby Mediterranean creating a perpetual convergence zone often around dusk.
  7. That is literally the dream scenario right there. Undisputed supercell!
  8. Storm capital of Europe by quite a long chalk, that southern alp region from Turin to Venice.
  9. Storm near Genoa is going off the chain! Going to be a very good day for N Italy today. Wish I was there!
  10. https://livecam-pro.com/en/majorca-playa-esperanza.html Superb lightning show on this one!!! Crazy
  11. Amazing how quickly things can develop down in that part of the world. Once that cap erodes, it properly goes boom!!
  12. Yeah it was much better as a stationary cam! Would’ve been perfect at the minute. Barcelona could shape up to be good later on too. Level 2 from estofex in force for that area today!
  13. https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/italia/lombardia/milano/skyline-milano-city-life.html Cracking storm over Milan at the moment
  14. I am! See them strikes on the detector, but I’m shrouded in fog!! Cannot see much at all tonight unlike last week. Almost a little carbon copy! Great catches there
  15. Global warming is happening. But 70F in December? I very much doubt that. I will eat my own hat if that comes off. We struggle to see them temperatures even in March or November in setups with winds as far as the Cape Verde islands. The sun simply hasn’t got the power between them months for sufficient heating. Perhaps in SW France you would do.
  16. Was the best event I’ve watched unfold from start to finish Zak! You would’ve loved it. Started off in the evening like many other events do, as in the will it or won’t it fire? 22:30 still hadn’t seen one sferic and some were even on the verge of calling it a bust! 23:00 came along, rapid development S of Bournemouth occurred, then the first strike appeared! Within 10 minutes it had gone from 0 to 60 strikes per minute and hit Bournemouth head on! A whole series of storms then went on to develop around the London area and trundled NNE and formed a MCS. We got hit head on at around 02:00 until 05:00. Best storm of the decade without any doubt! Here is the thread
  17. Not only that, even the storms too. There have been many disasters over the century that have resulted in catastrophes way before the global warming hype took over. The 1947 floods after the snow, and never forgetting the 1953 east coast storm surge. I think we can all agree that global warming is happening, no doubt about it. But to associate extremes and dangerous events entirely on global warming is complete boulder dash.
  18. It’s people that blame every single extreme nowadays on global warming that irritates me, as if it’s never happened in the past. It’s nothing new at all that we see a day of 35c in summer every now and then. I wasn’t initially even on about global mean temperatures, but more about the weather in Britain. We see a day of 36-37c and it’s straight onto the bandwagon of global warming and it not being normal.. I can’t get my head around that either.
  19. Source: Climate.gov I wouldn’t be saying any of it if there was nothing to challenge it! Have some decency please.
  20. Where have I said that I deny that global warming is happening or that I don’t believe it is? Lol. 1c over a century isn’t exactly a huge amount though is it. To compare the sun rising tomorrow against a temperature that could easily go either way over the next century is quite ridiculous too.
  21. No I completely understand it. Why are you playing the man rather than the ball here? Funny, the last time I checked, the average peaked in 2016, and hasn’t been bettered for 4 years. So technically they have actually fallen. I can challenge or draw my own conclusions if I want to. We have free thinking on this forum, something that is becoming quite rare these days on most platforms. Please include citation if you’re so convinced I’m being silly!
  22. This isn’t the first time the average temperature has gone up before is it? I’m pretty sure the averages have been constantly oscillating long before human existence. How am I cherry picking? I’m not denying that we’ve seen some records being broken at the top end of the scale. But What about the coldest December for over 100 years back in 2010? Pretty sure we were told in the 90’s that we were past proper winter cold spells. Snow is very unusual for Norway in July and as above, parts of Canada have been very cool this summer. Did you not know that Australia has seen records broken with cold back in May aswell? I think to generalise that the normal has gone is a bit over the top. This year overall has been relatively normal. Infact, this is the first decent August we have had since 2003 I believe. Most August’s of recent times have been abysmally cool.
  23. August 1976, 1995, 2003 were much hotter than normal too. Weather has and always will bring extremes. Norway had rare July snow this year might I add also. Eastern Europe has had a very cool August too I believe. We need to have an open view of climate, and not just cherry pick. Where one place is hotter, somewhere else will be cooler. E and W Europe usually seesaw each other. Back in 2012 we had a very cool summer, whilst Eastern Europe was breaking records.
  24. One day we will see it. We need upper forcing to engage with the plume at the right time and place. It’s very difficult. You could even say it was a bust for Belgium and South Holland, as they were under the Mesoscale Discussion area, but only Northern Holland got the first batch. The second has just became an epic fish storm and pleasing those working in the oil and gas sector once again! DLS was the key ingredient here once again. Tonnes of it with this storm Ellen on the edges, where it met the SW-NE orientated Spanish plume. Again, not a great deal of CAPE present! We need what we saw in 2017 with that monster forming over Brest and the Channel Islands, but 100-150 miles further NW starting over Cornwall and carving a NE line right through the UK. August 2016 was probably the closest we saw with that. Typical that I was on holiday then!!
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