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  1. Hello all. Been busy, but it’s been a very interesting day! Saw some distant lightning to the N earlier and that E Yorkshire storm looked supercellular on the radar earlier, now looking like making a weird U turn!!! (Is that Boris on the cloud!!?) could be some more activity through tonight too. I’ll keep an eye out.
  2. Usually they are fairly accurate. I always check the radar for further back up of the strike displayed.
  3. Amazing video and great proof. Even more impressive with the Sandy Heath transmitter I’m assuming cross referencing the direction! Them ones between Holland and the Norfolk coast were touching on 200 miles I dare say just before dawn, nearly a month ago.
  4. A few greats that I’ve come across with definite positive strikes. The latter one being in Macclesfield in 1998!
  5. Southern Med is sparking up like a Christmas tree now. Sardinia into Mid Italy / Rome area could do well later on towards dawn.
  6. Still the storms are ongoing across N Italy and the alpine regions. Incredible! It does seem during the summer months that the N Italian basin just south of the Alps seems to be a constant storm maker, one that could be likened to Lake Maracaibo with similar dynamics and effects. Cold dense air from the alps rushing down and undercutting the very warm and humid air off the nearby Mediterranean creating a perpetual convergence zone often around dusk.
  7. That is literally the dream scenario right there. Undisputed supercell!
  8. Storm capital of Europe by quite a long chalk, that southern alp region from Turin to Venice.
  9. Storm near Genoa is going off the chain! Going to be a very good day for N Italy today. Wish I was there!
  10. https://livecam-pro.com/en/majorca-playa-esperanza.html Superb lightning show on this one!!! Crazy
  11. Amazing how quickly things can develop down in that part of the world. Once that cap erodes, it properly goes boom!!
  12. Yeah it was much better as a stationary cam! Would’ve been perfect at the minute. Barcelona could shape up to be good later on too. Level 2 from estofex in force for that area today!
  13. https://www.skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/italia/lombardia/milano/skyline-milano-city-life.html Cracking storm over Milan at the moment
  14. I am! See them strikes on the detector, but I’m shrouded in fog!! Cannot see much at all tonight unlike last week. Almost a little carbon copy! Great catches there
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